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Chomecast has been a bit of a bumpy ride since Google initially launched it a couple of months ago. Between a limited selection of officially-equipped apps and Google seemingly intentionally blocking third-party development, it’s been a $35 purchase that hasn’t been quite as sweet for some as it’s been for others. Thankfully, things are getting a tad bit sweeter today.

Google and Hulu have announced that Chromecast support has been added to the Hulu Plus for Android app. It’s simple, really — one tap of the “cast” button will allow you to beam whatever you’re watching on Hulu to your TV in a jiffy.

Chromecast went through a pretty rough spell of supply shortages back when it first launched, but Google was finally able to meet demand and the device is readily available at Google Play, Amazon, and Best Buy. If only the Netflix offer were still widely available. Head to either of those destinations and get your $35 ready if you’re finally able to jump in on what would appear to be an incredible value, and grab your updated Hulu Plus app from the Google Play Store.

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  1. I don’t know why you give Koush such clout for “seemingly intentionally blocking third-party development” comment. I am a software developer who has used undocumented features and hooks into code. When you do things like this, you run the risk that your code will be broken. Google cannot be expected to preserve code for people who are using undocumented features. Once the APIs are available for Chromecast, then Google has to be careful about breaking apps that use the documented interface.

    1. This argument doesn’t make much sense to me. Netflix, Google Movies/TV, YouTube and Google Music are all using the same code available to the 3rd party devs. If it is good enough for those apps that are live and being used by the general public, why is it not good enough for the 3rd party devs?

      1. This is why a lot of Chromecast owners are frustrated. It’s pretty obvious to see past the whole SDK isn’t ready crap.

      2. Security and control are everything for chromecast to survive. Otherwise, networks won’t want their content playing on it. Why do you think Hulu jumps on board in a couple of months but ignores google tv for years. That’s my take on why Google is so tightly controlling things.

  2. is there a place to see timelines for when other apps will be chromecast supported? really just looking for HBO and Showtime to Go

    1. I too am looking for the HBO go and Redbox apps to be supported. I would like to play sideloaded music also.

  3. Saying “intentionally blocking third-party development” isn’t really entirely true. Google stopped developers from using an unsupported hacked up method of getting things to work, a method that should not be used in production.

    1. That’s why I said “seemingly intentionally.” As you said, Google stopped developers from using unsupported, unofficial methods. That’s effectively blocking third-party development (well, third-party “unofficial” development). We all know Google will eventually create a wonderful SDK, but they are, in fact, blocking other methods for non-official apps right now. I’m not saying they’re wrong for it. It just is what it is.

      1. Phandroid Team DEATHMATCH!

        Ready? GO!

  4. Chromecast is a waste of money. Unless, you can’t afford cable.

    1. Your comment is a waste of space unless you like trolls.

      1. Your mothers a fucking troll :-D

    2. Actually, chromecast is definitely not a waste of money, it basically takes any dumb tv and turns it into a smart tv. as long as there is WiFi present, then I can cast my netflix, my hulu, my movies, and my music to ANY television i plug in that little gadget to. And if I want to watch something on a friend’s television, i can just bring that small little gadget with me instead of anything else. its very convenient. and more so for the cord cutters. but even if you’re not you can still benefit from it, you can even cast your web browser tabs!

      1. It’s still a waste of money in my opinion. There are about five apps that support it. The future seems very bleak for chromecast.

        1. those “five apps” that support it involves millions of hours of movies/music/television/tv-shows/ viewing…. and that is already stuff you can see on it now….. what else would you like to see on chromecast that isn’t already on there? Chances are, whatever it is, is already possible or will soon be possible. if not from your phone, then from your laptop’s browser.

      2. I agree. My school posts lectures online and with tab mirroring, I get to watch lectures from the comfort of my couch or bed. For me, the only things that I felt chromecast needed (for me anyways), was hulu integration and plex integration. Hopefully plex will arrive down the road. As far as poo’s comment goes, not all of us want cable, despite being able to afford it. There is nothing that I watch that I cannot watch on hulu, netflix, or mirror in a chrome tab.

  5. I wonder if Google was working closely with Hulu to roll this out or if this means we might start to see other video apps add this feature over the next week finally.

  6. I wonder if this support will extend into Hulu’s site or the non-plus app for those of us who don’t want/have a Hulu Plus subscription.

  7. finally, this was the primary reason i got one (after the play anything got killed off anyways)

  8. Nexus Q anyone?

  9. Google needs to stop f***ing around. I want to stream absolutely anything on my Chromecast. Right now it’s only good for YouTube and Google Music in my house :-

  10. This is great, I hope more providers add this to their content. I’m talking to you A&E Networks, Gotta get my duck on!

  11. of course they want to add chromcast, otherwise there is no need for hulu plus since you can cast from chrome browser.

    1. you can only cast hulu from browser if you have amazingly fast processor and very little else open on your computer

  12. Well, Hulu Plus disappeared from the Play Store….not sure where they’re going with this?

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