LG looking to beat Samsung to market with LG Z (or G Flex) flexible display smartphone



This a concept image of a bent LG G2

With rumors mounting that Samsung could be introducing the first smartphone using their flexible OLED technology later this month, LG is scrambling to beat them out the gate. According to reports, the LG Z is reportedly the name of the new device, as tipped to ZDNet Korea.

Similar to the Galaxy Nexus, the phone’s display will be concave and is supposed to give the device a more “natural” feeel in the hand. While specs haven’t been confirmed, the LG Z is said to be powered by a Snapdragon 800 processor and feature a 6-inch full HD 1080p display. Apparently the phone has already gone into mass production with an expected launch date of either later this month, or according to the WSJ, some time in November. The WSJ was even able to secure a sketch of said device, looking almost identical to a bent LG G2 (see below) but from what they’ve heard, will be called the LG G Flex (possibly outside of Korea?).

LG Z Flex

Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean the device will be flexible by any means. The flexible display will merely allow LG to mold it to a rigid device in ways that aren’t possible using normal methods. When it comes to Samsung’s models, it’s said the device will simply feature a display that wraps around the sides of the device. Beauty over form, we suppose. Both LG and Samsung’s flexible OLED devices will most likely be in limited quantity, and carry some kind of “Limited Edition” moniker.


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  1. What’s the point of LG’s flexible screen, maybe even Samsung’s, when its just supposed to give a more ‘natural’ feel to it?

    1. Easier to hold to your ear when a phone has a curve and larger screens feel better in the hand in theory with a curve

      1. But does a movie look good when it’s on a curve?

        1. It has been confirmed by scientists that men likes curves. Next out from lg will not be back-buttons, but back boobs

          1. They’re not boobs, they’re Dalek bumps!

          2. wtf is a dalek ? is that something from Babylon 5 ? Yep you need to hold a few pairs of boobs in your hands and bury your face between them, and other places…lol

          3. From Dr. Who, more specifically it’s a reference to a comedy sketch making fun of Dr. Who called “The Curse of Fatal Death”. Look it up, even if you don’t know anything about Dr. Who it’s still really funny.

            Otherwise the lack of anonymity on the internet has since removed my willingness to comment further on my personal enjoyment of boobs or the frequency with which such enjoyment may occur. ;-)

          4. Lol good one !! I dont blame you. But everyone should be able to express personal enjoyment of boobs, lol. Yea, i never got the love for Dr. Who, its bland IMHO and the special effects are laughable. Babylon 5 as well.

          5. If you going into it expecting and requiring it to be science fiction, you’re gonna come out the other side disappointed. But there’s a good show in the middle. :)

          6. Oh ok, because its repeatedly hailed as the best scifi in existence by some people and i just dont agree,

          7. Lets face it, people that spend time on their phones playing games all day havent discovered curves and boobs yet, or at the very least cant get any, lol.

        2. Its more natural so yes. I don’t understand the science behind it but 4K videos will look better on a curved display. Anything under you won’t notice. Ill update this if I can find the link to the article I read. Just look at your newer movie theaters, most of the screens are curved for better viewing. Though I agree, the article I read made it clear that curved displays are mostly ideal on the big screen which our phones aren’t, yet. update. found the link http://thecitizensciencequarterly.com/curved-screens-future-television-technology/

      2. If the screen itself is curved I just can’t imagine ever wanting to watch videos or play games on it.

      3. Yeah I have the GNex and it really does feel better using it. Comfortable even. I just don’t understand why the G Flex is news-worthy considering the tech was there 2 years ago. Now, Samsung, on the other hand, is supposedly coming out with a phone that will have the screen wrap around the sides of the phone so that’ll be interesting to see.

        No idea what to do with all that extra screen though…we shall see

    2. The strength of the display is probably the biggest point. The curved displays on the Nexus s and and GNex were for the natural feel.

      1. How is the display any stronger?

        1. The fact that it is flexible versus rigid lends to its strength, just physics :-)

          1. Except the glass that covers the display isn’t flexible so you’re really not getting any benefit.

          2. That depends. It’s being said that they may not use glass on flexible displays, because of their strength, but we’ll have to wait and see. Anyway, I’d rather the glass break than the display, due to cost, as long as it’s easily replaceable, but luckily neither has happened to me.

          3. Gorilla Glass is really flexible, but it still shatters on impact.

          4. Its a rigid screen, its just flexible in the fact that it can be molded into a curved shape. Im waiting for “real” flexible screens. This is essentially a curved screen…which is kinda blah if you aske me. Even Samsungs future screen that wraps around the sides of the device sounds a little blah also.

      2. Sorry, I misphrased my question. I meant to ask what was the point of making a big deal out of the G Flex when my GNex does the absolute same thing. Feels and holds a lot more comfortably than a standard brick.

        However, it’s not new news and I’m surprised not more companies implemented it 2 years ago when the GNex first came out.

        The bigger question would be what does Samsung have up their sleeves? Apparently their screen wraps around the sides of the phone. Not sure of what creative things I could come up with to use the sides of the phone though..

        1. Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S don’t feature curved displays, just a concave-plain glass in front of the display.

          1. True. But how does it change the usage of the phone? Other than make it more natural feeling, I don’t feel like there’s much going for it other than the aesthetics aspect.

