HTC One Max spotted, fingerprint reader and dual-shot-like mode on board



There is no shortage of HTC One Max rumors and leaks lately. The gargantuan device seems to be quite the monster, both in size and functionality. It’s one phone to look forward to if you like big devices, and if you are excited about it we have some more ninja shots for you today!

mansonfat_1_HTC-_97f09184e3bba523a5da302baad2da34The guys at ePrice got a hold of some new images and information about the phone. It looks as big as we have seen it in the past, with the fingerprint reader on the back and all. The source also swears that this is, in fact, a fingerprint reader we see.

There is no way to confirm, but we haven’t seen shots of the device’s actual buttons. Could this be just a power button? maybe a power button/fingerprint reader combo? And if it is a fingerprint reader – will all HTC One Max versions have it?

We can’t be sure, but we do know manufacturers make substantial changes for devices for the Asian market. By the way, this phone happens to be an Asian model.

Another cool bit of news from the source is that this device comes with a Galaxy S4-like shooting mode that uses both front- and back-cameras. The front-facing image is said to be displayed in a floating window that can be moved and resized. Samsung calls this “dual-shot mode” (you can read about it in our review).


We should hear more about this big boy (literally) soon. IFA is coming and we can’t wait to see what is actually going on with he HTC One Max. I love uncomfortably big screens, so for me it’s between the Galaxy Note 3 and the HTC One Max. Are you thinking of signing up for this one?


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HTC creating its own mobile OS to cater China

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  1. That is gonna be one big and heavy phone… But I gotta say, a fingerprint scanner is pretty damn cool feature.

    1. The LG Expo had a fingerprint scanner. I love showing it off to people. I hope I can use the fingerprint scanner as a trackpad, like on the LG Expo. That would be nice. I hate trying to pinpoint an exact location when typing text.

      1. yeah I hate that too.. using the trackball on the Mytouch 3g was cool

    2. Apple invented fingerprint readers

  2. It’s so…… big. O_O

    1. Thats what she said :D

      1. I wonder what is behind the censored pixels in that 3rd pic….

        1. Incriminating evidence that can tell a person working wherever those leaked pictures came from who it is.

          1. ……or a penis

          2. Isn’t that what I said?

        2. Yea I thought I was the only one wondering more about that than the actual supposedly one max shell

        3. looks like another device…

    2. Uncomfortable big.

    3. Use KY next time

    4. Chris have you used the galaxy mega yet?

    5. I like big screen and I cannot lie, you other brother’s can’t deny!

  3. Hmm… These images have swayed me back to wanting the HTC One Max instead of the LG G2. Let’s see if Samsung can make me want the Note 3. Oh my gosh!! I can’t WAIT until Nov. I’ll have my 1st phablet.

    1. I am in the same boat i cant choose between the LG G2 ,One Maxx, are Note 3. Every leak i change my mind lol i started off loving the G2 but now i want the max. I know soon as the GN3 is revealed i’m going to want that i cant choose

      1. Im looking forward to the Note 3 too, but if its still the same plastic design, I think i want something new.. (ive had an S2 and S3 so far..)

    2. I wish the Sony Z Ultra wasnt 6.4 inches, its too big. I want a phablet+waterproof device, I’d rather not pick between the two :(

      1. its not too big ;)

      2. The Butterfly S may be for you.

    3. The Butterfly S may be for you!

  4. I’m excited for this phone. I hope the pen tab in the corner is stylus support! Ala HTC Flyer !the first android stylus combo

  5. I’d have to register that as a lethal weapon.

  6. Why are random parts blurred out?

    1. Probably to hide the “Made in China logo”

    2. To minimize the detection of the leak source

  7. What size is the max suppose to be?

    1. 5.9″ screen

  8. This looks awesome hurry up Htc and announce it Allready I want this before Christmas.

  9. uh…how does one carry this thing? backpack? men’s carryall? leg holster?

    1. This in backpack and HTC Mini+ in pocket.

    2. ooohhhh you haven’t been out for quite sometime do you? sighhhh….this thing is call a phablet, first there is the original note then note 2, up and coming note3, one maxx..and people have been carrying it around just fine.

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        The LG Expo had a fingerprint scanner. I love showing it off to people. I hope I can use the fingerprint scanner as a trackpad, like on the LG Expo. That would be nice. I hate trying to pinpoint an exact location when typing text.

    3. Hand goes just fine

    4. I will give you a +1 for the leg holster suggestion, that was funny as hell, LOL.

  10. Did no one else notice the Pogo pins??

  11. I love huge screens too.

  12. The only thing keeping me from going with this phone instead of the Note 3 is removable battery and storage, AMOLED and to some degree, stylus.

    1. AMOLED isn’t necessarily better. It really comes down to preference I guess, but I really do enjoy the ability to see the screen in direct sunlight which really can’t be done with an AMOLED screen. Also, the phone may include removable storage and a stylus.

      1. You’re right. It’s all preference. The one thing I like about AMOLED though is that it only illuminates the pixels in use which means decreasing brightness below the minimum setting by using an app actually significantly improves battery life. I do however prefer IPS on my desktop monitor. I haven’t had issues seeing my S3’s screen in direct sunlight though. I have more of an issue with reflective glare from the glass instead and I hate matte screen protectors.

        1. I’d be willing to bet the One Max will be easy to use all day without a charge, and IMO SLCD is better than AMOLED. Also the Max will have expandable storage.

  13. Anyone else notice those 3 circles down the right hand side of the back of the device when its shown next to the ONE. Dock charging points ?

    1. Those are called Pogo pins I believe if indeed it is what you think it might be. If those are Pogo pins then it is quite possible this phone may be dockable for charging purposes.

      Edit: This article points out possible Pogo pins as well: http://www.droid-life.com/2013/08/19/could-the-htc-one-max-launch-with-a-fingerprint-scanner-and-pogo-pins/

      1. Cool, but “Pogo Pins” ?

        1. That is correct. Strange name I know but that’s what they’re called.

  14. Everyone’s talking about finger scanners … finger print scanner but what sense dies that make? Just to unlock features per user ? Nah awhile back windi ws had a phone I believe it was the omnia which allowed you to scroll around your device like a mouse. I believe this is what’s behind the Maxx a mouse like sensor that would allow you to scroll without touching the screen. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’d be able to also press it/push it in to make a selection.

    Now that makes more sense

    Hey phandroid I’d love a verizon model if this assumptiin holds weight.

    I was always told it doesn’t hurt to ask. You all have a wonderful day.

    1. I forgot about that! I loved that little mouse pad!

    2. makes more sense than face unlock

    3. The fingerprint censor might be a regional Asia exclusive, which makes sense because making payments with phones is becoming increasingly common in parts of East Asia. Being able to swipe your fingerprint to buy from a vending machine or supermarket would be pretty convenient.

    4. Just what I thought when I saw it. Makes a lot of sense.

  15. If the guy was trying to cover his ID…he really screwed the pooch by leaving the Device ID un blurred….
    HTC will know exactly who that device was released too….

  16. If the Note 3 would have had front facing speakers and improved low light shooting capabilities I would have gladly bought it. No way I’m shelling out full price for a few incremental upgrades. It looks like the Max might be a good contender.

  17. Now that we have seen the awful Note 3 its the HTC One max or the Nexus 5 if you want a large screen Android phone.

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