HTC creating its own mobile OS to cater China



It’s hard for us Android fans to understand why any manufacturer would want to move away from Android – such a successful, evolving and powerful platform. We know Samsung has been considering Tizen for a while, but now we are hearing (kind of) smaller manufacturer is thinking about venturing into OS territory.

android-china-248Reports assure that HTC is planning to develop its very own mobile operating system in order to better cater to the Chinese market. China has very specific needs and requisites when it comes to communications, be it mobile or any other form. China holds the belief that the industry relies to heavy on Android, a platform designed by, and mostly for western cultures.

The Chinese government is believed to be in talks with the Taiwanese manufacturer to plan the development of said mobile software. This operating system would have a strong focus on Chinese apps and web services, with devices possibly coming by the end of this year. With devices already being tested, this could very well be almost a finalized project.

It sure is hard to believe HTC would create a mobile OS for one country, but China is one large country. Not to mention, a very powerful one with a huge business focus. We would love to see HTC focus on Android, but we have already seen them give Windows Phone a shot.

This certainly wouldn’t surprise us, and we can’t really blame HTC. Having the government by your side to take the Chinese mobile market will bring a major boost to the company. Something they kind of need at this point.

[The Wall Street Journal]

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  1. … Because working to globalise android for the benefit of Chinese folk living outside China makes no sense at all.

    Sounds to me like there’s more to it than is being published.. ..

    1. China’s huge market would cause many large manufactures to cater to it, like work on a more customized OS to suit them. That’s a reason why they sell so many Dual SIM versions of their flagship devices. Bullshit. We could use those Dual SIM phones here in North America.

  2. Lets pretend that it won’t be terrible…

  3. Uhh yeah, so whats so special about China again?

    1. That 30% of the World’s population is there.

      1. You don’t want to lose the other 70%.

        1. Well… It’s not 70, i don’t think that all the Africans are going to buy smartphones right now….

  4. Sounds like they are punking out because apple is bullying them

  5. HTC already created their own OS for devices. It is called Sense, which is based on Android. The rumoured device for China could be just another heavily flavoured version of Android. Made to order with whatever nasty things China wants.

    1. That’s just an overlay, like Touchwiz. If they are trying to fork android and swipe apps from the Play store, they can’t expect google to give them the time of day.

      1. My Samsung Memoir ran Touchwiz. I’m just sayin’. It was also a non-Android device.

        1. Didn’t that run on the Bada OS?

          1. I think it was Symbian based. If Bada OS is Symbian based, then yea.

            But from what I read it looked like it was just a Samsung OS based on Symbian with a TouchWiz overlay. IDK… Phone’s back then were weird.

            But what I did read was that TouchWiz was an overlay still. So now I feel all dumb tryna correct that person and stuff. LoL!!

        2. HTC also had Sense for Windows phones (windows mobile) back in the day.

  6. Always been a sense lover, if the platform is a heavily modified version of Sense overlay ontop of Android like how Sense use to be before stripping sense making it lighter. I’m all for it if it won’t lag

  7. From my point of view of someone who hates metal bodies, dislikes Sense and the stupid 2 buttons configuration and thinks that integrated batteries are the biggest instant deal breaker ever, Android was the HTC One’s only saving grace. With their own OS, future HTC’s flagships will be all-around P.O.S. … LOL
    (and yes, I get that they are planning it for China only. For now, at least)
    N.B. Since the Galaxy series I am a Samsung loyal customer and huge “fanboy” but should they adopt Tizen on their Note series on my market (Italy/Western Europe) I would drop them like a hot potato.

  8. Htc will continue making android for north America/ europe and then with the support/money from The Chinese government there going to make a lot of money cause at the moment they are not making much in China so whatever helps keep them afloat.

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