Samsung exec confirms Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Gear smart watch appearances at IFA


samsung smart watch mockup

Executive vice president of Samsung Mobile Lee Young-hee has reportedly confirmed that pair of exciting products we’ve been hearing Samsung would introduce come September 4th during their IFA press conference. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was pretty obvious thanks to the original invitations issued by Samsung, but if you needed any further reassurance that the Samsung Galaxy Gear — an Android-powered smart watch — would be coming, the executive had no problem confirming that, as well.

We still don’t have many early details about the Galaxy Gear or the Note 3, though we do now learn that the former will not have a flexible display like previous mockups and patents have suggested. As for the latter, the latest rumors suggest this will rock the socks out of anyone who has fallen in love with the phablet category that has sprouted within the past couple of years.

To be specific, we’re apparently to expect a 5.68-inch 1080p display, 3GB of RAM, and either Samsung Exynos 5 Octa-Core processor or Qualcomm’s quad-core Snapdragon 800. If the relationship between the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 are anything to go by, the Note 3 should be an even bigger deal than the Samsung Galaxy S4 (both figuratively and literally speaking). We’ll be looking to get our hands and eyes on both of these devices, so be sure to stay tuned to Phandroid as IFA kicks off in just over a week’s time.

[via Korea Times]

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  1. Just…Take my money!!!

  2. Here’s to hoping they announce a new Note 10.1 with a full HD screen too.

    1. Having used a 10-inch active stylus tablet (the original ThinkPad Tablet), a Note 12, 13, or 14 would be great for artists and designers. That might seem big enough to cramp portability, but artists typically carry more just to make sketches, and a light and thin 14-inch tablet would just be so much better to draw on. One stylus equals a drawer full of brushes/pastels/pencils.

      1. You could very well get your wish if @evleaks on twitter is correct with this tweet from July 27th.


        1. Good news. I am not much of an artist, but when I do sketch, my strokes typically barely fit on a 10-inch surface. 12 inches just seems so much better (even then you’ll still have to zoom in and out and pan around, but the strokes would finally be comfortable.)

  3. We wants it! We needs it! We wants the precious!

    1. Lmao! Good ish.

  4. This looks promising, actually looking forward to this :)

  5. *fingers crossed and eyes closed* please let it have a big face. please let it have a big face. please let it have a big face. please let it have a big face. please let it have a big face. please let it have a big face. please let it have a big face. please let it have a big face. please let it have a big face. please let it have a big face. please let it have a big face. please let it have a big face. please let it have a big face. please let it have a big face. please let it have a big face. please let it have a big face. please let it have a big face.

    1. talking about the watch :-)

  6. Samsung, I’ve put on a new pair and my socks are ready for your rocking.

  7. Gee, what a big surprise that the next Monster phone will be making an appearance, as if we didn’t know. . .

    1. yea, can’t wait for that mongo screen phone. It is so fashionable to have one of those bad boys … do you guys know how stupid you look when you use one of those bigger is better phones? I thought I would do you a service and give you a mirror to look in to, so you can see what other people see when you are using your monster phone.

      1. That’s nice. The top photo must be you hiding behind your TABLET (and not a phone) because you’re so embarrassed for posting this miserable failure of a post. Over dramatize much? Yeah, the DIAGONAL measurements on these phones is getting larger but that’s due to only minor bumps in the measurement of actual dimensions LxWxH. A Note is only slightly bigger than a “normal” phone and still easily fits in my pockets of my jeans. (I’m not a huge person either.)

        1. Nope not me, got them off the internet :) I wouldn’t dare take a pic of someone using one of those things, might upset them.

          I have an iPhone and it doesn’t look out of place when held to the head, unlike the monster screen sized phabs some people use – actually the number of people who prefer the gargantuan sized screens is a small percentage because I think most people get it – they have a tablet if they want the screen real estate.

          I understand there are people who are not be able to purchase both, so I guess in that case the Phab may be an option, just need to hide in the corner when making a call so you don’t end up looking like these dufesses above.

