Nexus 5 receives its WiFi certification, Nexus 5c and 5s spotted?


LG D820_S D820_C WiFi certification

Nexus 5 (LG D820) leaks have been pouring out from the net these past few weeks. Typically these are signs that a device’s launch is fast approaching and with the Nexus 5, we believe no different. Just when we thought we saw everything, 2 different models of the Nexus 5 (LG D820) have just received their WiFi certification. The strangest part? The letter designations for each: LG D820_C and D820_S.

While the WiFI certification reveals little, we can’t help but get a good chuckle at the “C” and “S” tacked onto the end of these model numbers. You may recall it was only last week Apple announced 2 versions of the iPhone — the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. Coincidence? Perhaps. Our guess is the letters are for different regions, although it’s entirely possible they could be varying storage configurations.

Don’t hold your breath for a Nexus 5c offering the full color spectrum and plastic backs. Google’s already got a device for that.

[WiFi Certifications 1, 2 (Download) | via GSM Insider]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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    1. That’s how I feel. I have the money ready to go and plan to get in and purchase it before you know Google Servers go down because they can index the entire web but can’t get ordering done right – :P

      1. I’m optimistic. Every time they improve the process a little bit. By 2015 they should have this down.

    2. I have my money ready to go.

    3. No we better wait so Google can have enough in stock and not repeat what happened with the nexus 4.

    4. lmao I love Colbert

    5. Chavez strikes again with his witty comment! lol but I concur with you, this Google needs to stop all this and just release it now.. NOWWWW

  1. I gotta say Chris, that 5s and 5c caught my attention right away. I would really love to know what they mean by that.

    1. Starting to feel like Google is just trolling us now. Lol

  2. You’re probably right with the regions… Besides, Google is known to troll people.

  3. It’d be nice if it had T-Mobile’s WI-FI Calling………….

    1. I”m with you on that. It’s amazing how quickly I’ve become dependent on that feature. (I work underground. We have wi-fi but no carrier has a native signal there.)

      1. I work in a signal-challenged building as well,those not on T-MOBILE are awestruck when I get a phone call/sms/mms.Even the AT&T/VZW users struggle,usually resorting to going outdoors to make a call.

    2. its a custom kernel from t-mo and an app on the phone. Wonder if it would be hard to extract the code from the kernel and apply it to a nexus, being that everything on a nexus is open source, however I don’t think those t-mo custom kernels are open source.

      1. It’s been tried by many at xda, sadly with no success.

    3. I agree. Either that or I’m not sure why T-Mobile doesn’t have femtocells ready to populate office buildings around the country.

      I know a number of people who use Verizon solely because they get a signal inside of their work building.

        1. Tis a bit different, as a femtocell uses the internet to make, essentially, a small cell tower in your home.

          1. Right. Phone > femtocell via cellular > femtocell to carrier via Internet. Different from Wifi calling, which is phone > Internet > carrier.

        2. Yes, but that’s 2 years old and I believe it’s been discontinued.

      1. I get full bars of service inside my office in Manhattan. Hell, I even get multiple bars with super strong -dB of LTE in there too.

        1. That’s great, but I don’t work in your Manhattan office. :)

  4. I kinda want all these leaks to be Google trolling us, and then they surprise us with a completely different product. Now that would be awesome!

    1. Hard to fake FCC filings.

      1. You wouldn’t believe the things people can fake..

        1. But you can find these filing on the FCC website, they’re public.

          1. You won’t find this on the FCC website… it’s a Wi-Fi Alliance certification, not FCC.

        2. In many cases I would agree with you. But the FCC would have to be in on the joke, and they wouldn’t do that. Some of the other stuff might be related to Wifi certification, but that organization wouldn’t fake things, either. No, this is real stuff. It’s just beyond reasonable to think that Google and LG would put a real device through the certification process, with all the cost that this entails and with potential repercussions from the FCC for wasting their resources, just to pull a fast one on us and reveal a completely different real device later.

