Aug 28th, 2013


While it’s not quite Uncarrier 3.0, T-Mobile is once again throwing off the gloves in their bitter rivalry against AT&T. This time around, T-Mobile is taking issue with the colors AT&T chose for its pre-paid outfit, Aio Wireless (currently only available in Texas, Florida, and Georgia).

In a U.S. District Court in Texas, T-mobile alleges that AT&T purposely chose magenta for the Aio logo so that potential customers would unknowingly associate the pre-paid service with T-Mobile and their shade of magenta of which the company actually has trademarked. Apparently, when shoppers see wireless plans, an off shade of purple, and incredible value, T-Mobile believes they’re the first thing that comes to mind.


We’re kind of on the fence with this one. While T-Mobile has become renown for their gratuitous use of magenta (almost more of a hot pink), we also acknowledge that Aio is using more or less a dark purple in their logo. Of course, when using lighter shades of the purple on Aio’s coverage map or in promo materials, ads, etc. — things start to look a little too similar. Even if unintentional, there’s still a wide gamut of colors AT&T could have gone with for Aio — as pointed out by T-Mobile CEO John Legere on Twitter.

We’ll let you make the final call — is T-Mobile being a bit ridiculous in their claims? Or should AT&T be forced to choose a whole new color for Aio?

[Fierce Wireless]

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