Oct 7th, 2013

AnTuTu X Benchmark

It’s a headline we’ve been seeing pop up a lot lately: “__ manufacture cheats on benchmarks, Android community appalled”. While that may not sound like a very big deal to some of you, keep in mind companies like AnTuTu who specialize in benchmarking software are taking this very seriously. Why? Well, if everyone begins “cheating” on benchmarks and skews results in hopes of presenting their devices in the best light, benchmarks will lose credibility and user demand for them will decrease. This is something AnTuTu takes very seriously.

With their livelihood at stake, AnTuTu announced via their blog today that they’ve created a new app called “AnTuTu X Benchmark”. While essentially the same in UI and function, X Benchmark uses AnTuTu’s new “camouflage tricks” to sidestep OEMs from targeting their app. Exactly how that’s all done is a mystery, but it could be enough to make AnTuTu X Benchmark a reliable option for checking out benchmarks on your favorite Android devices.

We have a feeling the cat n’ mouse game between OEM’s and benchmarking apps will continue, but let’s hope AnTuTu can keep Android manufacturers honest. At least for now.

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