Don’t worry, Motorola Moto X Developer Edition is coming!



If you have been following our Moto X coverage you will know that the device is not going to give you all the freedoms you may want. Each carrier will have its own version and the devices will all be SIM-locked. There is an option for you if you are looking for something a bit more flexible, though!

Google/Motorola have told us a Moto X Developer Edition is coming. In fact, it seems there will be multiple versions. This means we will probably see it available in different carriers and colors, or maybe it just means they will have the black and white versions (or different internal storage versions).

The devices should come with an unlocked bootloader and will probably be SIM-unlocked. I say “probably” because we have seen locked Developer Edition phones before, but those are usually from CDMA carriers (like Verizon) who can’t really open up the device as easily.


Regardless, developers and SIM-unlocked phone lovers will have a blast with this one. Of course, you can expect to pay full price for this one. It will not be subsidized and Motorola announced nothing about the device’s off-contract price.

We only know it will be $200 on-contract, so we can all assume it will probably be about $600 off-contract (don’t take my word on that, though). I mean, these are assembled in the US. This device will not be the most affordable.

The Moto X Developer Editions will not be available during release, but they will be coming soon after. Are you thinking of getting yourself one?

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  1. One word.. disappointing. Was really hoping for an affordable off-contract price a la Nexus 4

    1. Couldn’t agree more. While I want Moto/Google to succeed, I can’t help but think this is going to turn into their own little MS Surface SNAFU.

  2. Definitely not getting one at those prices

  3. Boom! And just like this Motorolola tarnished “made in America” and Google brand. Device is really mediocre and the price is too high. Where is an advantage to buy it? Are they planning to market it to teenagers with the plethora of pink and pastel colors? Might be a surprise to marketing geniuses at Motorola, but teenagers are not making too much money. You might want to reduce the price to $199 off-contract in order to attract the gullibles.

    1. It is reported it cost $225 to manufacture it. I’m pretty sure your price wouldn’t be a good business decision.

      1. they could make it for $300 or free on contact(which would end up costing around $480 in the long run). either way, this was insanely overhyped. I guess I’ll wait for the next nexus phone

  4. Google failed in my book. This ain’t worth 200 on contract.

    1. True. Hope remains to snag it at ~$350 off-contract…we wait.

  5. N4 was 200 on contract with TMO, its the only way carriers can make money back

  6. who cares this phone is a big disappointment mid-range phone

  7. I am going to get one. I’ve been btching about stuff made in China enough.

  8. I am not thrilled with this device… Moto needed to aim high to get back in the game.
    This is, at best, a mid range device carrying the pricetag of a premium device.

  9. I take back my post from yesterday. My Nexus 4 was a BETTER investment than this because it’s roughly the same device and I got it for cheaper more than half a year ago. I’m putting a win down in my book for that one. *pulls out book, write down a win*

    1. Nexus 4 is just an Android phone. This has custom software and custom SOC.

      1. Oh boy, let me check, when the last time I wanted custom software from a OEM? uhhh never. Paranoid android or bust.

  10. you all over hyped yourselves. we’ve had a good idea for a while that this phone wasn’t gonna be so special.. *__*

  11. Disappointing… in regards to price. Wanted it to be $300 or less off contract on all carriers. Hoping there will be a Nexus 5 sometime soon that fills that void. $100 on contract and my wife might have considered it. Hopefully people like the customization options and it sells well though. Not for me.

  12. I understand you, guys. I am not happy with the price either, but we must understand this device is assembled in the US.

    We often complain about the way people are treated across the world, just to bring us our devices. Well, here it is. An American device, and it costs much more than it should. That is the price you have to pay for American products.

    To be honest, I think it’s not too expensive considering Google/Motorola is paying US wages to have these made.

    1. The thing is I can’t even afford it, I am an American I have no credit, so contracts are out the question, this won’t be my hero phone because it can’t save me not all.

      1. And Motorola should reduce the cost because of that? So you can afford it? That sounds a bit entitled doesn’t it? I am not knocking you for not being able to afford it. Lot’s of people cannot and that is a shame. However, just how the statement comes across makes it seem like you feel you deserve it. I might be out of my mind, but just how it came across to me.

        1. I didn’t read anything in what he said about entitlement. All the rumors were that this phone would be a decent mid-range phone with a low off-contract price. He’s disappointed that that didn’t turn out to be the case.

        2. No, I deserve It. I will have to wait longer to have it. I never said I wasn’t going to buy it just couldn’t afford it(at this time). It won’t be the hero I want it to be to save me from my low end phone I have now with a broken screen. I will always pick this phone over an S3 or one X, I will pick it over the nexus 4 because of LTE support. this will be my next device, and you aren’t knocking me for being poor. I deserve what I buy because I will work for it. I am entitled to this device because I am going to buy it, sans contract

    2. I wonder if the workers are being paid a Texas minimum wage ($7/hr), or a living wage ($20+/hr)? Either way, it’s still way more than <$1 dollar a day, factories with suicide nets, and squalid dorm/jails.

      1. If its a manufacturing plant its not minimum here its averages $10-15/hr depending on the company and profession. At least thats how it goes for San Antonio im not sure about dallas ft worth though

    3. I could care less where the phone is made as long as it works, it’s not my fault they made it in the USA, that’s on them, the fact is that they are trying to sell you a midrange device with last year’s specs for the same price, and on some cases more expensive than the main flagships today.

  13. I’m sure people are complaining about the specs, but right now my only complaint is the availability of the developer edition, which in theory, might be sold off contract. My GNex isn’t running half as well as it used to (although the 4.3 Shiny ROM sped it up a bit) and I’m looking to go contract free. I’d been hoping to pick up a X to tide me over until the next Nexus, but if it takes too long I may as well wait.

    1. Get a Nexus 4 to hold you over. You’re probably only gonna have to wait for a couple months and then you can flip it for the next Nexus

      1. I had been considering that for a while, but the glass back [on the Nexus 4] has me leery. Sure it would only be for a few months, but it still bothers me. On the other hand, if I were to get it and the wireless charging station, I could share that with the new Nexus 7 when I get one. Things to ponder…

        1. The bumper that Google supplies with it should help protect against that getting banged up.

          1. Bumper only protects the sides might I remind you its good for drops as long as its not the back.

  14. I am complaining about the price disappointment like many on web but I may consider to buy just because made in USA and not because it is a great phone with resonable price point that we all were hoping for.

  15. It’s actually a very decent phone, but IMO, the only compelling reason to buy it over other superior offerings is that it is made in the USA which in turn does validate its inflated price

  16. Gosh! You are all over reacting. This was a safe and positive move in the right direction for Google and Motorola mobility. We’ll get our super spec flagship next year. Just relax!!!! This will sell pretty well and we need to applaude Google for a chilled out and positive step forward.

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