Sep 4th, 2013


The main area folks say Android needs to improve in is security, something that’s been holding the operating system back from being a favorite among the IT departments of the enterprise world. Well, Samsung’s KNOX security suite is getting a bit more bolstered, with Lookout announcing that their own mobile protection package will be offered on phones with Samsung KNOX.

Lookout says they will be wherever KNOX will be. Lookout provides protection against mobile malware threats, and gives users the ability to do things like locate, lock and wipe their devices from remote locations. This all comes with the announcement that Lookout for Business will be expanding soon, with the company looking to invite a great deal of businesses to use Lookout for their BYOD programs to help secure their mobile employees.

It’s not surprising to see these two teaming up, with Lookout becoming a bit of a rock star in this space as of late. It almost seems like the perfect marriage, and it’ll be interesting to see how the two will live happily ever after.

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