Aug 26th, 2013

HTC Mini Plus

It was a few months ago that the HTC J Butterfly launched in China and with that, came the HTC Mini. Not to be confused with the HTC One Mini, the HTC Mini was a companion device for larger handsets that essentially acts as a Bluetooth handset/remote control for making quick calls, without having to commit to pulling out your smartphone to handle the once complicated task (sarcasm).

More recently, we saw a revamped version of the accessory arrive in the UK in the form of the HTC Mini+, adding an IR blaster and universal remote functions, on top of a laser pointer and tiny 1.5-inch 128×128 resolution OLED display. At about $83 (£54.16), we were wondering if the tiny device would ever make its way stateside and while that’s still up in the air, the device has made on official appearance on HTC’s global site, showing off specs and user reviews.

As it stands, the HTC Mini+ is only compatible with the HTC One Mini, HTC Butterfly s, HTC Desire 200, and HTC Desire 500 with future compatibility coming to the international HTC One after the 2.24.401.8 software update. We find it interesting that the current trend of bigger and badder Android devices even warrants the release of a tiny phone-for-your-phone, although it seems this might be more aimed at a small niche market.

Would anyone be interested in picking up an HTC Mini+ for their device, or do you find something like a smartwatch a more enticing buy? (Insert obligatory Xzibit meme here).


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