Facebook Beta brings Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, and Tumblr to your lockscreen, coming soon to Home


Facebook Home update Flickr Pinterest Tumblr Instagram

Facebook is getting ready to roll out an update to their unfavorably reviewed Facebook Home app. It wasn’t too long ago we saw the new option to set Facebook Home as your lockscreen, allowing users to stay up-to-date with friends and family, while still using keeping their favorite Android launcher for everything else.

Today, Facebook has announced a new update — coming soon to Home — that allows users to pull up images and interact with other popular social media apps, while in Facebook Home. Of course Facebook-owned Instagram makes the cut and is also joined by Pinterest, Flickr, and Tumblr. Most of the interaction while using the Home lockscreen is limited to simply “likes”, but links can be clicked to be taken to the appropriate application for commenting or whatever else. Pretty darn nifty, we must admit.

Facebook Home update - Social Apps lockscreen

Before the rollout can officially begin, Facebook is first testing it out via the Facebook Beta channels (go here to join the Google Group and sign up), after which it is said to hit Home in a future update. While Home is still struggling to hit a 3-star review amongst Android users, we think this latest update should help with that.

[Facebook BetaHome on Google Play]

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  1. You did it a again… Lol

  2. phone downloaded beta of 3.8 app, now i know wtf the update was for.

  3. Ugh… is facebook home not dead yet?

    1. It was rebirthed as a lockscreen which I find pretty useful. Just hate all the low res images but that’s not really Facebook’s fault. :/

      1. I can sadly see it being another medium for Facebook to serve it’s ads through….

        1. Ha! I wouldn’t put it past them, but in the end, I still find it useful. And it’s free :T

          1. I don’t have have a problem with ads. I have a blog which survives off ad revenue, Phandroid survives off ad revenue, heck most of the Internet relies on ad revenue…. but it just seems wrong putting them on a lockscreen.

          2. Agreed, but it hasn’t happened yet. We’ll see what the future holds……

  4. I’m sorry, I thought the regular Facebook app for Android already was a Beta product?

    The slowest buggiest app I’ve ever seen, if they’re making a new one that they actually CALL Beta, it must be truly god awful!

  5. atleast it’s google groups, not google+ otherwise that could be kinda weird…

  6. Sorry can you please point out Home and Facebook apps correct versions? I’m into the beta program, got the FB and Home updates from Play Store but couldn’t find how to add new services. Thanks!

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