Oct 1st, 2013

verizon wireless logo brick wall featured

It is usually worth it for us butter-fingers to get smartphone insurance, but those few bucks ($10 for me) a month can quickly add up. You usually find its value much later, though. Thankfully, there are good opportunities for those who regret not signing up upon purchasing the device. Verizon and Asurion often host open enrollment on device protection plans and right now is your time to sign up!

Those who didn’t sign up for device protection within 30 days after their device purchase will have until December 2nd to enroll. You can choose between all protection plans Verizon has available, including the following.

What device protection plans can I sign up for?


  • Total Equipment Coverage – $6.99 per month ($1 extra for Verizon Mobile Security)
  • Verizon Wireless Extended Warranty – $1.99 per month
  • Asurion Wireless Phone Protection – $5.18
  • All my devices are insured, but I have been surprisingly good at keeping them safe. I know my luck would change as soon as I canceled, though. I like having the peace of mind, so why not look into this open enrollment session to get your device protected?

    You can simply go to Verizon’s site and click on ‘Enroll Now’. You will notice the dates on the main page are wrong, but the ‘Enroll Now’ page will display that you have until Dec. 2 to sign up.

    How many of you are insured? How many times have you used your insurance? I have a device replacement about once a year, so device protection is worth it for me.

    Thanks for the tip, Juan!