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In a way, current phones are disposable. Very few of us keep our phones for more than a year. And if you do, chances are you won’t keep it for more than 2 years. We have gotten used to this system, but what if we could change our mindset? What if there was a phone you could keep forever? That is exactly what Phonebloks aims to do.

What is Phoneblocks and how does it work?

To understand Phonebloks one must first understand desktop computers. We have moved into a world of mobile computing, where one can’t really upgrade a device’s components. With desktops one never really has to buy a whole new computer. You can upgrade your computer’s parts as needed. Need more power? Get a new processor. Need more storage? Get a new hard drive.

Phonebloks aims to turn your phone into a completely different type of device. One that, like a desktop computer, can be upgraded and modified to your own liking. The idea is that you would have your base (kind of like a circuit board), in which you can install little blocks that carry phone parts. Like so:

How would Phonebloks be better

It is “green”

Phonebloks’ main focus is on the device’s “greener” nature. Because you can upgrade phone parts at will, you would never have to throw away full phones. Whether they are broken or outdated, phones usually wouldn’t need much to work great. If something breaks, one would just be able to replace a block, instead of the whole phone.

We are geeks here, though. At the rate we like to upgrade, we are not sure just how much smartphone trash we could be saving the world from. We suppose in the long run it would help.

Customization at its finest

phoneblok-3As techies we see much more than just an environmentally-friendly device, though. This would be a game-changing smartphone! A truly smart one, I would say. Phonebloks would give you the ability to make a phone truly yours. To customize it depending to your own needs.

I put a huge focus on battery life, so I would get a bigger batter and get rid of other blocks. You can also choose what kind of screen you would like; how much RAM your device would have. Really, there would be no limits. Maybe bigger “bases” could be released, allowing you to have bigger screens and even more components.

Mobile flexibility

You will often find me carrying multiple batteries, just in case my phone runs out of juice with no outlet in sight. What if you could do this with all components? I would, for example, get rid of the camera block in my phone. Then I would carry around a nice, bigger-sensor camera in my pocket just in case i want to take a shot. I could snap the LTE block while I take the shot, and put in the camera block.

The future of Phonebloks

The idea is to get support from the public, in order to get the “right companies and right people involved”. These will only work with Phonebloks if they see enough interest, but we feel like that won’t be much of a problem. Especially considering they are about to break their 100,000 supporter goal.

phoneblok-2If it all works well, this platform would be developed as an open-source project. This means that any company would be able to develop Phoneblok components (even you, if you are up for the challenge).

We are almost sure they would use the Android OS, as it is amazingly popular. Not to mention, free! There is no word on that, though. Maybe Phonebloks is planning to make its own operating system, which would be quite interesting. Even better, maybe you will be able to buy Phonebloks with different operating systems!

How do I support Phonebloks

Phonebloks is currently trying to get as much support as possible. Think of it as a Kickstarter campaign, but without cash involved. They just want you to voice out your opinion and let the world know you would like a device like this.

One simply has to go to the website and support. You can share the project to your social networks and let all your friends know about it. Phonebloks.com is actually down right now (due to high traffic!), but you can support by going to their Thunderclap page. At least until the official site is back up.

What do you guys think? Would you be interested in supporting a project like this?

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. Horrible idea. It’s going to fail hard.

    1. Hilariously cynical. I love it though.

    2. Agreed, can never compete in cost and the phone it self would be unbalanced wieght wise.

  2. This is a marketing campaign, just like Ubuntu Edge was.

  3. There is many factors going against it…

    1) Profits. Pretty self explanatory. Manufacturer’s want to make profits by selling more phones, not bits and pieces of it. And even if manufacturers support this, the individual parts would have to be fairly expensive, making the cost of the phone high. Also, who’s to say the parts will last for a long time?

