LG D821 passes through FCC, helps reaffirm D820 as the upcoming Nexus


LG Nexus 5 leak featured large

You may remember when the LG D820 passed through the FCC last week, revealing itself as a possible Nexus 5 contender (or Nexus 4 2013). The filing revealed more than your typical FCC doc, detailing a handset running AOSP, support for AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint wireless networks, wireless charging, and a 4.96-inch display all housed in a body smaller than current Nexus 4. It was a jackpot discovery for sure, one that nobody was expecting.

Confusion on claims that the LG D820 was indeed the next Nexus arose after another LG device — the D821 — was revealed in its Bluetooth certification last week. Because the D821 was a network variant of the LG G2 and its model number was so close to that of the D820 (Nexus 5/4 2013), it was believed that both were nothing more than CDMA variants of the G2. Well, it looks like that’s not the case at all.

LG D821 FCC filing Phandroid

As it turns out, the LG D821 popped up in an FCC filing of its own and while there wasn’t a treasure trove of information revealed, the docs confirm the device isn’t an CDMA device at all but a GSM one, with support for LTE band 5, and size dimensions much different from the D820. In fact, the measurements are almost identical to the current LG G2 (138.5 x 70.9 x 8.9), only coming in a little thicker at 9.1 mm. Now that we got that out of the way, we can get back to arguing whether Google will call the D820 the Nexus 5, or Nexus 4 (2013). Thoughts?

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  1. If I didn’t love that damned s pen I’d wait for this thing. It’s gonna be awesome.

    1. I’m with you. I’d love to have a nexus but damn I don’t want to give up my s-pen. I wish the nexus had a Wacom screen so that I could still use the s-pen on it for drawing.

  2. I thought I read somewhere that the D820 was the VZW variant?.. Maybe not I don’t know what I’m saying anymore.. If I could back that up with a link I would. I was probably drunk browsing again!

    1. Nope. No VZW Nexus. You likely won’t see one until they move to VoLTE.

      1. No silly the LG G2 variant

        1. The D820 isn’t compatible with Verizon. It was the only carrier left out (supports AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint).

          Verizon is getting a G2, in fact, it will be the only model with wireless charging. Not sure what the model number is though…

          1. Touche!

          2. Will this support T-Mobile LTE? Isn’t T-Mobile LTE Band 4 which I don’t see?

            Maybe it does since this picture says Band 4:


          3. Yeah, they definitely could have done a better job detailing the differences between this and the actual G2, aside from a small bump in the thickness and LTE band 5.

          4. Thanks for that pic. I was concerned about Sprint’s LTE bands not being listed in the article. But in what you posted bands 25/26/41 are all there, so it’s a tri band phone for Sprint. Excellent!

  3. So this confirms that there will be no Nexus on Verizon…

    1. Pretty much, yes.

    2. Yep. After the Galaxy Nexus fiasco in terms of Verizon’s failure to release a timely update for a NEXUS device, I don’t blame Google for (hypothetically) giving them the finger and putting the Nexus on every other carrier.

      1. Not correct. It is all about the Benjamins people. Verizon pissed off Google because they would not allow Google Wallet on their phones. Remember, Motorola is a Google company though and they love the Droid brand, but will still not allow Google Wallet. With Nexus and the Droid brand, Google has it covered.

        1. That was after the slow updates from Verizon, I think. But I’m sure that was a factor

  4. Thoughts:

    Sprint decided to play ball. They get a Nexus.
    Verizon gets nothing.

    The Nexus could be named either the 4 or the 5, since it’s 4.96″.

    However, if they name it the “5” there will continue to be a group of people who insist it’s based on the generation not the screen size and we’ll have to wait until next year for Google to prove it’s named after screen size when no Nexus 6 appears.

    1. I think the Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and Nexus 7 (2013) proves them wrong already.

      1. Those are tablets. As for phones it’s still questionable. Does Nexus 4 mean 4th generation or 4.7 inches? If they call the new one Nexus 5, is that 5th generation or 4.96 inches? If they call the new one Nexus 4 (2013), it wouldn’t really make sense either way, unless consider anything a hair below 5 inches to be 4 inches. As PhineasJW, we’ll know for sure next year, as it’s highly unlikely next year’s Nexus will be 6 inches.

