Humble Bundle for Android beta app arrives in the Google Play Store


humble bundle android app

Our charitable friends over at Humble Bundle have released an Android app for those who like to get games on the cheap and support developers and good causes in the process. The app is in beta, but it will currently allow you to easily download and install all your purchased games from within. The app will also alert you on any upcoming Humble Bundle sales that take place in the future.

If you’re not in the know, the Humble Bundle “bundles” together anywhere from 5-7 games for however much you feel like paying, some of which can be had on both Android and PC. You can split your payment up however you like between the developers, a couple of different charities, and giving a cut to the folks at Humble Bundle who helped make this happen.

Extra games are often accessible by paying more than the average, which can fluctuate over the course of the sale. Games are also often bundled with their respective soundtracks, so you can jig out to tunes whenever you don’t have time to play.

It’s a good cause, and having an Android app makes it that much more easy to get involved and get a lot of great games for some great prices. The download is sitting in the Google Play Store for free, but remember that this is a beta — some screws might get loose from time to time, and it’s best to send a report of what happened over to the developers if they do.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Uhh… Hasn’t this app been available for months now? I’ve had it for a while now, had to use it to install some games early July.

    1. Maybe it was just released in the play store?

    2. they had one but it wasn’t on playstore

    3. Yes, the app itself has been available, but not through the Play Store. Users had to sideload it. Additionally, it looks like they’ve given it a bit of a UI makeover, utilizing some of the holo guidelines.
      On another note, how long will this thing remain in “beta”? I’ve had it since about Humble Bundle 3 for Android and it was in beta even then.

    4. Completely forgot I had to side load it the first time I installed. I recently got a replacement phone and didn’t notice. That means it’s been on the Play Store since late August though…

  2. Shame they’ve changed the unique ID or something – you can actually have the Play version and the side-loaded version installed simultaneously; I expected installing the Play version would replace my sideloaded copy.

    I’m interested in how this has been permitted; I thought it was against Google’s policies to have a Play app downloading installs from outside of the Google environment? Isn’t that what Facebook got in trouble for, circumventing installs from the market?

  3. Quentyn it is to bad you didn’t hold out for Fez, you could have gotten in in the current Humble Bundle.

    1. Indeed. I was sad when I saw that. But still, Fez deserved every penny it got so I wasn’t too upset :D

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