    2) Engineering. This is a nightmare for any electrical engineer or manufacturer period. A lot of complicated design and wiring needs to be done for this to happen with interchangeable parts, making the phone look like a big brick. Also for the bits of features to work together seeminglessly? That’s a lot. I read up on the creator of the idea behind Phonebloks, and he is a designer, not an engineer. He should really get some back up from real manufacturers and engineers and possibly a prototype really soon for any company to take notice.

    I could go on about saying the loss of jobs, loss in revenue, and even manufacturers going out of business because of this. Even if there’s a large number of people who want this to happen, it won’t happen because manufacturers wouldn’t want it to happen, but it’s a noble idea.

    The only way I can see this happening is that an individual company making this as a direct competitor to other companies like Samsung, HTC, etc. Phonebloks needs a lot of luck for this to happen.

    1. You stole this comment verbatim out of Reddit. Good job.

      1. I “stole” information Phonebloks.com yesterday, and came up with problems (that are obvious) of the idea.


        1. You’re discounting the value of a “guaranteed” customer and a recurring revenue stream. You sell this phone, you don’t have to worry (as much) about having to make the same sale 2 years from now.

          I bought an HTC phone, then a Samsung phone, now I’m looking at Motorola or LG. These manufacturers had a one-and-done sale with me. Customer retention is a significant driver of value, so if you can sell this subscription-like concept of a smartphone where you continue to spend more and more over time, there is value there for the manufacturer.

          1. I only discussed the down-sides viewpoint of Phonebloks.
            But yes, having a guaranteed customer is good thing that comes for the idea.

          2. It’s not going to work just for the fact how phones are designed. Stacked chips, shortest possible traces for good RF, ect, ect.

            This concept is pretty much a joke.

  4. imagine dropping it and pieces falling everywhere lol “hey, take a picture of us!” “sorry bro, my camera fell off and I can’t find it”

    1. i lol’d

    2. It’s actually secured by two screws on the bottom of the phone, I’m fairly certain this couldn’t happen to any bloks unless you unscrew those 2.

  5. Really interesting idea, but they’d have to refine their fab process. This device looks like you’d be carrying around a 3.5″ HDD in your pocket – square, large and bulky, but I like that I could decide what’s important in my phone.

    1. It’s a concept right now. That’s not how the actual phone will look

  6. It would suck if your RAM got stolen

  7. was discussing this with some friends, the only downside is you really want the same design forever? Apple seems to go that route already with keeping design.

  8. That design needs to be refined before I could feasibly invest in it, but I would support any innovative device that allows for more customization.

  9. I could get behind this

  10. I’m sure what they’re showing is a concept not finished product

  11. I… Really like this idea.

  12. i feel this will suffer horrible optimization issues for the first few generations

  13. Oh hell yeah, I can get behind this.

  14. Uhhhhh what??? LOL!!!

  15. I can see it now… you want to upgrade your processor? You can’t, they upgraded socket. How about the video card? The new ones are half the size but it needs more power…. So forget it.

    In just not feeling it.

    1. That’s what I’m wondering too. Like are the sizes are the same or something? I’m wonder if the blocks would be the same size, but have different hardware. So like a CPU block would be the same size as another one, but one would be a Dual-Core while the other was a Quad-Core. That’s what I’m thinking.

      This also explains why there’s a set size. To give as many manufactures as possible enough space to work with.

  16. I love the idea, however I am not sure how well it would be implemented. Half the appeal of the new smartphones is how well they can fit everything into a small phone. The block idea works great for customization but there is the added bulk of the containers around each component, the connectors, and you cant stack behind components. It would be very bulky and without the company push that the big players have I don’t imagine this being a big market hit and without the market push prices would probably be pretty high for each component.

    That being said I hope it works out, I loved the ability to update my own pc.

  17. Look at those sharp edges. It would be a shame if it flew and hit someone in the head ;)

  18. People whine about OEM’s not being innovative. This is a solid idea that has the potential to start shifting the paradigm of the mobile phone industry. Bring it on.

