Oct 4th, 2013


HTC is struggling to stay afloat in the smartphone market while Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform can’t seem to gain a foothold, either. Is there a solution that could benefit both? According to Microsoft, one solution might be to include the Windows Phone operating system on the Taiwanese manufacturers Android handsets. So eager to see this happen, they are willing to reduce or waive any associated licensing fees, according to reports.

The logistics of this aren’t exactly clear. Is Microsoft pushing for a dual-boot HTC One that can run both Android and Windows Phone out of the box? Or are they seeking Windows Phone-only versions of HTC’s more popular hardware. HTC was one of the first companies to release devices build around Microsoft’s mobile platform, but they haven’t partnered on a new handset since early in the summer. Most indications are that HTC has no plans to release future Windows Phone devices.

Microsoft wants to make their platform, which holds a 3.7- percent market share, appealing to OEMs, especially after acquiring their own hardware arm from Nokia. Licensing fees (or lack thereof) that rival Android might be one way to do this. Will HTC bite? Something tells me they already have enough on their plate attempting to turn around their financial outlook, but even a flailing HTC might be Microsoft’s best option if they hope to make Windows Phone a serious contender.

[via Bloomberg]

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