Google Glass XE10 update brings transit directions and viewable links inside notifications


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It’s been a long time coming, but it seems Google is finally tying down some loose ends getting in the way of Google Glass’ usability. In the latest XE10 update — rolling out now to users — Google is addressing one of my own personal complaints when using Glass: no way to visit links sent in SMS, emails, Tweets, Google+, etc. Now, Glass users can finally visit links by selecting “view site” whenever a link is displayed. Sounds small, but it’s a big step in making Glass just a little more device independent and a welcomed change for sure.

Google Glass XE10 update

Also added in XE11 are new transit directions for “city dwellers”. Now when asking for directions via the “Ok Glass” screen, Glass will automatically pull up directions using whatever method you last used. Of course, this can also be changed manually by tapping the Navigation card and swiping to the desired method of transportation. Google Maps’ transit info is only available in specific places, but you can see if your area is supported here.

A small UI change was also added, showing a contact’s profile image while in conversation mode. Altogether, it appears XE10 is one of the smaller updates since Glass debuted and now that they’ve just about addressed most user complaints/concerns, it will be interesting to what they come up with in future updates.

[Glass Support]

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