  19. RIIIIGHT, carry something that’s like 3 times the thickness of my current phone.

    1. Whats to say they wont be skinny blocks, its just a concept at this point.

  20. The modular aspect of a PC only lasts 3 years Max as new interfaces and architecture overhalls the whole system. Nice idea but very neive

    1. I keep CPU/Motherboard/Ram/HDDS for at least 5 years and only upgrade the GPU every couple of years for you info.

      1. You might keep them for 10 years, 20. But the technology has moved on and you won’t be able to drop a socket ABC CPU into a socket xyz MB.

        1. Maybe the tech would change but you could still swap almost anything out.

        2. I get an extra couple of years thanks to being able to overclock the CPU I also tend to use my older PCs until they get massive hardware failures as well. I have an old 2007 PC running as a HTPC for instance and I may place that in the extra bedroom use my current PC as the current HTPC.

        3. So? You move on to the next one what is so hard to understand about that concept.

          1. You obviously don’t understand the article. The whole point is that you should ALWAYS be able to upgrade MODULES. Not replace the whole thing.

    2. I before E except after C… Sorry couldn’t help myself meaning your “neive”

    3. what are you talking about ? A person like me can upgrade a PC continuously. Everything is essentially modular, it doesnt change. If an OS becomes too powerful to run on one motherboard, you simply swap out to a new one. Video cards and memory sticks can also be swapped out. Storage, processor, interfaces. Its all swappable. To say you cant do it, is naive(thats how its spelled btw)

      1. Well take as example when we passed from DDR 2 to DDR3, that required to change the mobo, when intel went from ivybridge to haswell, sata to e sata, when video cards evolve… Sometimes things become imcompatible. This phone would be a nightmare, eventually you would have to replace too many things.

        1. Not really, replace the motherboard and you change the whole platform. The motherboard itself is a modular piece as well. Replacing the base on this phone should be just like replacing the motherboard on a PC. Its a nightmare to you because youre thinking about it too much, its quite easy.

          1. well I’m not an engineer so I can’t say, I guess time will tell

  21. that would be awsome

  22. Awesome idea, but I think this would be impossible to accomplish on so many different levels.

    1. My main concern would be when upgrading a block, how would your old blocks know how to use the new ones, especially if you “choose blocks from your favorite brand” and mix them like the video suggests.

      1. I would think the “base” would have an omnipresent code to command all blocks. I dunno, just taking a wild guess.

      2. Standards. Just like a new video card plugs into an older motherboard and still work (assuming it has the right slot and voltage).

        This is work the same way. Every manufacturer will have to adhere to certain standards so all the blocks talk to each other.

    2. I think the main problem would be to get all these different companies to create what would essentially have to be proprietary blocks in order to work with blocks from other companies. Different companies would undoubtedly want to make their blocks unique. I think that would cause the most problems. Phonebloks should just make their own hardware, but i understand that without funding and support they prob wont get off the ground. Hence the call for help.

  23. This looks like it would be hard to pull off, so these people shouldn’t even try!!!!! [/sarcasm]

    I’ll be watching this concept quite closely.

  24. I don’t see it personally. Yes, PC’s are modular and you can upgrade, but each upgrade is fairly substantial. I feel like the change in mobile hardware per generation wouldn’t be worth while. It’d be more worth while to get new again. If they’re anything like laptops, it just will never replace how modular and how powerful desktops are.

    1. So update every 2 gens if you must. I like the idea.

      1. That’s what i do with my phones right now.

  25. My problem is, usually things that are “Green” tend to be expensive. How would the individual blocks be priced. Also, no famous brand in their right mind would do this because it would be the biggest money pit ever thought of. Sell 3 million phones at $300 ea. or sell blocks that may or may not be picked due to the options. At least now there is a difference in the options we have.

  26. Its ideas like this that make me say ” you idiot, why’d didn’t I think of that !? You would have been rich” But if it runs android I’m sold !

