T-Mobile offering $0 down on LG G2, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and more


t-mobile 0 down

T-Mobile is putting on a pretty sweet deal for folks who are looking for a new smartphone this October. The company is offering $0 down for those looking to buy the LG G2, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Galaxy S4, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. These premium devices would ordinarily require $100-$150 down, but getting it for $0 at the point of sale will save you a good bit of money in the short term.

This does mean your monthly installments will be higher than if you were to pay a sizable down payment, but perhaps that’s more attractive to a great deal of prospective customers. These devices join two other Android handsets by LG being offered for $0 down, including the LG Optimus F3 and the LG Optimus L9.

We reviewed the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 yesterday, and found that this is one device worth spending your hard-earned money on. Rob Jackson has the full details if you’re curious. It’s a 5.7-inch 1080p smartphone that has a ton of S Pen-centric features, so much that it could be considered a must-have experience for multi-tasking fiends. And who can say no to 3GB of RAM?

The LG G2 is another recent device that has had a lot of people going crazy as of late. The 5.2-inch 1080p smartphone changes things up by putting buttons on the back. Gimmick or ingenious engineering? We’re still undecided, but you’ll be able to find out once our review goes live in the near future.

The Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S4 are a bit older at this point, but they’re no less capable than the other two big boys in this $0 down party. T-Mobile didn’t specify whether this deal would last throughout the entire month, with the carrier only offering up “a limited time only” as the window that you’ll be able to take advantage. It’s already live up on T-Mobile’s website, so check all the aforementioned devices out there if you’re thinking about getting in on this decent opportunity for a great new smartphone.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Sweet Jebus!

  2. Well damn this makes my decision to wait for the N5 a little harder.

    1. You’re still going to pay full retail price for it just over the course of 24 monthly payments.

      1. but its much easier to swallow for some then dropping down close to $400 upfront (after shipping and taxes). Paying an extra $200 over the course of 2 years for a better camera/battery life, might be appealing to some. I’m waiting for the N5, but im not going to lie, this cause me to second guess it for a second.

        1. The original comment made it sound like price was the sole factor. If the N5 is $349 and the Note 3 is $703 the difference of not having a $200 down payment seems to be irrelevant if cost is your main factor in comparing these two points.

          1. I understand that that i took his statement differently though. i took his statement to be that price is A factor, not necessarily the only one. These phones obviously have some advantages over the nexus. And going by the G2, paying $25 a month ($600) with its technological advantages, might be an attractive alternative than o paying $400 up front (which is how much my 16gb nexus 4 came out to). Whether you end up getting the Nexus or not, this deal makes some people stop and go “hmmmmm.”

  3. If it wasn’t for TW I would order the Note 3 right now.

    1. My Note 2 ran Slim ROM for most of the time I had the phone.

    2. Don’t let that stop you. As dubious as I was to replace a Nexus with a Note2 mainly because of TW last year, I can say that getting a new launcher like Nova and disabling unwanted Sammy bloat keeps the pen functionality and most useful elements of TW, but otherwise makes the device experience identical to stock or better. The only reality check I get is when I remember I’m still on 4.1.2 =(

      1. But if I ask you what you’re missing from 4.2 and 4.3 you’ll have to pause and think about it, so no big loss – just versionitus.

        Even I have to pause and think… uhh…. better bluetooth… uhh… lockscreen stuff…. uhh…. have to google the rest, since I’m taking it for granted. :)

      2. I had a note 2 and the first thing I did was install a custom launcher. Also to much bloatware for me.

  4. It’s funny how they are offering these devices with zero down but increase the monthly payments. I’m pretty sure that those people who don’t know about tmobile pricing will think that they are actually saving $100-150 with this current prices. Just the other day the the Note 3 was about $25/month with a down payment and now its $29/month with nothing down.

    1. $4 a month x24 months is still only $96. It’s not like its more. Less = less. It’s still $299 w/ 2 yr contract on Verizon.