        In my opinion using the screen size is stupid. If you didn’t know the specs, does Nexus 4 mean 4 inches, 4.3 inches, 4.7 inches, 4.9 inches? Is 4.96 close enough to 5 to be considered Nexus 5. What if the next one is 5.2 inches? Use the generation number, or give them names like Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus.

    2. It’s based on generation — until Google verbally clarifies otherwise. :)

      1. See! Who thought there wasn’t anyone who still believed this!

        See you at Nexus 6! ;)

  5. Confirms it for me. Switching from Verizon to T-Mobile once my contract ends in a couple months. $30/month for 5GB data (but unlimited) and 100 min talk time / unlimited text here i come.

    1. Welcome to the magenta side.

    2. Picked up a N4 for the same plan to test. Might jump ship before my contract is up. Even with the ETF I will still save money by jumping early. It will save me $40 a month alone. I might keep my wife on VZW due to coverage in the country side. In 10 months (approx. VZW contract end) that’s $400 dollars. The N4 was $240 used (16 GB). I have looked at all the places we usually travel and all looks covered by either T-Mobile or there’s wifi there.

  6. If this baby comes with expandable memory then sign me up!

    1. Which phone? The possible next Nexus (LG D820)? It will never happen. No chance in hell Google would include an SD slot in one of their phones.

      1. One can only hope.

        1. I don’t think there is any reason to hope for that, sorry.

          1. Three years and running without expandable memory on a nexus = improbable chance for change aka little to no hope.

    2. It absolutely will not include expandable storage

    3. As long as it has at least 32 gigabytes on board. I could do without expandable storage. But it would still be nice to have the option.

    4. The lack of mSD slot reduces the cost of the device. Just pay $5/mo for Google Drive and you’ll have 100GB to with as you please. Plus all music uploaded to Google Music is free space.

      1. Yes, it saves them about 20¢. Until I get good enough coverage where I’m not dropping data connection, the cloud isn’t an option. Also using the cloud eats up a lot more data, and when unlimited is gone, the cloud will no longer be an option for me. I already use 18 gb, that would increase substantially if I had to use cloud storage. Even though I have unlimited data, I get throttled already, I don’t want it to get any worse.

        BTW, no I don’t tether or torrent on my phone.

        1. Actually the mSD slots/part cost anywhere from $5 – $20 (sure they could get them cheaper wholesale, but most likely not 20¢)
          And then there is the cost of the robotics/machines to install them, and the cost of the people to maintain those machines – So it adds up.

          Either stop watching porn and youtube on your phone so much, or learn to connect to all the free wifi spots all over the place, get access to friends and family wifi (most modern wireless routers from AT&T or Charter have a password free guest access – just have to turn it on.) Use tasker to auto connect to open networks of preference.

  7. Nexus 5 please. Having 2 x Nexus 7 is annoying enough.

    1. I agree, I want it to be the Nexus 5, but it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to understand why that naming convention needs to change. We’ll see what they come up with. I’m guessing it will be the Nexus 4 (2013) or even just a more generic “Nexus” phone.

      1. After they go 5 they’ll go Nexus X.

        1. And made by Motorola???

  8. just so glad sprint gets an aosp successor to the g nex. which im still rocking.

  9. Great, just great. I had my mind made up I was getting the LG G2 on Sprint next month, now I go and find out Sprint is getting a Nexus device. WOW…wonder when it will be released? If it’s released in Oct or Nov, I will get that instead.

    1. Most likely as the release for each nexus has been about this time each year and the device has passed through the FCC, which often happens within weeks of the release.

  10. whichever is cheapest!!! lol

  11. I just got my Nexus 4 3 months ago but I’m really exited for the Nexus 5. Overall the Nexus 4 has been a great device but I have a few complaints. The lack of 4G (even though 3G+ can be pretty fast at times), the screen calibration (sometimes colors don’t look right) and the camera (its OK but it should have been better).
    It looks like the Nexus 5 is solving all of these problems. I look forward to seeing the final specs and features. However, based on the LG G2 and the specs of current flagship phones, I think we can assume the following:
    – 4G, and better WiFi
    – 1080p screen (IPS), covered with Gorilla Glass 3
    – 10-13mp camera (with Slo-Mo, image stabilization, burst shot, zoom without losing quality, better autofocus, updated photosphere, dual camera).
    – Snapdragon 800 (1.9-2.3GHZ), 2-3GB of RAM, 16gb-32gb of storage.
    – Better sound quality through speakers and headphones.

