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When Google announced the Chromecast yesterday, the company revealed that those who order the device would be entitled to three free months of Netflix streaming video service for new or existing customers, which is about $8 per month. That’s a savings of $24, which effectively makes the Chromecast $11 if you were planning on taking advantage of it.


Unfortunately, it looks like something might be up. Folks have noticed that the Google Play Store listing for the Chromecast no longer makes mention of the Netflix offer. That sudden disappearance is flanked by news that customers are being told that the offer for three months of free Netflix is no longer being offered to those who purchased after a certain point. One such report came from Google+ user Patrick Hill.

I called Google play support, they said the promotion was such a big hit that they removed it. She did tell me that if you did place your order while the promotion was still up on the site you will be getting the 3 months free netflix. If you ordered AFTER it was removed, then you will not get the 3 months free netflix (this is at least for orders from Google play, not sure about other places).

Upon calling customer support again, Hill was told that the offer was so popular that Google was no longer able to keep it going. He was told that orders made before 3PM Pacific will all be eligible for the offer, and those who go their orders placed in time should be seeing a promotional code in their inboxes sometime soon. Anyone who ordered after 3PM Pacific will not.

This is all despite Google’s Chromecast offer site still showing that you can get the deal through any of the retailers offering the device. It’s possible they just haven’t updated this page to reflect current availability of the offer (as the page is still being used as a general guide for redeeming the offer for those lucky enough to get in on it).

chromecast   Best Buy

Fortunately, there may be a sliver of hope yet. Best Buy is still showing the offer as available on its website whenever you do a search for “Chromecast.” It’s possible the company had more Netflix offers allotted to it than Google did.

It’s also worth noting that Amazon is no longer offering the Chromecast at all. The product is still listed on the online retailer’s website, but it only shows offers form third party merchants (which, if you haven’t guessed, have been marked up beyond belief).

For now, it looks like your only chance to get in on the offer will be Best Buy. We’ll have to see how that goes, though, because Best Buy is no longer shipping the device from its website. In fact, even Google Play is backordered 3-4 weeks.

You’ll only be able to find these things in physical retail stores for the time being, which we’re told will happen nationwide beginning July 28th. You might be able to find some on shelves before then, but your mileage may vary. We’ll be reaching out to Best Buy to see if those who pick one up from the store will still be eligible for the Netflix offer, but it’s looking like that deal has all but dried up.

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Folks are already talking about the unfortunate circumstances over at the Chromecast section of Chromespot.com. Be sure to make an account there and let everyone know how your purchasing experience went. Were you able to get the Netflix offer? Were you even able to order the device at all? Let’s hear it!

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