    1. Surely you would just buy a block with the installed O/S you wanted

  27. This is something I wanted so much for the moto x to be. Not just color options

    1. Moto X was designed to be comfortable first and then they figured out the hardware inside. With this approach you get an ugly brick with sharp edges. Sorry but it’s a fail

      1. I don’t see how this can be considered a fail when it’s just a concept to begin with. Did you ever think that some of us might be more concerned with battery life, ram, cpu etc? Personally I don’t give a sh*t what my phone looks like if it preforms how I want. Grow up.

  28. this is so cool and i have so many ideas for blocks

  29. Would the blocks be proprietary? I’m assuming get that’s a yes. Unless other manufacturers want to develop blocks and risk losing profit on a new product. Good idea; no way do I see this as something feasible. Upgrading one block doesn’t make any sense. How would the old blocks integrate with the new blocks? And no cover to protect you blocks? Corrosion would certainly be a problem. Need I say more?

    1. No cover? you could make one. Standards would easily solve your problem of “Unless other manufacturers want to develop blocks and risk losing profit on a new product.” Old blocks and new blocks again have standard type of connections and it could work. All phones are pretty much made of all the same things and works. Why would this be any different than how the manufacturer builds a phone? The only difference is making a universal compatible form factor for each and every part that an little more than average joe can put together

  30. I’m sold.

  31. I was going to write a long post about how terribly thought out this idea is but there’s too much to go into. I find it amazing that someone wasted so much time working on a concept that has absolutely no chance of becoming a feasible product. The day that all of the world’s governments combine and create one huge socialist government, this phone will be released.

    1. I honestly wish you did. Because just as you can think of reasons it’s a bad idea there are those including myself that think it is. I’ve had the idea floating around my head for two years but I can never think of how it would work. I hope the minds of others can come up with an idea.
      It won’t work in the current system. But can you think of another system. What design cues are missing for it to work.

      1. -“I’ve had the idea floating around my head for two years but I can never think of how it would work.”-

        Don’t sell your intelligence so short. You can’t think of how it would work because it wouldn’t work.

        How many companies are offering (or have successfully offered in the past) notebooks that are as modular as these people are proposing?

        Yeah, none.

        Small devices are small. Robust interconnects are much bigger than solid soldered connections.


      2. man oh man there’s so many reasons already mentioned by other people in this comment thread as to why this is a terrible idea. Please understand that if they could do this and make it “thin” enough and work out the other problems below, I’d go for this.
        1. Weight distribution
        2. Power requirements
        3. Phone thickness
        4. Socket compatibility
        5. Sharp corners
        6. LOCKING the pieces in, so someone can’t pick up your phone and steal your processor
        7. People WANT to upgrade their phone to get the latest and greatest device
        8. Manufacturers WANT to create completely new devices to get more revenue. Why would samsung do this when they can just create another galaxy phone and make millions.
        It’s already difficult enough to upgrade a processor, camera, or screen in a laptop. It ain’t happenin in a phone.

        1. 1. Does it really matter?
          2. Not a problem, do current phones have issues with battery life? You can just put a bigger battery on this one.
          3. So it’ll be like the smartphones from 2011 instead of modern ultrathin. Never remember complaining about my 1cm thick Nexus One. Still don’t.
          4. Isn’t a problem, they’re basically just SOC blocks. So long as it adheres to standards there isn’t an issue, like PCI-e on PCs.
          5. Don’t you think they’ll have standardized cases you’ll just cut out a camera hole on for these?…
          6. Pretty much as the above, maybe with screws?
          7, Yeah I want to upgrade it, but it seems to be a waste to me when all I want to upgrade is the screen/SOC most of the time. As things are now with PPI where they’re at, pretty much just replace what breaks and the SoC.
          8. Maybe, but they make money off this too and allows them to build an ‘enthusiast’ / DIY crowd following. Just like what happened in PCs. most processor companies would love this.

