New ASUS PadFone Infinity launching Sept. 17th – will it finally come to the USA?



ASUS has spilled the beans and now we know the “New ASUS PadFone Infinity” is ready for prime time. The phone/tablet hybrid has been making its rounds around the rumor mill lately, so we knew it was coming. We believed the announcement would be during IFA, though. Now we know exactly when we get to see more about the convertible device.

ASUS’ website now displays the New ASUS Padfone Infinity’s launch date as September 17th. This is accompanied by a countdown timer and a short video that displays the phone launching (literally, it launches out of the tablet dock!).

We don’t have official word on specs just yet, but the latest leak showed us some great stuff. The device should be powered by a 2.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor and Android 4.2.2, while both displays (phone & tablet) will be upgraded to 1080p full HD resolution.

We haven’t seen these devices come to the USA in the past, which is simply a shame. We know many of you would love to have the flexibility of a PadFone. Let’s hope things change this time around, though! We we learn more during the announcement in Taipei, so stay tuned!

How many of you would sign up for the New Padfone Infinity?


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  1. Here is hoping a US launch is in the future.
    Someone do a new product US launch dance or any other mojo to make it happen.

  2. I would have bought the Padfone 1 if it was available & compatible with the networks here.

  3. The future is up in the air considering car companies have not updated head units and they are way behind the tablet market but I could see an app radio padfone type creation that would be great!

  4. why is it that no one wants to use the tegra 4 chip?

    1. I have the transformer prime with the Tegra 3, gotta say I’m not really impressed with it.

    2. lack of LTE (US) compatibility :-(

    3. The main problem as warren states is the lack of on-die LTE. The Tegra line also got bad reps for things like the Tegra 2 not supporting the NEON extensions and now the Tegra 4 isn’t OpenGL ES 3.0 compatible while it’s competitors are.

  5. This would be awesome in the US. This puts phablets to shame. It’s the best of both worlds.

  6. Can’t wait, love the idea of not having to always tether my tablet when on the road. I would give up my SGS3 for this in a heartbeat!

  7. I have been waiting for US release for two versions now. It would be nice if this one makes it. Also my contact with Verizon is almost up and I want to take this to T-Mobile. I do wish they bring back the keyboard dock of the first one.

  8. I would be all over this device

  9. Really want the G2, but with this possible coming through…I’m dead set on waiting to find out.

  10. Asus better be careful. That’s an awfully Apple-like font, especially for “Pad.” It’s pretty clear Apple isn’t afraid to sue.

  11. At$t will ruin it. Will make you get a tethering plan like they did with the Atrix and it’s lapdocks.

  12. Nice idea, but too late. They should have released the 2nd generation in the US.

  13. This is the ONLY device that would stop me from getting a Nexus 5. I’ve been waiting a couple years for this to come stateside.

  14. The S4 and the Note should be able to slide into tablet shells. That would be epic. Im skeptical of Asus. Maybe its the big bezels I’ve seen in the past minus my Nexus 7 2013.

  15. I have the Padfone 2 and have had no end of issues with the phone/tablet connecter. At this moment it is back in the service centre for the 3rd time in 9 months. The first time the screen wouldn’t detect the phone, the second time I couldn’t charge the phone from the screen, and now the screen won’t detect the phone again… it’s just blank. I would not recommend these produts to anyone unless Asus can somehow guarantee the quality/strength of this connector.

  16. I doubt US carriers will sell this. They want you to buy a separate data plan for your tablet, plus it’ll be expensive so they probably don’t think it’ll sell. I hope I’m wrong though, cause this is badass.

  17. I am using padfone2 right now. It works pretty well. Nice performance and graphics. But the new ones keep coming out so fast. 6 months after I got padfone2, padfone3 (padfone infinity) was released. And now another new one?

    The pad station for padfone2 isn’t even compatible with padfone3, I hope these new ones are.

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