      1. I know, but so many gullible people out there will think that they are actually saving $99 and when they are only saving $3… I did that same calculation before posting -_-

        1. True for some I am sure… You cant fix stupid. I would hope that alot of people see it as “get a new toy for free now and pay slowly month by month”

          I’d really rather see zero contracts. Buy the phone, pay for it 100% and then buy your carrier as a “dumbpipe”. Gimme phone and data coverage and leave your crap software and rules to yourself. This would spur better competition amongst the carriers and better prices amongst the phone manufacturers. Of course, I live in a dreamworld and that will never happen.

    2. You’re welcome to put down more money if you prefer.

  5. YES.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0 Down 29 dollars a month , proud owner of a GN3, 45.00 taxes and out the door i went …………….

    1. is $45 taxes for the whole phone or just what the down payment would have bin in terms of taxes, if it’s for the whole phone, then the $29 added to your bill does that add taxes to your bill or os it taxed b4 the $29?

      1. For the Whole Phone , Loving this phone …..

  6. The dollar sign goes before the number, children, not after. 0$ makes it look like this article was written by a 2nd grader, it’s $0!!!!!

    1. You’re so smart bro!

      1. Thanks, brah!

    2. Where in this article do you see “0$” ?

      1. You corrected it, the headline used to read…..

        “T-Mobile offering 0$ down on LG G2, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and more”

        Thanks! Brah!

      2. @Quentyn I’m surprise that you responded to that A$$HOLE. what a waste

    3. you fail at reading comprehension.

  7. If you buy a phone like this. Monthly through T-Mobile.. it is still locked to T-Mobile, right? Even if you end up paying retail for it?

    1. Negative, The Note 3 has all the bands needed to run on AT&T’s evil empire towers if you so choose, even LTE. You just need to unlock the phone. That is very simple.

  8. The wife and I want to get new phones. This is great! We are currently on an old (grandfathered) 24-month plan. We both have unlimited data, etc, etc. Its still spendy though.

    We currently pay $175/mo for 2 phones, unlimited everything, insurance, taxes. etc. The NEW plans they have will take us down to about $130/mo for two lines.

    This new plan will actually save us $300 over the course of two years. Once we sell out old phones (Galaxy S2 & S3), we will save even more. Over $500 savings in two years and new phones. You got my attention!

  9. $0 but you still have to pay the taxes on the phone.

  10. Just got my note 3 for 0 down plus they ask if I wanted to trade in my galaxy s3 for 200. I said HE’LL YEAH. Lol good day people’s. God I love T-Mobile

    1. 200 – 703 = 503 haha

      1. -503

  11. I got my Note 3 today in tmobile.
    You pay only taxes and 0 down with 29 monthly fee for the note

  12. When/Where is the TMob GNote3 supposed to be available off-contract for full price?

    1. you can get it now. my friend just bought one full price from tmobile this morning.

      as i wait for my preorder to arrive from verizon….

    2. Why don’t you start a plan, buy the phone, but pay full price, then cancel your plan. Make sure you choose like only talking in your plan. It’ll be an extra $20, but you’d get the phone off-contract.

      That’s if you REALLY want the phone.

      1. Hah – I’m not prepared to jump through all those hoops just to be able to say I was a “day 1 Note3 owner” :). I can wait a week or two for more off-contract options to become available (tmob, amazon, etc).

        Also, Incipio still doesn’t have the dualpro case I want available, and I don’t go naked (though I might consider a 99cent ebay tpu temporary case)

        1. Jason,
          Unless your current device is broken, stolen etc, or need new service now, I’ve found its a good habit to wait a bit before getting a new introduced device. While I pretty sure this phone is on the spot. Let others be the beta testers.

          1. Yeah for 0 down I’ll be the beta tester for sure. lol

  13. Must be nice i paid 249.99 with a 50 dollar rebate from Rogers….

  14. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – $0.00 down $29.50 X 24 months = $708.00…… That is expensive. WTF is so great about that?

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