          1. haha, alright buddy…yeah we’ll see this phone on the market in no time. That’s sarcasm…keep dreaming

          2. Yeah, and we’ll never need more than 2 kilobytes of RAM ever.

  32. This is a really dumb concept because the way SoC’s work means you would literally have to do away with SoC’s… Most of those blocks are labeled parts that you would never change anyway. Why would I ever need to replace my gyroscope block? The only blocks I would every change are the battery, storage and I am assuming “speed” is the actual SoC like a Tegra 4 or something. The wifi, bluetooth, and whatever else stuff could all be one block because it is all on one modem chip as it is… So really the only part you are ever going to change is the actual chip and if everyone has a modular device where the only thing you are changing you can bet your butt those chips are going to be about as much as a new phone costs now anyway.

    Dont even get me started about the various connection ports and speeds you need to have to get everything plugged in and running right. This is not a device that will last an eternity. Ports change, as well as their voltages and such. What happens when your new video card needs pci-e 4.0 and your current board only runs 2.0? This will happen on your phone too… It is just a nightmare. Anyone who builds their own desktops knows its only worth doing small upgrades here and there until you do an entire new build every 5 years anyway.

    1. The same that happens with barebone desktops you switch out the motherboard or rebuild it. The world needs a barebones phone. Pricing hasn’t stopped many people from building their own desktops one of the main things that cost is the main processor and so what if it costs as much as a phone as it is? actually people said the same bull crap about desktops but you know what it came to fruition its not as expensive to make a decent desktop from barebones you can certainly create one for less than $500 and it’ll have better specs than a $800 manufactured. The only thing dumb here is thinking that this isn’t possible and a good idea. If you think its too much just suck it up and buy one from a manufacturer. Options are always good and I support this idea 100%. Nothing lasts an eternity but that doesn’t mean much who cares its fun.

      1. yep mate you’re fucking true!!!! now when desktops are like this bloc technology, people don’t say anything, but earlier there were many critics barking.
        New ideas are always criticized by average people, just like Note series was, but now look, that is one of the most successful series.

    2. yeah, in a perfect world this would work. In reality? This will fail.

    3. “Most of those blocks are labeled parts that you would never change anyway. Why would I ever need to replace my gyroscope block?”
      It’s not “why”, but it’s because you can.

    4. What happens when a part of your phone breaks? You have to replace the entire phone or try to get it serviced. With this concept though if any part breaks… You just replace it.

  33. I love the idea and would be very interested in this type of venture

  34. pffftttt yea, in a perfect world…. plus….its hideous….. NEXT!

    1. That’s so bias who cares what it looks, like as long as the specs are nice that’s all its trying to accomplish. If you want style go buy an iphone 5c.

    2. I imagine we would be able to case it all with 3d printers and some knowledge shouldn’t be too hard

  35. well i think its a great idea and concept. but after reading the negative comments i know it wont work. not enough people thinking outside the box for this to work.

    1. Its not a lazy man’s toy so a lot of the newer generation and old generation would be put off by it

      1. But the middle ground is where most of the market share goes anyway . . . this wouldn’t replace the current market, just give give consumers a better option if they’re willing to take the chance.

  36. I think the color is ugly.

    1. Well considering if this project could start producing i think there will be cosmetic customization such as casing and whatsoever

      1. True, but if you want someone to invest (Kickstart for example), you have to wow them with all the stops possible. Idea is nice, but the color doesn’t impress me, so if they asked for funding, I would be less convinced than if it was showing me some sort of color customization.

