Verizon Moto X, DROID phones rooted; you probably shouldn’t update them


While Motorola has been lax about giving the community deep access to the Moto X on certain other carriers (namely Sprint, T-Mobile, and US Cellular), the company has had to refrain from allowing the same level of access on AT&T and Verizon. This is nothing new, with those two carriers being known for their distaste with letting wireless subscribers tinker with their phones.

Motorola Moto X DSC00695

It looks like Verizon customers might be getting a small break soon, though, as one developer — Justin Case of TeamAndIRC — has reportedly achieved root on their version of the Moto X. What’s more is that this apparent root method should also be applicable to the Motorola DROID MAXX, Ultra, and Mini. There are a couple of caveats to note, though:

  1. The root isn’t permanent… yet. We still have a bit of ways to go before this is the root experience we’re all waiting for.
  2. Folks should hold off on installing any OTA updates, because doing so just might shoot down your chances of reaping the benefits of this breakthrough.

We should also note that this doesn’t necessarily make way for an unlocked bootloader, though with all of the unique features coming with the stock firmware of the Moto X you have to wonder who would want to get rid of all that by installing Paranoid Android or CyanogenMod.

In any case, this is an exciting development and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that “jcase” can come up with a fully capable method before too long. Be sure to follow Justin on Twitter if you want to make sure you’re kept up to date on everything regarding this situation.

[via RootzWiki]

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  1. Another reason not to buy this mid range phone at a premium price from Motorola… they go very far to ensure that you can’t root or rom their devices.

    1. It’s not Motorola, it’s Verizon. That’s one of the reasons I do root my phone. Verizon is so slow to update their phones to the newest software release that I have to use a rom. And like the article said the stock firmware is pretty good so I wouldn’t install CyanogenMod or anything similar. I would find a rom like Shiny, MMuzzyRom, or Bugless Beast. They try to keep the original firmware but just update it to the latest AOSP release. They also may throw in a few mods like allowing you to restart the phone from the power/airplane mode

    2. dude it runs android to its nexus version why do you need to root no touchwiz bloat here

      1. Rooting != custom ROMs
        There’s plenty of reasons to root even if you’re sticking to the stock firmware.

        1. Syntax error.
          Rooting != custom_ROMs

          LoL!! I just had to.

    3. nothing to do with moto…if you werent sucha sammy fan boy youd be more inclined to read articles that mention sprint tmoble n all the other carriers have the moto x unlock bootloader kit from moto site…only ones not there are verizon n at&t…nothing to do with moto its this stupid flippin carriers

      1. Too bad I don’t own a Samsung phone.
        Does not change the fact that the moto X on verizon is a locked up mid range phone at a premium price. It’s not for me.

        1. i agree on the price…still isnt another phone i rather have out though

        2. I’ve had the moto x for about a week now, very smooth like iPhone smooth and not just in a software sense, literally the screen and the feel it has on ur finger, just smoother then any other android phone I’ve used. Also screen is fantastic and the camera takes some outstanding shots as well, but at times it can produce s horrible one especially when it has to judge lots of shadows. Not to mention touchless controls are more than a gimmick. I challenge you to pick one up and use it for a couple days, nothing mid range about it. Worst case scenario u bring it back within 15 days and no harm no foul. Not all about specs coming from a guy who used to be all about specs.

          1. I like to watch Phonedog’s 30 day challenge. Where Aaron uses a phone for 30 days and tells about his experience. Those are SO helpful.

  2. Are there even any updates yet? I’m considering getting a Moto x or trading my s4 With custom recovery for one.

    1. No updates yet. But I believe it ships with Android 4.2.2, so once people are able to start making roms for it I’m sure we’ll see very quick updates to 4.3 and then KitKat. If we wait on Verizon to do it we may never get KitKat

  3. Would want root simply to edit the SQL DB and remove the “check” for paid wireless tethering.

  4. This is good news. Makes me a lot more likely to upgrade to one of these from my Gnex.

  5. Justin Case?

  6. I’d only need root long enough to install Titanium Backup and restore all my apps and such from the old phone. So this might actually be just fine.

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