Screenshots from Samsung Galaxy Gear’s “Gear Manager” companion app leaked, gives us first sneak peek at the smartwatch


Samsung Galaxy Gear Manager

We already know the Samsung Galaxy Gear is set to be unveiled during Samsung’s IFA event in Berlin after a Samsung exec confirmed the device in an interview earlier this week. It was also the week before where many of the device’s hardware and software specs were tipped, with Samsung’s upcoming wearable rumored to come equipped with a 320×320 OLED display, dual-core processor, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 LE — basically, the works.

Today, leak-ninja @evleaks revealed a few screenshots he received from the Gear’s upcoming companion app, which gives us a look at, not only some of the device’s settings, but our first real peek at the Galaxy Gear itself. Dubbed “Gear Manager”, users will use the app on their normal Android device to load up the Gear with Samsung specific apps (you’ll notice the inclusion of the “Samsung Apps” store listed in Gear Manager).

Samsung Galaxy Gear sneak peek

This actually falls in line with what we heard in previous rumors, meaning you probably shouldn’t expect apps made just for the Galaxy Gear to show up in the Google Play Store. The leak also shows us how the device will pair with Galaxy devices using NFC to pair up via Bluetooth connection, and a “Find my watch” option should you ever misplace the watch.

Aside from apps and settings, we also get our first graphic on exactly what the (back) of the Galaxy Gear will look like. We expect to learn loads more about the Samsung Galaxy Gear where it’s set to be unveiled on Sept. 4th. Seems Samsung could be going the kitchen sink route, jam packing the Galaxy Gear with as many specs as possible, more than likely to compete with Apple’s upcoming rumored iWatch.

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  1. The “Find my watch” looks interesting. It would be funny if it asked you, “Uh, have you looked at your wrist lately?” :P

    1. It’s about time they copied Apple’s find my iPhone

      1. Yes, I am sure Apple is the inventor of “find”.

        1. Hell, Apple will patent anything if it makes them money.

  2. I just really want to know the size of it. I hope it’s not too small or I will get it

  3. Hmmm I don’t want one…. I NEED one.

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