        1. but they didn’t. they didn’t ask for any money. perhaps because they’ve engineered their pitch to appear that way, but the main argument is for function first it seems. a complete departure from the way just about every other smart phone is made and marketed nowadays

  37. Shut up and take my money!

  38. To all the people saying its ugly looking, it’s just a concept. Yeah I know they had an actual “PhoneBlok” in the video, but it was just for show. Its something they put together that wouldn’t take a whole bunch of time and money on their part, and just to show it works.Thats all.
    As for the labeling of parts that you could switch out, I know not all the parts need to be upgraded or replaced, but once again, its for show. Its just a PoC.
    I think its a great idea. Would it be an instant “hit”, I don’t think so. Give it some time, when new things like this are introduced to the public, its always hard to see the benefits or the profit it could bring to both the company and especially the consumer.
    Try not to be so harsh people, its a diamond in the rough.

  39. I’ll believe it when I see it pass FCC testing. It’s a neat concept but I can imagine all kinds of RF issues depending on how the blocks are arranged.l

  40. Good luck trying to get the big brands on board. Why would any company have any interest in investing into a product that will replace their current product with something that yields a lower revenue? Modular designs also tend to take up more space. People already complain about phablets being too big. This also kills any possibilities of design changes. Some people love Samsung for their light plastic construction. Some like HTC with their metal unibody. Some like Apple because it’s a consistent experience across the board.

    1. for this past 2 years i did used IPhone4 seems kinda useless piece o’ crap

  41. The LEGO nerd in me loves this concept.

  42. AWESOME idea. Though those companies will never sign on. No profit in it for them compared to now. Plus changing standards, FCC regs, all make this a serious challenge.

    1. There certainly are profits in it for someone. The companies that are currently investing millions in R&D for entire new phones could cut their development costs and specialize in components. The diversity possible here is very compelling. I think a market for this may very well exist.

    2. I feel like an idiot for resigning myself to the darkest corners of stubbornness. I’ve seen the engineers all say never, and I silently think to myself all of the other nevers throughout the past 100 years. I think of this and i don’t see it happening in a year or 5, because i don’t feel like mentally locking this into place. I believe the people who’ve given us everything we have today can inspire others to keep on that legacy of human ingenuity. At some point isn’t an idea like this possible? Is it really never?

      Because if so, looking at the current landscape, i’d much rather not have a phone. I don’t particularly feel enthused about supporting the way things are if things could be better. And it’s totally for personal reasons. A phone that seeks to address the issue of planned obsolescence?! Blasphemy.

  43. I’m sold. I want one now

  44. Sign me up, but no way this would catch on. Too many companies would lose money.

  45. I think it is a awsome idea, but it looks ugly, but hopefully there will be a cool case for it!

    1. Case for this phone? Nope! This phone looks fine without case.

  46. So Thunderclap doesn’t support Google+? That’s a fail. I’d love to help, but I don’t have the other three. Too bad, this is an awesome concept.

  47. awesome concept

  48. Very positive feeling about this, intelligent idea good job. Most certainly worth a shot compared to half the other designs.

  49. implementation would be important; i can see if it was like this, the blocks coming loose and falling apart. the problem is, to hold it together well it would still require a case which would lead to proprietary blocks and proprietary cases. still, not a bad idea at all.

  50. This is a great Idea for users who prefer customization, this phone can last long, Imagine a phone customized with parts from different manufacturers, who are experts at it. you get the best option of choice…. people need to think beyond what they see to experience the taste… and regarding the complaint for color, admins please try to come up with a colorful video, which most of the user would be interested to watch.

  51. biggest problem i would see is the software side, like on a desktop pc, you have drivers you can install for new hardware, but does such a thing even exist in mobile os’s?

    1. Sure. Software is software, it doesn’t matter what the platform is.

  52. Useless and a complete waste of time. Its more environmentally friendly to squeeze more and more devices into a smaller and smaller SoC. Cellphones will eventually become ubiquitous as toasters. If your toaster breaks. do you try and fix it? no you go buy a new toaster because it is cheaper then trying to fix it.

    1. How Wasteful!!

    2. When my toaster broke, I did fix it. Note I did not use the word “try”. Some of us have more technical skills than others, and our needs deserve to be met in the marketplace as well. Don’t be so dismissive of that which you cannot yourself do.

