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samsung note 3 unpacked

Today’s the Samsung Unpacked event! Or did you forget? Either way, let this serve as a friendly reminder that Samsung will be dropping some big news today for those of us with a keen interest in mobile technology.

For starters, we’re expecting to see the next entry in Samsung’s Galaxy Note lineup. Beyond that, we’re also expecting Samsung to finally, officially unveil the Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch, a prototype of which was leaked in pictures over the holiday weekend.

If you can’t make it to Times Square to get in on all the fun yourself, you’ll be glad to know that Samsung will be livestreaming their announcement. Just head here at 1pm EST/10am PST to get in on the fun live. We’ll update this post with the embedded stream once it goes live. Things won’t stop there, though, as we’ll be looking to bring you all the hands-on coverage we can shortly after it wraps up. Who’s excited?

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I thought 19:00 CST was 12:00pm EST time? If I’m wrong then maybe I will catch the beginning after my computer class :). Then again, it said 12:00pm for the past files days and now it says 12:30pm on their YouTube channel so…somewhere around there?

    1. How are you able to leave this comment if you haven’t completed your computer class…? You shouldn’t have known how to use a computer yet.
      I kid, I kid lol

      1. We all know once you are on a compute you easily get distracted ha-ha. But no, my computer/coding class doesn’t start until 10:30am. By time I get home it’ll be a little pass one. I’ll be able to stream and watch a bit of it on their YouTube channel since I have good LTE coverage in my area.

    2. 12:00 is 12:00 pm. Good rule of thumb for military time is to subtract twelve. i.e. 1300-12=1. 1700-12=5 2300-12=11 etc.

    3. A couple of things here are wrong. In Sammy’s invite, it’s actually European time (the 1900 CEST not CST) to North American time (the 12:00pm EST you mentioned). Normally you’d be correct except that EST (eastern standard) isn’t the same as EDT (eastern daylight as in daylight savings) so you were only off by one hour. 1900 CEST = 1300 EDT (or 1pm EDT). So while you were correct in the 1900, it’s actually CEST (for european summer time). Yeah, maybe that’s TMI but I found it interesting. Either way, can’t wait for 1pm EDT!!! Oh, and the live stream looks like it will start at 12:30pm EDT but the actual event kicks off at 1pm. Enjoy!

  2. Let the Samsung weirdness commence. I wonder what freaky methods they will use this time.

    1. Hey let’s just hope that was a one time deal… lol

    2. I swear their staged moments are usually the worse. Just talk about the device. We don’t need it a play form. I end up looking over what the phone can really do when presented like that.

    3. Oh darling, wait for me to put my gloves on. The show is about to start!

      1. I love how strange they get. You should see that Icelandic advert for the S4.


  3. too bad I’m in physics right now lol

    1. Turn to chapter 22 where it discusses the theoretical possibility of particles being in two places at once. Problem solved.

      1. Theoretically anyway….

    2. Let’s solve that unified field theory already!!!

  4. Am I the only one who is slightly less hyped about this now that the KitKat stuff- and accompanying rumors of the LG G2-inspired Nexus 5- has surfaced? I’d almost fully intended to flip the Note II and pick up the Note III when it becomes available, but I sort of miss the Nexus experience at times and, being that I’ve only had the experience with a neutered Verizon Galaxy Nexus, sort of want to give it another go now that I’m on TMobile.

    I like my Note II a lot- best phone I’ve ever had, actually… but if I am really honest with myself, a lot of the TouchWiz wizardry goes to waste for me. Seeing the alleged list of bloat that will come on the Note III makes me wonder if it’s time to step off the train for a bit. I’ll still be watching today, and I imagine I’ll like the III, but it’ll be tempered with the expectation that we’ll be seeing a Nexus 5 release soon.

    1. Always a tough time of year, probably worth waiting to at least see the annoucement of the Nexus 5. N3 won’t launch for at least a month (I would guess) and we should be fairly close to Nexus time. Other option is root…currently on GNex and I’m not sure I can go back to stock. I think I’m going to try and pick up a rooted N2 after the N3 becomes available.

  5. http://community.sony.co.uk/t5/IFA/ct-p/ifa_en Watch Sony’s press Conference here

  6. Maybe they’ll have the Rockettes this time

    1. thank you for the link!

      1. You’re welcome :)

  7. Most looking forward to Galaxy Gear.

    1. If it’s not bendy, i don’t really care much for it. Bendy or go home!

  8. I hope phandroid is quick to uploading stuff

  9. ROFL did JK just mess up on the gear announcement? that was hilarious. Phone looks cool but not bendy unfortunately.

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