Sep 23rd, 2013


Seems like every year rumors begin to swirl of a new Samsung device releasing with one of the manufacturers fancy new flexible LCD displays. We saw it back with the Galaxy Note 2, a few months later with the Galaxy S4, and of course, the recently announced Note 3. In the end, it always ends up the same: another Galaxy iteration with the same ‘ol design and flat display panels we’re all accustomed to. But there’s still hope yet for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

It wasn’t too long ago — just before the official announcement — there were rumors of the Galaxy Note 3 launching in 4 different hardware versions. This kind of lines up with the official release of the Note 3, in which we saw 2 versions of the device announced at IFA 2013: the Snapdragon 800 model, and the Exynos Octa version. Although it hasn’t been announced yet, a lower-end model is also said to launch later this year with a traditional LCD display and 8MP camera.

Today there’s new whisperings coming out of Korea suggesting Samsung could be planning to launch an even higher-end version of the Note 3 as early as next month in limited quantities. This premium model will feature Samsung’s long rumored flexible OLED display, and come with a more industrial metal chassis. We imagine Samsung might have something planned along the lines of the prototype that was shown off back during CES 2013. Shown in the picture above, the prototype featured a display that wraps around the edges of a device.

Why the limited edition? Well, given flexible OLED is still a relatively new technology, it seems Samsung might not be ready to begin mass producing the panels on a large scale just yet, hence the limited quantities. Given rumors that Samsung would bring their first flexible display device to market in November, it seems we wont have to wait much longer to find out.

[via SamMobile]

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