Dead Trigger 2 for Android release date is October 23rd — watch this gory launch trailer


The sequel to one of the most graphically rich zombie games for mobile is almost upon us, and we finally have a release date to look forward to. I’m talking about Dead Trigger 2, the zombie mayhem first person shooter from Madfinger Games that has us all extra prepared for any real-life zombie apocalypse that might occur (oh, it’s going to happen, folks).

The game is launching October 23rd, which ironically is just in time for Halloween. The original Dead Trigger took a more traditional story approach when it comes to zombie shooters — brain-obsessed undead look to munch on you for no good reason, and you are doing everything you can to stop the growing threat.

The sequel is more or less the same, except it’s shaking things up a tad as it is poised to take place in “real-time.” We weren’t sure what that meant at first, but Madfinger used this week’s ongoing Tokyo Games Show as an opportunity to reveal more:

With each following update, the action will shift to varying locations and continents with the concrete development influenced directly by the participation of players. The action will be global, players will fight against local zombies in Shanghai, London or in the middle of the desert far away in Africa.

With that, Madfinger also dropped a new video on us. It’s the first minute of the game’s opening sequence, which we’d say is deserving of some peeled eyes. Catch your glimpse above, and be sure to circle October 23rd on your calendar if you’re itching for some more zombie genocidal action on your mobile device.

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  2. Awesome. I only played halfway through the first Dead Trigger (because HDMI-out on CM hasn’t worked for me in a while), but I’m looking forward the sequel.

  3. Cool! So are they gonnachar

  4. Cool! So are they gonna charge us for the game and then turn it freemium a week later like they did with the first one? Oooo I’m justa quiverin in me boots….to not download it.

  5. i have stopped spending money on DT1 since July knowing this title was coming…now i’m ready to spend another $100 on this beast…and now i got my ps3 controller hooked up to my GS3…GAME ON!!!

  6. I won’t spend a dime either way haha. Just got the first and man I can see why it’s so popular. Really, really addictive fun…slloooooooooow leveling up like in NFS World, but that’s expected COZ THEY WANT UR MONIES! Wish they would just release a ‘for sale’ version without ads. I’d happily pay a reasonable sum for it as the game is really good, especially with a Moga Pro Power which I can already tell will help me a lot with the ‘protect’ missions as the point of turning kinda sucks and that weighs on you further still when things get hectic. I still get dem sweet headshots all the same, but I could do better xD Hope they release a full retail game on PS4 with a Walking Dead-esque kinda storyline with local and online co-op. Would be awesome to fight off waves of zombies with your friends.

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