Aug 26th, 2013

Ok Glass Siri remarks collage

Okay, we admit that while altogether pretty awesome, Google Glass definitely isn’t for everyone. Guess it shouldn’t surprise us to find Apple’s voice activated personal assistant, Siri, isn’t too fond of the wearable tech.

An Easter Egg found in both current iOS 6 and beta versions of iOS 7, speaking the now iconic “Ok Glass” command when activating Siri will pull up a whole range of snarky comments and remarks about one of the best things to happen to technology since the smartphone. You can see from the collage above, comments like “Stop trying to strap me to your forehead,” and “I think that Glass is half empty,” are just a few of the quips.

All jokes aside it’s not uncommon to find Apple taking jabs whenever they can at rival Google. Back when iOS 7 was unveiled, it was announced that Apple’s Siri was dropped Google search in favor of Microsoft’s Bing, putting the company’s own pride ahead of the needs of their users.


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