            If you’re going to nitpick about particulars in my post could you at least answer the question in my post as well? lol

          2. No matter, I was just pointing out what could be a misunderstanding of the feature. But many people like it for being more ergonomic to the ear and thumb reaching

  2. this thing will break when you put in your pocket…or at least be in comfortable…..

    1. I can agree it might be uncomfortable, but the flexible display are there to be near unbreakable.

      1. See my comment above. The curve phone is actually significantly MORE comfortable in the pocket (well, depending on how dramatic the curve is).

    2. The curve is very slight, i doubt it would uncomfortable unless youre an oversensitive sunflower.

  3. Why do I want a floppy cell phone? This seems useful on a smartwatch.

    1. The phone itself would be rigid just like current models. A flexible display simply means that curved form factors are possible.

      1. well the phone is this article is a completely flexible phone…. just saying

        1. “Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean the device will be flexible by any
          means. The flexible display will merely allow LG to mold it to a rigid
          device in ways that aren’t possible using normal methods.”

          No…it’s not.

          1. lol reading is fundamental. Someone was supposed to eventually come out with a completely flexible screen, its not mentioned in the article though. i remember seeing a Samsung video or something showing how a screen could be rolled up in a wristband like thing.

          2. The tech referenced in this article is similar to what you’re referring to. Indeed what you’re talking about is Samsung’s flexible display, but until a company can develop a flexible printed circuit (which likely won’t happen for a long time) there will be no truly flexible devices.

      2. The Galaxy S and Galaxy Nexus have curved formed factors, so by your logic there’s nothing new here. If it means the phone can bend more easily to prevent it from being broken, great, but if it just means that it’s easier to make the flexible surfaces, who cares, I don’t really care for curved phone surfaces anyways.

  4. Could this be the Nexus 5? I kid, I kid.
    I’m looking forward to see what comes off this tech. As it’s been noted before, no more breaking displays? Hope so.

  5. LG trolling Samsung so hard but I do prefer LG Hardware though

    1. Never tried a G2x huh ? I think everyone prefers a LG since they seen their latest offering, doesnt make it a good brand in smartphones just yet.

      1. That was eons ago lol. Samsung has made some shitty phones in the past like the Behold 2…..a far worse monstrosity than the G2X although the G2X was pretty bad too.

  6. didn’t the nexus S have a curved screen?

    1. Yes. That’s the phone I have (still), and the very slight bend makes a big difference in comfort, but not how people think.

      The benefit is when the phone is in your front pocket. It contours to your leg, so it fits MUCH better in a pocket than even smaller phones that were totally flat. This factor never gets mentioned in discussing curved displays, but it’s far more valuable than having a curved surface for talking.

      1. No, the display is not curved, the glass on its front is and physics make it look like the display followed the curve. Still, it’s a thing of beauty.

        1. Sorry, I used “display” incorrectly. I used it as a synonym for “glass,” but you’re right — they’re two different things. All my points stand, however; that phone is comfortable in the pocket.

          1. They used a similar technique for the Galaxy Nexus, and I concur in regards to the ergonomics, I carry my GN in my front pocket and sometimes I hardly even notice it’s there.

      2. Exactly… so i am thinking how is LG beating samsung to a curved display when samsung has had one already?

      3. Yeah, but with bigger phones that’s gonna make your trousers look really funny if it has to be sideways to follow the contour of your leg (unless you have huge thighs and huge pockets to match).

        What I’d really like is the same gentle convex curve going vertically, that way I might actually be able to reach the left hand side of my screen with my thumb when holding it in one hand AND it’d fit neatly in my pocket.

        Plus, when watching movies the possible negative effect of the curve will be far less noticeable.

  7. Shouldnt call it “G-Flex” if it doesnt “flex”. Whenever i heard about flexible displays in the past, they were always described as being flexible, or even able to roll up to be more compact. I remember seeing a video depicting a screen that could roll up into small wristband like thing. pretty sure it was on this site. I understand the concept, but a curved rigid display is not flexible.

  8. why cant they make a flip phone thats a full display and you can close and open it? wouldnt this be actually a practical use for a “flex” display instead of a marketing gimmick to sell an awkward phone

    1. Because physics?
      Take two pieces of glass, set them next to each other and you will always seen the line where they touch.

      1. U misunderstanding i mean have the screen bend to close…obviously not fully flat clamshell like but have a middle in the back where it can twist and bend the screen in half n close ina way then when u open it bam fullscreen smarphone

        1. Glass does not bend.

          Your description is as bad as your spelling and grammar.

          1. Where did i say glass? By your ignorant comment and attempt to humor yourself i can see you home making your obama dollars n not at work like me… enjoy your vacation

          2. So suggest another material, there really are none.
            I work full time for a salary. As a professional I can take breaks and comment on this site. I understand a burger flipper like yourself does not have that luxury. You should take some vacation and brush up on English a little. I have no idea what our president has to do with this.

  9. If I throw it, will it come back to me?

  10. Do flexible displays survive drops better?

    1. The display is more durable but the problem isn’t the display even on current cell phones its the glass above the display, that’s why you see a bunch of phones with cracked screens but the display is still fully functional. So no it wont be any more durable than current phones unless they found a breakthrough in glass tech. lol “breakthrough in glass”.

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