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Motorola’s main devices for 2013 are already out and about, with the Moto X and the latest DROID phones — the Ultra, Mini, and MAXX — already in the hands of many consumers. Now, they’re looking ahead and readying the next batch of devices that they hope will improve their standing as one of America’s premier OEMs.

New rumors out of Weibo suggest that the company is working on a successor to the Motorola DROID Ultra. Dubbed the DROID Quantum, this phone will likely be a moderately-sized smartphone by today’s standards. It’s entirely too early to know anything about it, but we imagine Motorola will look to build on a lot of the same stuff they did with this year’s devices.

Something a bit more outside Motorola’s “typical” course is the Motorola Xplay, which is said to be a 6.3-inch phablet. That’s humongous, and would put it right up against the Sony Xperia Z Ultra in terms of size. It would be a strange departure from Motorola’s norm for sure, with the company once stating that they were only interested in making smartphones with that “just right” size.

While the source of these rumors are fairly reputable, we’ve been to enough rodeos to know not to put too much stock into these things. That said, we’ll be more than interested to see these devices if they are indeed headed our way at some point in 2014.

[via PhoneArena]

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