Aug 28th, 2013


There is no shortage of HTC One Max rumors and leaks lately. The gargantuan device seems to be quite the monster, both in size and functionality. It’s one phone to look forward to if you like big devices, and if you are excited about it we have some more ninja shots for you today!

mansonfat_1_HTC-_97f09184e3bba523a5da302baad2da34The guys at ePrice got a hold of some new images and information about the phone. It looks as big as we have seen it in the past, with the fingerprint reader on the back and all. The source also swears that this is, in fact, a fingerprint reader we see.

There is no way to confirm, but we haven’t seen shots of the device’s actual buttons. Could this be just a power button? maybe a power button/fingerprint reader combo? And if it is a fingerprint reader – will all HTC One Max versions have it?

We can’t be sure, but we do know manufacturers make substantial changes for devices for the Asian market. By the way, this phone happens to be an Asian model.

Another cool bit of news from the source is that this device comes with a Galaxy S4-like shooting mode that uses both front- and back-cameras. The front-facing image is said to be displayed in a floating window that can be moved and resized. Samsung calls this “dual-shot mode” (you can read about it in our review).


We should hear more about this big boy (literally) soon. IFA is coming and we can’t wait to see what is actually going on with he HTC One Max. I love uncomfortably big screens, so for me it’s between the Galaxy Note 3 and the HTC One Max. Are you thinking of signing up for this one?


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