          1. Again, missed the point of a large screen. I pose you this question. How much time to you spend on a call with the phone beside your head compared to out in front of you with your eyes on the screen? That usage ratio is probably really small. If you wanted a phone with aesthetics then you would understandably go with an iphone. Personally I couldn’t give any less care about how people see me using my phone. I care about that satisfaction I get from watching a full HD movie on a 5.7 inch screen anywhere and any time I want.

          2. I watch full HD video on my iPad or at home on my 52 inch HD TV.

            I do look at my screen more than I use it as a phone to make calls, that is a valid point, but I got to tell you, I find using the iPhone 5 screen with one hand comfortably far outweighs having to fumble with two hands when I want to reach various points on the phone. I realize that is a preference but it is one that the majority of people like – so the stats show.

            By the way, it’s not like Apple is unable to produce a large screen device, right? We all realize this don’t we? The issue has every bit to do with usability and the majority of people do not favor these monstrous screen sizes. Now, can the iPhone go a little bigger, maybe, but not to big because it will ruin the ease with which the phone can be used.

            As far as whether one cares what they look like when they use their phone, well, a lot of people do care how their accessories make them look. Maybe that is why a lot of iPhone users are a bit more affluent because they are a bit more vain about things like that, and they care about materials, craftsmanship, form, fit and function of the device that people see with them throughout their day.

            Anyway, glad for the adult conversation on this.

          3. a) the ONLY reason, and I can’t emphasize that enough, Apple doesn’t make a larger screen is that Steve Jobs said no one would want one larger than what he gave them. Well, he’s wrong and he’s dead. Someone at Apple has some sense and is working on eating Steve’s words.

            b) I can and do one hand the Note 2. I’m not a large person by any means.

            c) The days of the iPhone being a fashionable accessory died a few generations ago.

          4. ah the iPhone. I remember those things. I also remember Palm Pilots, Commodore 64’s and 45 rpm’s…but it’s time to move on.

          5. iPhone user, thanks for clearing that up. It ssays everything the rest of us need to know.

            As to your theory, it also fails miserably. Before picking up my Note 2, I already had a 10 and 7 inch tablet. Also, even Apple bowing to the bigger is better mentality when it comes to phones.

            So yeah, stop being a drama queen. Smaller was better when all phones did was make calls and send texts but that time has passed. I would say you’re living in the past but if you were, you’d realize that even today’s biggest smartphone is smaller than landline phones and the first several generations of cellphones by quite a lot. (And all those did was make calls, that’s it!) Where as the largest of phablets is actually barely bigger than the average Android phone these days.

            These days, cellphones are an all in one device. If my iPhone toting friends and I are wanting to watch any video content from the web, it isn’t on their devices. They’re asking me to pull it up. Why? Because they know what’s up. (And frankly, so does apple.) And not a single one of them can tell a difference between me holding my Note 2 up to my head versus my GNex.

            Back under your bridge troll. You can come back out when you rush out to pick up your new larger screen iPhone… because, you know you will.

      2. But it’s OK to take pictures with your iPad, huh?


      3. Lmao! I want a six inch display thought.

  8. shenzhen kawin optical can offer tempered glass screen protector for samsung galaxy NOTE 3, before i use the kawin galaxy S4 tempered glass screen protector is perfect!

  9. Rather have the nexus 5 based off G2, and a nexus watch, but that’s just me…

    1. A Nexus with a full Qwerty keyboard would be cool. =.D

  10. I just hope they put a better camera on the note 3 then on the current phones

    1. I did a side by side with the Note 2 and Sony Xperia Z. The Note 2 smoked the Sony. I tried everything with the Sony too. I really wanted to get that phone but the camera on the Note 2 beat it every single time. The camera on the Note 2 definitely isn’t anything to complain about for a camera phone.

      1. As long as you’re taking daylight pictures.

        1. It’s a camera phone with the smallest sensor available. It will always be an issue. If you want good low light photos, you need to be shooting a bigger sensor. It’s as simple as that. For a sensor this size, the Note 2 does amazingly.

  11. Whats wrong with the current phones camera? My Note 2 takes amazing photos. I’m way happy with it. Don’t forget, it IS a phone. Can’t complain about having a phone that does all what a phone is supposed to do, and then some. Get the lumia 1020 if you’re wanting a good camera phone

    1. It takes good pics in the daylight or well lite but in low light or anything that you need to use the zoom on it sucks. I’ve had the note 2 since launch I know what the camera can do. If the Sony was a android phone I would be all over it.

