Samsung issues invites for September 4th event — Note 3 almost certain


samsung note 3 unpacked

The folks at Samsung have started issuing press invites for its second Unpacked event of the year. This one is scheduled for September 4th in Berlin, Germany where IFA is scheduled to happen. Considering the company’s track record at IFA, one wouldn’t be wrong to guess that it might be the launching pad for the next Galaxy Note phone. There isn’t much guesswork needed, though, as Samsung has made its intentions painfully obvious in the invitation image.

We’re told to “Note the date,” and the Unpacked logo is illustrated as if it were drawn on a — you guessed it — Samsung Galaxy Note device. Can’t get any more clear than that, folks. The shindig is going down just a month from now, and you can bet we’ll be on the lookout for any information we can handle about the device before then.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Theres also 3 different Boxes.

  2. and two styles one black & white and one in color! Will we have a combination of e-ink and amoled or whatever screen they put in there (my dream cellphone…)

  3. They are likely announcing Galaxy Note phones & new Galaxy Note tablets with, get this, full HD+ screens. @evleaks shared this on Twitter at the end of July:

    “Samsung SM-P900: 12.2-inch, Exynos 5 octa, 2560×1600, S-pen; P600: 10-inch, Snapdragon 800, also 2560×1600”

    So, those are either new Galaxy Note tablets or Windows tablets.

    1. Hopefully they come in both Android and windows.

  4. Gosh I am SO STOKED for the Note 3!!! I love my Note 2. Do you guys think the body design is gonna be similar to the S4? I wouldn’t really mind that. Ya I know its plastic n all, but like most people, I just slap a case on it anyways Lol. And if it had an aluminium build, I’d be scared to drop it and put a dent in it, and would put a case on it as well. IDK

    1. I love my Note 2 too! The only thing its missing is a high ppi and a 1080p HD screen.

      1. And the ability to make me breakfast each morning.

      2. not really “missing” cause 720p is still not bad at all. but yes, this note 2 is such an amazing phone. even close to 1 year later it’s still the best phone imho. it’s got speed, s-pen, samsung features, sd card, and freakin awesome big screen and huge battery which I never worry about anymore.

        1. My note ll often goes over 3 days on a charge. I also leave skype and steam mobile idling in the background so I can chat while at work. Amazing phone. Its served me really well.

    2. I think it will just be a blown up s4 (not a bad thing)… We’ll see new designs for the Sammy phones starting next year

    3. Yeah, I hope they stick with a polycarb build too. So far it’s only rumored that there’ll be multiple versions, where the LESSER version is polycarb and the “better” version is “premium metal”.

      1. yes and we know how snobby you are with “premium” metal.

  5. Will you be on the lookout for ANY information you CAN’T handle, about the device before then, Phandroid..? ;-)

    1. What I wouldn’t be able to handle would be no sd card slot for US carriers is there is no option for a 64 GB version. Other than that, I don’t think Sammy would build a Note 3 that’s the same as or lesser then it’s predecessor in terms of a processor, screen res, ram and camera. So just the one thing for me as I mentioned in my first sentence.

  6. Alright Sammy impress me over this HTC one maxx.

  7. I have a very nice S3 32gb model Id love to retire to my wife. Her HTC One S is showing its age. Time for me to upgrade! I hope this new Note is as promising as it is rumored to be.

  8. Come to papa you sexy phone beast

  9. I may have to sell my xperia tab z if they bring out a super high end tablet. Not 100% certain, but I think Samsung may have supplied the screen for the Toshiba excite pro and write. I had the pro for a few days and in my opinion it’s the best screen on any mobile device. Had issues with the headphone jack though so I returned it.

  10. Hope its a beast and for shure il be getting it gotta retire my samsung galaxy note aka the og of the notes

  11. Man i cannot wait for this device. The note 2 is the best phone ever released, this note 3 better be a worthy successor.

  12. Better be live streamed, and not over the top like the Galaxy S4 event. That event made me cringe, it was so corny.

  13. Going to be the best phone of 2013.

  14. I wish I could get the S pen of the Galaxy Note ll, the Screen and waterproofness of an Xperia Z, and the speakers of an HTC ONE’s BOOMSOUND in one phone.

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