Apr 25th, 2013

We were originally ready to buy HTC’s story that the HTC One couldn’t have a microSD card slot because of its intricate, gap-free design. It’s one of the biggest features users have been missing alongside a user-removable battery. Well, it looks like one group of would-be HTC One owners will be getting at least one of those features once the device launches.

The Chinese HTC One will apparently sport a microSD card slot. That much is advertised on HTC’s very own site. Despite the HTC One having 32GB of internal storage (64GB in the case of those who buy the developer edition) folks are dying for the ability to be able to expand that even more.

It’s a seemingly weird omission for HTC to make at first, but the OEM’s need to design the Chinese version with dual-SIM support probably gave it the extra breathing room it needed to add the port. It’s slightly worthy to note that the device also has a removable backdoor, though this won’t grant users access to the battery inside.

How many of you were wanting this functionality for the HTC One and feel vexed by this revelation? Is 32GB enough for you or could you do with the ability to add up to another whopping 64GB? Let your frustrations be heard in the comments section below! PS: yes, the Chinese version is a tad thicker and wider than the rest, but we have a feeling users wouldn’t have minded less than a millimeter of extra girth for the ability to expand storage.

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