    2. Isn’t that phone coming out with 42x Zoom?

  12. Here comes the NEXT BIG THING! Oh wait, maybe this is the Next Biggest, or bigger thing that is here, or has already been here, … or is it the Next Biggest Really Big thing?

    Not sure, neither are consumers.

    And now, introducing the world preview of the Sammy Gear product line, where bigger is always better. The Sammy Gear watch will start out a mere 3 cm x 4.5 cm in size. It is the Next Big Thing is already here, but it is actually the next smallest thing that is coming. But that’s not all folks, wait until they release the newer PhabWatch – It is going to knock the socks off of the tech world! This bad boy will sport a 10 cm x 25 cm screen size. Bigger is definitely better in the Smartwatch race. They are going to blow the doors off of their competitors who will undoubtedly offer competing product with smaller screen sizes.

    But Sammy isn’t going to stop there, they are going to push the Smartwatch limits with even bigger screen sizes by the holidays, and they are going to add a free arm sling with the purchase of their Gear Mega Watch which is actually their Nexus Mini Tablet with a strap for your wrist.


    1. i feel so bad for you lol

      1. Thanks for your sympathy, much appreciated! I admit, am a delirious blog crasher who spews forth apparently random thoughts about companies such as Samsung who apparently spew forth various and random products and marketing gimmicks in order to find one that will stick.

        Not being critical, just observing the obvious.

        No offense taken.

    2. I did not feel like reading all that. You really should have added a TL;DR. It looked like it could have been a good read. Oh well.

      Next post.

  13. Note 3, The phone for all true phone geeks.

    1. Not #HOLO enough.

    2. IDK… The main reason I want to try the Note 2, is only because I want to play around with the features; the stylus and multiwindow. Other than that, I’m content with my HTC One. And I’m sure I’ll be more than content with the HTC One Max.

  14. I really want to want the Galaxy Gear. Here’s hoping they deliver on that.

  15. I just found out Ben Affleck is the next Batman….Samsung, my body (both physically & mentally) cannot take another hit like that again. Don’t let me down…

    1. you were physically hit while being told about Ben Affleck?

      1. Damnit it just happened again….Yes, physically I was hit: someone came up to me & kicked me in my balls. I can continue to take hits to my balls, but cannot endure the combination of knowing Ben is the next Batman & Samsung coming out w/ a let down product (I hope it’s a great product).
        -Kicks to my balls = infinite amount of times (I’ll live)
        -Kicks to my balls + constant reminder that Affleck is the next Batman + 1ml dose of Samsung letting me down @ IFA = DEATH

        1. Dude, you need Jesus.

        2. I don’t know my actors. Is there a reason… Ben Affleck can’t be Batman?

  16. Ok so when does Verizon get the note 3

  17. More spec-terbating, great.

  18. Too much hyperbole here. Try this on for size, courtesy of images from ETrade Supply…

    1. Yeah I’m not liking the more squared off corners at all. They should have stuck with the same EXACT design, just a larger display with smaller bezel as indicated. My guess is they had no other choice and simply needed the extra room in the corners for internals, otherwise they would have kept it the same – I think the Note 2 design is spot on perfect. =

      1. I shopped the leaked image – THIS is what I would love for the note 3 to look like (the note 2 is on the right). Yes the difference is subtle, but I prefer the rounder corners – looks more aesthetically pleasing.


  20. I just want an image of the actual smart watch. That concept is way to cool for me to want what Samsung would probably bring out.

    I’d buy that smart watch in a heart beat. But I’m going to make myself disappointed if I’m expecting Samsung to come out with something equally amazing.

  21. I am ready… when does Verizon get the Note 3. ? Just one thing we never hear about. What is the screen going to be? Gorilla Glass 4? I want to be able to see it in bright daylight.

    1. Feb 15th 2036

    2. They will get it dead last. Realistically, don’t expect it before December. My guess is they will have it available in time for xmas.

  22. I’m still mad they releases the galaxy mega I would love that phone if it had the right specs

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