    As for the back, it seems like a lot of people are sad to see the glass back go away. I agree that plastic feels cheap, and glass gives a more premium feel. What you guys didn’t think about is that MAYBE, the Nexus 5 has a metal back.
    Looking at the picture, it seems more than possible that LG is using a material similar to the HTC ONE. At least I hope….
    The only thing left to worry about is the price. I hope Google can keep it around $300 for an unlocked 16gb.

    1. Who’re you kidding? The camera sucks! Every time I take a picture it’s so grainy I can barely make out some things sometimes.

      1. I have to agree it sucks sometimes. I think it’s mostly due to the poor autofocus. Judging by the HUGE camera on the back of the Nexus 5, I think we will get a decent camera this time. It would be nice to see the camera tech catch up with the GS4 and HTC ONE

        1. If it’s the same sensor that’s on the g2 then it will be awesome

      2. That’s what you get from 100% open source android. You don’t get the proprietary bits that are needed in quality camera software

        1. Does that mean rooting your Nexus can improve picture quality?

    2. No they’re using plastic; the back is matte and similar to the N7.2.

      One thing I want to hear is a good reason to why everyone wants a 1080p screen. No one can tell the difference with such a ridiculously high PPI, so why do people ask for it when it taxes the processor and, therefore, battery more?

      1. I can tell the difference between my N4 and N7 2013.

        1. So can I. The new N7 screen looks terrible when viewing any video below full 1080p. That display stinks.

        2. You misunderstand. I completely agree that 1080p is good for the N7, or what’s on the N10, but it comes down to pixels per inch(PPI), not resolution. When you have anything above 330ppi, unless you like to look at a screen at a distance of 2″, it’s pointless, wasteful, and unwise. Your N4 and your N7 both have just about this optimal resolution, and I have no gripe with it, but who needs 444 PPI, which is what the N5 would have if it does gets that 1080p that everyone wants. A nice modest 1424×801 would be perfect, or something to that effect, since it will have to be about 16×9 based on screen to body ratio.

  12. Maybe it’ll be called ‘The NEXUS’ judging from the back.

    I could care less about the name, I’m buying it even if it’s called sprinkles, it’ll be a badass phone on the inside.

    1. Sprinkles would get some attention. That’s for sure.

      1. If it were called Sprinkles I would have to buy it. My nieces used to call my dog Sprinkles. Sentimental value…

        But it won’t be called Sprinkles, it won’t be 5.2″ and I am itching like a crack addict to spend money on a new phone. And I’m on Big Red, I want the bigger battery too, so LG G2 here I come.

    2. It’s I could NOT care less. If you could care less, then you would, in fact, be doing that.

      1. Thanks, good catch.

  13. 820 Nexus 4
    821 Nexus 5

    1. I was thinking about that too. The one in the leaked video would be the nexus 5/821 because I just don’t see it being smaller than the nexus 4 as the leaked d820 suggests. Perspective aside, even in the guys hands in looks big like the g2. But at the same time, I don’t see why they would release a 4.96″ nexus 4/820 and a 5.2″ nexus 5/821.

      everyone seems to agree that the 820 is a new nexus but what is the 821 if it is not a nexus?

      1. Thats right because N4(2013)820 its smaller than N4(2012) i think they will release two versions i dont know why.

        1. Good think you are completely wrong.

      2. 821 is G2 for U.S Cellular. Has their minor LTE bands. And they lock their phones so can’t be taken to other carriers.

    2. You don’t seriously think Google would put out both a 4.96″ and a 5.2″ phone?

      1. I think they will have both, Nexus 4 (2013) 300$ and Nexus 5 400+$

        1. When you say “Nexus 4″ do you mean actually 4″? Or the 4.7 the Nexus 4 was? Because Google is putting 4.96″ (called 5″) into a case slightly SMALLER than last year’s Nexus 4. THAT is the only Nexus coming this year, and you will love it. 5″ in a case smaller than the 4.7” Nexus 4.

          1. 4 as 4.96″ its not yet 5″ i think. There will be 2 versions :)

          2. There will NOT be two versions. There will only be the beautiful 4.96″ Nexus 5, in a case smaller than last year’s Nexus 4. And you will love it. You don’t need another Nexus when you have that phone, based on the G2.

