AT&T makes 100 live TV channel available for streaming via U-verse Android app



It was earlier this afternoon we told you about the Play Store getting access to a slew of great HBO shows. Now, couch potatoes are getting even more great news. AT&T announced today that they’ll be bringing over 100 streaming channels to their U-Verse application, already available on Google Play.

The U-verse application currently allows AT&T U-verse subscribers to browse their channel guide, schedule DVR recordings, remote TV functions, and now — the ability to stream live television. The full list of available channels can be found here.

ATT U-verse android app

Before you run off and disconnect your current cable provider, listen up. First, you’ll need to subscribed to one of AT&T’s U-verse family or higher packages in order to stream the 100 available channels. Also, of those 100 channels available for streaming, only 20 are streamable while on the go (away from your home WiFi).

AT&T promises that more channels will be added on an “ongoing basis” and that, while only currently available on a handful of iOS devices, live streaming is already making its way to Android devices, so keep a look out.

[AT&T U-verse on Google Play]

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  1. This is quite relevant to my intrest

    1. Thank you. That was wonderful. May I please subscribe to your newsletter?

      This is quite relevant to my intrest

  2. Why FIOS can’t do this is beyond me. Oh, right…because it’s Verizon and they suck.

    1. Dish has been doing this for years, and with DishAnywhere you get every one of your channels live on any PC, Mac, Tablet, iOS, and Android device.

    2. Verizon may suck but FIOS is the best cable provider out there. Great features and prices too.

      1. Yeah it’s fast service but I don’t know where you get great pricing. Sure, promo pricing is competitive but then once that runs out…it’s not any better than others.

    3. Actually Verizon did recently release a live streaming service.

      I’ll be dropping them as my phone provider, but you’ll have to rip my FiOS service from a death grip.

      1. Yes but the content they make available is SUPER limited. So no HBO, no Showtime, no Starz, no major networks. GARBAGE. On Comcast (and my guess is, AT&T Uverse as well), you can access much more.

  3. I will direct everybody to Dish Network. DishAnywhere has allowed users to stream every live channel on their subscription and their DVR to any internet connected device. I feel this isn’t well known enough.

    1. I tried satellite before, never again. If it rains hard, no TV, if it snows, no TV, if its too windy, no TV. Im sure FIOS will come out with something similar soon.

      1. Just get a 40 inch wide tablet. Hah!

  4. That would be great if the Uverse App didn’t suck so much.

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