  53. this is a great idea you should do this

  54. think it is a very good idea, and will help massively! plus it looks pretty cool

  55. i want this can you create a prototype when i buy your prototipe

  56. It’s a cute idea with an admirable goal, but I don’t think this could ever work in practice, in the end I don’t think it would save any material either. To be able to pack and protect ICs in this way would probably cause even more waste.

  57. I’d really like this, but I Hope for them to make an own OS or get help by blackberry since Android would be too unefficient and WP is just too crappy for this. iOS would work, but Apple wouldn’t do this in a thousand years, so I think BB would be a really great choice!

  58. Think about the early days of computing. There were no parts to change out, because there was no need to. You had what you had, and that was it. As time passed, technology advanced and there came a need to upgrade. Eventually it got to the point where you didn’t have to buy a whole new computer, you just replaced the component you wanted to upgrade. See where I’m going with this?

    Eventually, this will be a reality. If different manufacturers made different upgrade “bloks,” with a standardized color set so that your device wouldn’t look stupid if you upgraded to a different company’s part.

    So think about this. If the screen on the front of the device had the motherboard built in as a unit, you could narrow it down to 2 layers. Curve the edges and offer some color, it can look nice. So then you snap the screen/motherboard into the “front housing.” Around the front of the phone, a bracket-type assembly can rest around the screen bezel, and attach to the back side cover (similar to a battery cover of the modern-day).

    It’s really not difficult. Open your damn mind and quit being a neigh-sayer.

  59. Awesome concept! I really hope this goes through.

  60. well this phone is awesome i hope there would good colours for this phone and i really wish they could create their own os and give it better name like the bloks

    1. Blocksauce :) Bloks + OS = BloksOS

  61. this is a wicked idea I want one

  62. it’ll be a great device.i want this…

    1. who the f*** posts his/her picture in the comments? What’s wrong with you?
      we don’t want to see you… go away, you retard..

    2. Call Meh #postinpicsalldaylong

  63. i need it


    1. Yes! Me too :-D

  65. This would be near impossible tough. The circuit board must be so genius that every plugs on the plug board can support any kind of hardware’s information. Imagine ur PC circuit board that has every slots as the same and everyone single slot can be plugged in with any kind of hardware; cpu, ram, graphic card, ssd etc. And this idea is a lot lot harder than that because of plugs’ pattern of each hardwares are different.

    it will need some kind of universal electrical language(signal) that every hardwares share and processing unit that smart enough to differentiate which hardware are speaking of what. Imagine a conductor of a 20 violins band playing different songs with the same key and he must be able to listen and differentiate every single one of them.

    don’t get me wrong, it’s an awesome idea and I’d love to see it comes true. But it’s much much harder than it seems.

  66. So useful and best idea, nonwaste your money anymore!

  67. People just dont understand when they see this, its possible but who will do this? You can say desktops are customizable but thats because they are in a giant box, laptops only go as far as changing ram, rarely see someone change a cpu or their gpu ( if the laptop has a dedicated one) switching hard drives is the most basic thing you can do yet people still throw out their laptops and now they want a modular bulky inneficient and slow phone? Heard of planned obsolescence? yeah thats what keeps money falling in their pockets

  68. I want it it will be cool to have!!!!!!!! And very economical

  69. It would be good to have one phone forever

  70. I like it I wont it please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ģgggggggggggggiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeee thees a guy said it culd l Ive fir ever is ther storage divice?

  71. I don’t believe the insane claims they are making. Customizable OK, Upgradable Maybe, But I don’t think any piece of electronic technology can survive for more than 5 years tops before its obsolete. The speed of one part or another will render the base obsolete or the power required by some new super screen will require some new hybrid battery. The speed of technological growth makes it some great marketing for an impossible pipe dream. And the price after 100’s of companies sign deals agreeing to play along will be ridiculous. it’ll make I-phones look cheap

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