Moto X Developer Edition pops up on Motorola’s site


Moto X dev edition

Motorola promised us a developer edition of the Moto X would be on its way, and has quelled all fears if, for some odd reason, you had any doubt of that happening. The company has started advertising the device on its website, predictably reestablishing the fact that its bootloader will be unlockable, and that it will come with 32GB of internal storage. New to our knowledge is the “Developer Edition” text stamped on the back, a nice reminder to everyone that the device is free, open and born to be wild.

There is no sign-up form to be notified of the developer edition’s arrival just yet, but we imagine those details will come to light closer to the beginning of fall. We recently reviewed the Moto X in all its glory, with our Chris Chavez giving Motorola some cool points for doing something new and clean. Though it comes up short in some areas, the Moto X is one phone folks should give serious consideration.

Read our full review to get the whole gist of it, and let us know if you’ll be waiting for the developer edition (whenever Motorola finally makes it available).

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Make it $400 or under and I’ll consider it.

    1. You don’t want to pay those american workers fair wages

      1. None of these phones should cost this much. Apple started this trend of 700 dollar phones. You can’t even get a new Samsung, HTC, Nokia, or any other top of the line phone for that price, and they’re made with damn near slave labor.

        1. I’d bet smartphones have always been mega-expensive. Even before Apple and its iCrap.

        2. It hasn’t even been a decade since the original Motorola Razr v3 (the flip phone) debuted for $500 with a two year contract and you want to blame Apple for price jacking phones?

          1. You do realize that prices tend to go down over time right? When Apple burst on to the scene they made it “cool” to own the most expensive phone. The traditional thing was that phone prices or computer or laptop prices would drop. Not with Apple. Everyone else followed suit.

          2. That didn’t stop other laptop manufacturers from producing lower end laptops selling for $400 or less when the cheapest Macbook has typically been ~$1000 MSRP. It also didn’t stop them from putting out models with 3200×1800 panels at similar pricing to Retina MBPs in an attempt to one-up Apple.

            It’s not like Samsung hasn’t flooded the market with dozens upon dozens of models to try to fill every price range. Or no-name Chinese upstarts spitting out an ungodly number of MT6589 phones in their own country. Or MVNOs/prepaid carriers rehashing these cheap phones for the Western world.

            Any given phone model that’s not a current flagship has either dropped in price over time or just plain gets discontinued. GS2 is ~$300 new and iPhone 4 is ~$450. It’s probably not what you were hoping for either in terms of price or specific model(s) to receive the price drops but it’s happening.

            And as traditional as it is for prices of consumer electronics to drop over time, it’s just as traditional for current high end electronics to have some of the worst value per dollar available. (Google is an exception with recent Nexus devices but they’re cheating the traditional model as is because they never had to rely on manufacturing for profit in the first place.)

          3. Thank god for that, I remember buying an “RGB” 15″ monitor when they first came out & paid almost $400. You’d have to hold a gun to my head to get me to pay that for a good sized LCD tv now.

    2. $400 or less AND customizable and i’ll consider it. But sadly it’ll never happen… Waiting for the Nexus 5 to drop.

    3. I remember when the moto x was first announced & Motorola said they were going to revolutionize the way phones were made, sold & priced. they sure backpedaled from that statement didn’t they.

  2. seriously Phandroid… 8 moto x articles since Friday.
    Motorola must be paying you guys some serious bank roll.

    1. you guys lost my respect as a serious android news site.

      1. I’m sure they’ll get over it.

    2. Well ma’am to be fair, Phandroid doesn’t normally post anything over the weekend unless it’s something very important.

      1. well tranny, that makes it even worst since its mostly Friday and early Monday.

        1. Well ma’am you best be on your way.

    3. To be fair, there were also 13 non-Moto X articles and of those 8 you mentioned, 1 was a review, and several were official announcements.

      The Moto X is the latest Android phone. Expect to see more news. Oh, and if you talk to Motorola, tell them I’m still waiting on my check.

  3. These tech sites is blowing this phone up so much…they’re the ones making people think its the phone to have….that is until the next Iphone, Galaxy device or HTC device hit the shelves.

    Then you’ll start seeing reviews titled ” Why The Moto X Is Not My Daily Driver” …

    1. Try one. Its the phone to have.

    2. Nothing wrong with promoting a home grown product produced by a home grown company.

    3. With the way that Motorola has handled this release the new iPhone may make it to all the carriers before the Moto X.

  4. Give it a removable battery and SD card like any other respectable phone and we’ll talk

  5. The phones actually pretty damn good. I’ve been using it since Friday and I’ve been nothing but impressed. Once you get over the spec’s, it’s just good. And I’m coming from a htc One.

  6. IMO it’s not a thing until they give us a date. I’m sick of this constant ‘Coming Soon’ garbage.

  7. I’ll probably buy if I can get it with 32g, at a decent price.

  8. But is it really that much better than the Nexus 4, that’s now selling for $249 (16gb). My attachment to my expendable cash has me wanting to buy the Nexus 4 & use the saved $300 for other purchases.

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