            And yes, 4.96″ is considered 5″. Legally they can round up the 0.04″ to the next inch. TV manufacturers do it all the time.

          3. Haha so you’re Google now? I want my 5.2 you keep the 4.96 with s600

          4. I have been following this story for a year. I’ve been researching, reading foreign newspapers online. Leaks from LG to Korean Times, to Daum, leaks from LG factories in Vietnam. I’ve been on this story.

            Yeah, I was hoping for the 5.2, just like the G2.

            But it’s not to be. Last year, too many people did not buy the LG Optimus G because it’s twin brother the Nexus 4 was available for $350. So, LG learned their lesson. Google gets the 4.96″ phone they can call “5-inches” and LG gets the 5.2:”

            Google would NOT release two phones. They will only release one. If they can’t have the 5.2″ from LG, then they will take the 4.96″ from LG — especially since so many people were “SCARED” of a “big” phone. So, the 5″ is in a smaller case than the Nexus 4. Google still wins.

            If Google had a CHOICE, a real choice between 4.96″ and 5.2″ — they would take the 5.2″ and still only release ONE phone. Do you understand that? Two phones is ridiculous. NEVER would they release two phones. Only one Nexus per year. But this year, LG got the bigger phone, and Google took the 4.96 they can call 5″.

            So, if you really want 5.2″, then buy the G2.

  14. LTE, really the only thing missing to make the N4 the perfect phone. And a better camera for some people. I think the camera is fine, but fine is not excellent I’ll admit and some people want to do professional photography on their phone.I wouldn’t even if I was a photographer, but different strokes…

    1. im not a professional photographer, but i would like some decent photos. I’m not asking for Lumia 1050 level photos either, i’m not even asking for HTC One/gs4 quality photos… i’m just asking for gs3/One X level photos. Camera is just crappy.

      1. Then you’re doing it wrong. Nexus 4 takes decent photos. Hell I’d even go so far as to call them good. Especially outdoors, every shot I take is bright, clear, sharp, vibrant. Crappy it isn’t. Old flip phone cameras, THEY are crappy.

        1. maybe i am doing it wrong… however, i dont do it wrong with so many other phones… they need to make the camera more idiot proof then if that is what you are getting at.. I upgraded from an Evo LTE (One X variant) to the Nexus 4 and when i tested out the camera I sighed and was like well that’s a significant step back.

          My girlfriend used to tell me to put my phone away and to use her iphone cuz the camera on my phone sucked. It obviously got worse when i rooted. I mean the camera works, but i would put it a little lower on the list than “fine.” Maybe “Crappy” is too strong, so i’ll call it “eh.”

          1. I was partly joking. What I noticed is the N4 camera has auto focus issues. I always snap a picture 2 or 3 times to make sure one comes out clear. But if you look in the Nexus 4 owners community on google plus, you will see a plethora of really great shots taken with the Nexus 4 camera. It can take a great shot.

  15. Do you guys not know how the Nexus devices are named? By screen size. Nexus 5 would mean a 5″ display. Just like the Nexus 7 and 10 and 4….

    1. The confusion lies in the fact that the Nexus 4 was indeed the fourth Nexus phone (Nexus One, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4).

      1. That is true but not why it is called the Nexus 4, it was it’s size.

        1. Actually, it’s 4.7 inches. The naming scheme just happened to work out that way in a serendipitous manner, seeing as though it IS in fact the fourth generation Nexus phone (the Nexus 7 came before the Nexus 4 but that was just a matter of timing since Google was practically forced to release it in response to Amazon’s Kindle Fire, as it ran a bastardized version of Android).

          Also, a screen size at 4.96 inches is still not technically 5 inches.

  16. My friend works@Google/heard 3-4 carriers 4 Nexus5…Verizon is not one of them. He was told Verizon signed something saying they would not mess with the software on GNex….they did anyway…Their relationship has been rocky ever since/no apologies ever were made.

  17. as long as it comes in storage higher than 16GB this time i will be buying one! 16GB is just not enough…

  18. Really?!?! Verizon is F’ing killing me…… aaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhh. I don’t wanna switch carriers….WTF!!!! Damn them….Screw them…

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