Google Glass app store could arrive in 2014 along with public release


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If you’ve been following the rumor mill, it’s beginning to look more and more like the public release of Google Glass wont be available until sometime next year. While never officially announced, Google’s own Sergey Brin was once quoted as saying he’d like to see Glass released as early as this year — so we remained hopeful.

More recently, Computerworld was told from one of their insiders that the new target was sometime in 2014 and now, a new report from the New York Times is corroborating that information. According to NYT, Google Glass’ app store wont officially arrive until next year and will coincide with the device’s public release. A Google spokesperson reportedly confirmed the same information with Marketing Land.

Google Glass apps

As it stands Glass has no real storefront for developers to list their Glassware (Glass apps), although Googler Timothy Jordan mentioned recently on Google+ that a “process” was coming soon. It’s also unclear whether or not Glassware will be available via the Play Store as Glass currently only supports web apps. It’s entirely possible standard APKs could be in the pipeline (it was once leaked in an update teardown), but it doesn’t seem like that’s really the focus for now.

[The Verge]

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  1. I dont mind waiting a little bit longer for the release, afterall the Glass is only as good as the use you can put it to do.

  2. Not sure what I would ever use it for :/ I’d like to make excuses and say I’d use it for this and that, but no. Just… no. It will remain a gimmick for me.

    1. I would love to buy Google Glass and go to a theme park. First person view on rollercoasters!! (I know they tell you to remove your glasses, but I’m sure I can sneak them on..)

      1. You’d also get a first person view of what it would look like falling out the roller coaster, if they survived impact that is.

      2. i would use them for concerts when i’m in the pit. i don’t want to have to worry about deciding if i should holding up a camera to watch later or giving my full attention to Gaga lol

      3. yeah it would be great for that except who wants to risk losing or breaking it if it falls off?

    2. Same here, the rare times I would use them would not justify the cost.

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