Aug 26th, 2013

Moto X dev edition

Motorola promised us a developer edition of the Moto X would be on its way, and has quelled all fears if, for some odd reason, you had any doubt of that happening. The company has started advertising the device on its website, predictably reestablishing the fact that its bootloader will be unlockable, and that it will come with 32GB of internal storage. New to our knowledge is the “Developer Edition” text stamped on the back, a nice reminder to everyone that the device is free, open and born to be wild.

There is no sign-up form to be notified of the developer edition’s arrival just yet, but we imagine those details will come to light closer to the beginning of fall. We recently reviewed the Moto X in all its glory, with our Chris Chavez giving Motorola some cool points for doing something new and clean. Though it comes up short in some areas, the Moto X is one phone folks should give serious consideration.

Read our full review to get the whole gist of it, and let us know if you’ll be waiting for the developer edition (whenever Motorola finally makes it available).

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