      2. This isn’t an FCC filing. This is the Wi-Fi Alliance’s certification.

        1. Yes, but same difference.

          1. Sure there’s a difference, WiFi Alliance is an industry group, FCC is government. If you were going to make a “troll” filing, which would you do it in. That said, I don’t think this is a troll or fake, it’s probably just two slightly different versions (maybe CDMA vs GSM, maybe 32GB vs 64GB, maybe US vs International).

          2. Just cause you file it doesn’t mean you have to release it. I think decoy filings would be hilarious!

  5. Well, the device had Sprint radios in it. Maybe the 820_S is for Sprint whil the 820_C is the unlocked GSM?

    1. No, I believe those, meaning CDMA/GSM, are one in the same. I personally like the option of having 3 carriers with the one phone, in case things get better with the other side, not to mention all the MVNO’s.

      1. I love that they added Sprint and gave a huge f you to Verizon.

      2. Sprint still requires embedded sim tech for their CDMA network, unless every phone comes with one I imagine there will be a Sprint CDMA version and a GSM version. The Sprint version may work on all carriers though, so who knows. Or maybe Sprint will see the light and work like Verizon with just a sim card. Now if only Verizon would be nice and let the Nexus 5 on its network too.

      3. Nice Angel

  6. Remember, Google has a sense of humor. :)

  7. Are there really going to be an S and a C model?

    1. No, just probably coincidental having with different regions, as Chris said.

  8. Well,nexus 5 looks so good

  9. I don’t think they’re called “5C” or “5S”; it’s just that there’s a “C” in the model number of one variant and an “S” in the model number of the other.

  10. You guys used my thumbnail from my “How to install GPE boot animation.” That’s so cool!

  11. Why do people think Verizon isn’t getting this at all?

    1. Because they last time they got a Nexus it was a nightmare. They were a completely separate entity. While the GSM carriers got the straight-from-Google updates, the VZW Galaxy Nexus was a huge failboat. Combine that with the latest news of the Nexus 7 on Verizon… Yeah. I’d rather not try another Nexus on that network.

      1. It wasn’t a nightmare. The nightmare is a living reality for many…..

        1. My nightmare ends when my G2 arrives tomorrow.. Goodbye GNex and goodbye VZW…

        2. Can’t wait for my contract to expire in December… it will be goodbye to Verizon.

    2. I would be excited if Verizon got this but I just don’t see it happening. Didn’t one leak show the cdma model didn’t support band 13, which is Verizon lte? so maybe it will only come to Sprint

    3. Because they are Verizon.

    4. Because a little birdy told me they aren’t getting this phone. I like birds.

    5. they might, just 7 to 8 months after every other carrier and with an out dated version of Android

    6. Because they don’t deserve it. They screwed up the Galaxy Nexus and if you don’t think they will delay updates and in general be VZW you are a fool.

      1. Exactly… there will never be “true” Nexus phone on Verizon with updates direct from Google, and Google doesn’t want to subject their customers to the crap Verizon GNex were (and still are) being subjected to.

    7. Because the FCC filing showed AT&T, T-Mo, and Sprint compatibilty… no Verizon. Furthermore Verizon’s shitty handling of the GNex (and now the N7 as well) left Google wanting nothing to do with Verizon (at least for Nexus devices). Frankly, I seriously doubt Verizon wants a real Nexus phone on their network… they only want locked bootloaders and delayed updates to force people to buy newer devices from them.

      1. Don’t forget their logo all over the place!

    8. Verizon can suck it

  12. Has anyone else notice that in the images that were leaked on all angles, that on the top of the phone at the back there is a small square that isn’t in any other photos?? fingerprint or eye scanner maybe? or wishful thinking lol

    1. It’s widely believed it is to allow the FCC easy access to the internals of phone. A little known common practice apparently. So probably not a scanner.

