Oct 3rd, 2013


Rdio looks to be challenging a space Pandora has dominated for quite some time. The company has announced the launch of free radio streaming on both iOS and Android. The service was already in play since mid-summer, but that was only for premium users. Dubbed You FM, this service takes advantage of their “taste profiling” technology, which is really just a fancy way of saying “we see what music you like and feed you more like it.”

Rdio didn’t note whether or not the free app would have things like ads and other restrictions, though paid users do obviously get the ability to seamlessly view and play full albums that a particular song is from if they want to hear more (whereas free users will simply be whisked to a new radio station playing music like that song).

It’s an interesting move for Rdio. Even more interesting, though, is the fact that Google doesn’t offer something like this for Google Play Music. We know Google typically likes to keep things affordable (the $1,500 Pixel Chromebook or Google Glass notwithstanding), and it wouldn’t be hard to imagine them doing something like this.

I’m only one man dreaming, though, and I’ll have to take Rdio and Pandora’s mouthwatering propositions for the foreseeable future. The goods are currently available in the latest update sitting in the Google Play Store, so get over there and take a look if you’re interested.