Sep 13th, 2013


How your Friday the 13th treating you? Any black cats? Shattered mirrors? If you’re looking to avoid getting jinxed on this most superstitious of days, better hunker down inside. And so you don’t get bored, here is what’s currently hot on Android Forums. Just don’t go opening an umbrella inside any of the threads!

Apple’s new iPhones: Plenty of chatter about Apple’s new iPhones this week. Are they pulling one over on us, or is this no better than last year’s model? There’s also plenty of skepticism about the iPhone 5S’ new Touch ID fingerprint sensor. And snark? There’s a fair share of that too.

Samsung Galaxy S4’s storage replenishes magically: Here is a curious case. One user is reporting that his Samsung Galaxy S4 went from 4 percent free storage space to 60 percent over night. So what’s going on here? Well, you’ll just have to read the thread to find out!

LG G2 now available: The LG G2 is available and forum folk are abuzz. Users have begun compiling a comprehensive list of LG G2 reviews for your perusal. For those concerned about how open the device will be to development, that’s a topic of debate now as well. So check that stuff out and make an informed buying decision.

Also, help this guy decide on a new phone.

You can sign up for AndroidForums now for free, but, in case you didn’t know, you don’t even need a membership to ask all of your Android questions. Who knows, maybe your thread could up right here next week.

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