  13. Good question, were there 2 wifi certifications for the 8GB/16GB versions of Nexus 4?
    Better question, were there 2 wifi certifications for the Nexus 4 for any reason?
    Best question, were there 2 wifi certifications on the LG G2 models for any reason? (since its on all 4 carriers)

  14. Please, God, NO!

  15. When I read the tittle, I was like…whut?

    1. Then you read the article and realized you didn’t really need to comment.

      1. You seem to care, But I’ll be the bigger man here. Can’t wait for the outcome of these 2 new devices …

  16. Does VZW get this phone? Hope so. Probably not.

    1. given the Nexus 7 LTE issue that’s developing, my guess is no :-/

      1. Booooo

      2. what issue> It’s been cleared. Read up.

  17. If Google were to come out with a Nexus 5s and 5c this would be the ultimate trolling.

    1. They won’t be named that. I can all but guarantee these are model designations for different cell bands. As someone stated here already, C for CDMA and S for GSM. OR different storage levels. Google would NEVER follow Apple, if they did they would get no where.

      1. Hence the trolling lol. Google has already poked fun at Apple on numerous occasions. Since this isn’t even a huge mainstream phone, considering anyone I’ve talked to has never heard of it, I wouldn’t be surprised it Google did do it to poke fun.

        I highly doubt it would happen but it would be damn funny

  18. My guess is C for CDMA, and S for GSM variant.

    1. Sprint Possibly? But Verizon………http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umDr0mPuyQc

  19. it is the same as iPhone category, where C stand for cheap, and S stand for same?
    Just askin’.

    1. made no sense.

  20. now i presume, Google follow the footstep of apple. No sd slot, non removable battery.

    1. Did the Nexus 4 have a removable battery? I know the SD slot issue has been dead for quite some time. Let it go, man, let it go. :-/

      1. The Nexus 4 didn’t. GNexus did. N4’s lack of a removable battery was a dealbreaker, however the GNexus is dated enough that even if this doesn’t have it, I’ll probably go for it (god damnit)

    2. LMAO, funniest statement I’ve seen in a LONG time. Dumb but funny.

  21. the 5c and 5s would be quite funny

    1. Well Apple took everything from ICS+ for it’s current iPhone (except the hideous color scheme of coarse) so Google might as well steal their name.

      j/k, about the Google stealing the 5c and 5s badge at any rate, but in reality I highly doubt Google would try and use anything that would make people think of an iPhone for their naming of their flagship.

  22. Nexus 5.. underpowered G2, but stock. Doubt this will be a killer of anything currently on the market.

    1. Same SOC as G2.

    2. Underpowered? Only difference that we know of so far .2″ of display. Better check your facts.

      1. and less battery capacity.

        1. Yes but to be expected in a physically smaller phone.

    3. Such a pleasure to read uninformed comments expedited from your ass… Feel free to read SOMETHING.

    4. Ha ha ha the current nexus has twice the power of your iPhone 5s and I have a secret for you, the next nexus (I fail to believe they will call it nexus 5) will be more powerful, and a ton cheaper have fun, and come back when your educated.

    5. Piss off Jizzcùnt

    6. You should read up my friend. The Nexus 5 is the sh*t. Nexus5forum dot com

  23. I heard the Nexus 5S is supposed to have a fingerprint scanner XD

    1. Ha, its ok Androids had finger print readers first “Moto Atrix” but where found to be gimmicky and unreliable.

  24. There was an HTC Desire-C, HTC Desire-S, as well as a V and X. There is a Sony Xperia C and S at least. It is some form of standard, though I don’t know what.

  25. My Gnex contract just ended. Hurry up google and release something verizon users can use…and possibly buy off contract. I may get an iphone if you dont do something. i am NOT buying moto x or whatever junk you are pushing right now.

    1. whatever you buy, make sure it has the Verizon AWS LTE band (Galaxy S4 is the only Verizon device with this capability so far).

    2. If past experience is anything Verizon will either get a compatible version a few months after the Nexus’ launch (if at all).

  26. 820_V kthnxpls

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