Oct 1st, 2013

It seems we can’t go a week without a new smart watch popping up on any number of crowd-sourced funding sites. This time, a new Android-powered smart watch — dubbed the A.I Watch — is looking for dollars on IndieGoGo to help bring it to life.

Based on Android 4.0.4, the open-sourced A.I Watch aims to provide some unique features that not many others can claim. One big thing is a 3G radio embedded for independent data on the go, meaning you’d be able to get updates on email, social networks and more without even having to have it connected to your phone via Bluetooth.

More than just data, the makers call this a fully functioning smartphone, with the ability to place calls using nothing but your wrist (though we imagine most people would look to hook the watch up to a Bluetooth headset). The device is also promising Google Play Store support, something you can see proof of in the video sitting above.

One of the biggest features being touted is the personal assistant. It allows you to do things like launch apps, set appointments and more. The developers are also promising that you’ll even be able to configure the personal assistant to do what you want it to do, though we’re not given any indication as to just how deep this functionality truly will be.

ai watch calling

The watch is made out of an aluminum alloy build and will be water resistant, something most people will require out of any watch. Specs include a 1.2GHz dual core processor, NFC, RFID, 100 hours of battery life on standby mode, and more.

The cheapest option to get one as of the time of this writing is $179, though that’s an early bird special and you’ll need to be one of the first 500 people to buy one if you want it for that price. The campaign’s going through September 25th, which gives the team about 40 days to reach their goal of $100,000. They currently sit at $7,000 after about a week’s worth of pledges, so it’ll take them a bit more momentum if they want to reach that goal. Be sure to head to IndieGoGo and check it out for yourself.

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