Aug 29th, 2013

bbm signup

Blackberry originally promised us that their Android and iOS messaging apps — affectionately known as Blackberry Messenger or BBM — would be coming to us by the end of summer. By our Gregorian calendar, summer ends September 21st, and we’re quickly approaching that date. With that, it’s natural that we start seeing and hearing more and more about the arrival of the premium chat service.

Samsung has oddly been the biggest megaphone for hype, with the company curiously hyping the service up in South Africa as it will eventually launch in their apps store. Now, Blackberry is the one doing a bit of hyping, with the company publishing a sign-up page for the version of their service set to launch on the two leading smartphone operating systems of the world.

We still don’t have a solid date to look forward to, though from what you guys have told us in the past, not many people are exactly “looking forward” to anything. Blackberry Messenger seems a bit unnecessary in this day and age, with folks already comfortable with existent platform-agnostic messaging services, or the default services of their respective operating systems (iMessage for iOS, Hangouts for Android, etc).

That’s not to say Blackberry Messenger won’t have its uses for many people, but it’s just not as big of a deal as it would have been, say, 5 years ago. If you really are hyped for the service, though, be sure to head to the BBM landing site and put your email address into the hat.

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