Samsung ready to announce the Galaxy Round, first device with a flexible display



There has been much talk about LG releasing its flexible display, the LG Flex, but Samsung might be beating their Korean brethren to the curve. Korean site Asiae is reporting that Samsung could be announcing the Galaxy Round as soon as later this week.

The device would come similarly-specced to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, meaning this could be that special edition device Note 3 we heard about last month. The device would come with a plastic-based panel (instead of glass), making it much more durable. This also makes producing the panels more affordable, but you wouldn’t imagine that is the case.

The phone is estimated to cost about 1 million won, which estimates to over $900 US dollars. That is a hefty price for any smartphone, but chances are that price tag will be lowered if the Galaxy Round hits the USA. This is said to be built in limited quantities, though, so a higher price might be justified.

If this rumor is true, we should see the Samsung Galaxy Round announced real soon. Let’s stay tuned. Let the flexible display come!

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  1. yeah ummm no thanks bro

    1. yeah cause we all seen it…

    2. Are you of those ignorant American sheep that Apple caters to? They cater to tech illerates who don’t mind paying for something that is marked up 87% but has very low end specs. It makes me ashamed to be American that we are the only country dumb enough to make Apple relevant.

  2. I can’t imagine having a curved phone in your pocket. “is that the new galaxy round or are you just happy to see me?”

  3. I doubt they will have an actual physical curve to the entire phone. That would require the engineering team at samsung to rework the internals. They have a hard enough time coming up with a new external design as it is!
    I am looking forward to the screens extending to the sides like the demos though!

  4. I have said it before and I will say it again…. WHY

    1. what do you mean why? this is part of tech progression… can you see past the next 24 hours..

    2. Because it wont shatter like glass when you drop it?

    3. Because it weights 1/8th as much and is 1/3 as thin. That is why. It doesn’t take a rocket science or 1 minute of research or common sense to understand why.

  5. What a stupid name. Can’t wait for the Galaxy Flat…. Revolutionary.

  6. It will be news when the entire phone flexes, even if 10 degrees only. Would make it more drop resistant, crush resitant in your poeckets, etc.

    1. But highly scratchable. I’d much rather have a rigid phone with a flexible screen and digitizer built together, than the put a glass screen protector over it. That way the screen and digitizer never break, and if the glass cover breaks, it’s as easy as a couple seconds and a $15 or so fix.

  7. I want the same specs of the Note 3 plus curved display and body (slightly), plus water and dust proof and with stereo speakers. I’d pay $1200 for it. NOW!!

    1. You’re negotiating wrong. We’ll give you the device, but you have to sign off your mortgage to us :P

      1. If you stop to think, how much did a quad-core full HD screen laptop costed not too long ago? Now make it mobile and water proof. Add a GPS, dual camera (one 13MP) curved display and so on… oh, and make it beautiful and limited edition. Yeah, I’d pay 1200 for it, happily :)

        1. Hmmm glad you have that much disposable income. Id pay $500 max….in $20 monthly payments of course.

  8. Why not the “Galaxy Curve” ?

    1. May be they wanted to set themselves apart from the BlackBerry Curve.

      1. Yea they definitely dont want to be associated with Blackberry. lol

      2. but BlackBerry didnt invent the “curve” word -_-.

        1. Yeah, I’m sure Apple would try to say they already had it patented

          1. Meanwhile at Apple…

        2. True but RIM’s products aren’t exactly a hot commodity. If you’re going to give your device a name that is synonymous with failure as of late, you better have a good reason why. RIM had their moment of sunshine. At least they can say Obama is their biggest fan. #obamaberry

  9. Next thing you know you will roll your phone up like a scroll, put it in your pocket. Unroll when you take it out to use it :P Call it the scroll phone!! or papyrus phone!

    1. Or the Flat Stanley phone (after the Children’s book)

  10. Hey, you know a better name for it would be the Galaxy S, cuz the letter s is curvy. Get it?



    1. Galaxy (

      1. Galaxy :)

  11. In other news: Apple announces their next phone will have an even bigger physical home button. Now, that’s innovation!

  12. Why would I want my phone to flex?

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