Aug 1st, 2013


If you have been following our Moto X coverage you will know that the device is not going to give you all the freedoms you may want. Each carrier will have its own version and the devices will all be SIM-locked. There is an option for you if you are looking for something a bit more flexible, though!

Google/Motorola have told us a Moto X Developer Edition is coming. In fact, it seems there will be multiple versions. This means we will probably see it available in different carriers and colors, or maybe it just means they will have the black and white versions (or different internal storage versions).

The devices should come with an unlocked bootloader and will probably be SIM-unlocked. I say “probably” because we have seen locked Developer Edition phones before, but those are usually from CDMA carriers (like Verizon) who can’t really open up the device as easily.


Regardless, developers and SIM-unlocked phone lovers will have a blast with this one. Of course, you can expect to pay full price for this one. It will not be subsidized and Motorola announced nothing about the device’s off-contract price.

We only know it will be $200 on-contract, so we can all assume it will probably be about $600 off-contract (don’t take my word on that, though). I mean, these are assembled in the US. This device will not be the most affordable.

The Moto X Developer Editions will not be available during release, but they will be coming soon after. Are you thinking of getting yourself one?