Googler squashes Google Glass $300 pricing and Best Buy availability rumors


Google Glass Explorer Edition unboxing DSC00030

Killing 2 birds with a single stone, Chris Dale, a Googler working on the Google Glass communications team, decided to set the record straight on 2 rumors buzzing around the blogosphere last week.

The first rumor (reported here), suggested that Glass could be priced at a fairly reasonable $300 once finally made available for the public, a stark contrast to current $1,500 pricing of the Explorer Edition only available by invite. The second rumor (reported here) discussed the possibility of Google renting out large retail spaces at Best Buy for Glass fittings and sales.

Throwing a wet blanket on the rumors, Dale says very plainly in a Twitter post that Google Glass will not be coming to Best Buy in 2014, and that it wont be launching at $299. We should point out that his statement doesn’t rule out the possibility of Google Glass being priced cheaper (we kid, we kid).

All that being said, we’re curious to hear the maximum price you’d be willing to pay for some Glass of your own?

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. $550 max. But if it does everything it’s supposed to and feels like a premium product, I could pay upwards to $1000.

    1. I agree. I’d go $1000 or higher if (and only if) it fully delivers on all of its potential. I’d be very surprised if it hits 4 figures, though. My guess is they price it just high enough to cover production and R&D costs with a very small profit margin added in.

      1. Given the advertising potential for this thing I could see them even subsidizing the cost a bit. I still think $150 – $199 is the sweet spot if they want these to sell. If I’m paying $300+ then I expect augmented reality and the entire lens to be a screen, not just a tiny screen in the top corner of my eye. That may be asking for a lot, but right now Google Glass doesn’t really “wow” me. It’s a good start… but it’s not there yet.

  2. I’m not sure I would even pay 300.

    1. I wouldn’t even pay 50$. Google Glass is just a gimmick.

  3. $50, Glass is definitely not a need, unless I can project holographic 3d images like R2 D2.

    1. I’m with you… This would be a novelty purchase or gag gift sort of item as far as I’m concerned. $50 would probably get me to buy it for kicks but anything over $100 and I’m out. So obviously I’m out cause that pricing isn’t gonna happen. I’m predicting a $699 price point with a few optional upgrades pushing it to upwards of over $800.

  4. 250. I’ll be a few generations behind when I finally get mine.

  5. I agree… 300 max… i can wait till it goes down… and you would think google would realize this themselves.

    1. You would think with the pricing mistakes they almost made on the Q that it would be pretty obvious to them that people aren’t going to pay ridiculous amounts of money for for tech that doesnt really have THAT many features.

      1. Think, iPad and iPhone and then ask yourself that question again. Google should license it to Apple as the iGlass and watch people spend $500+. Or Google should hire Prada to design a cooler looking Glass. After all, Apple copied the LG Prada phone when they created the iPhone.

  6. 299 is about my max for this kind of tech unless it drastically ads more functionality between now and launch. Its got the cool factor but really not worth more than that to me. And even at that price I would be waiting a while to see what reviews and people think of them before I buy.

    1. I was thinking that too. $300 was a good price.

      And I’m guessing you’ve seen a lot of ads in your life? LoL!! I was slightly confused when I read your post.

      *drastically adds

  7. $300,while the idea of you wearing it on your head is cool, capabilities wise, it’s a cell phone. I would expect to pay around the same thing I would pay for a high end smart phone

    1. Except, it’s not. You can’t even do half the things with Glass as you could on your smartphone. It’s meant to be a companion to a smartphone, which means it shouldn’t be anywhere near the price. Just my opinion.

      1. Eventually it’ll be 300 dollars, but not at launch. The R&D that went into this thing will keep the price high even though the functionality will be low. Expect a price north of $500 for the first year and then a price drop if there’s a better manufacturing method.

        1. That sounds much more reasonable. I’m crossing my fingers that’s exactly how it pans out.

      2. Chris, Glass isn’t for composing school essays or chatting on Facebook.

        It’s the first and only beautiful, wearable, voice-commandable smart-camera that allows you to take hands-free POV videos and stills, which is revolutionary. (Think celebrities using this, or police…)

        For bleeding-edge technology with the power to change our culture, an early-adopter price of up to ~$600 seems fair to me.

        1. I think you misunderstood, I’m not saying Glass isn’t awesome or revolutionary (cuz it is). What I’m saying is price-wise, it needs to be cheaper than full priced smartphones simply because it compliments a smartphone, and is limited in functionality.

      3. I must be missing something then. From what I’ve seen, it’s an always listening device that can make video calls, navigation, take pictures and videos, and post those pictures and videos on social networks (except, if I remember right, the videos aren’t very long) . And uses location services to make suggestions to you through Google now. Not really anything that the phone that I’m holding in my hand right now can’t do

        1. The thing is, it needs your phone (and a tethering plan) in order to properly function. It doesn’t work independently, as there is no SIM slot. Even if there was, the entire OS is designed around Glass complimenting your smartphone (like an advanced notification system always feeding info into your eyeball).

          1. It requires a tethering plan? Jeebus! To relay basically junk I’d see in a notification bar on my phone? I wouldn’t pay extra for that. That being said I’ve got a VzW capped plan that was part of the whole you can’t block tethering litigation stuff (10gb/mo), so if I were to assume it would work with that…and because I never come close on usage since I have wifi in most places I am, then I’d be in at $300 for amazing features and $100-200 at most otherwise on glass.

  8. 250-300 for me.

  9. I would pay $600 if that included rX

  10. Only time I can see myself wearing one would be on a motorcycle ride. It would be nice to see who’s calling or texting and possibly for recoding the ride

    1. Maaaaaan don’t do that! motorcycle riders make me nervous enough as it is!

  11. $300 if the device is amazing. $100-$200 if its just cool. Right now the functionality doesn’t justify $300.

    1. I’ll 2nd that.

  12. 299$ is the perfect price point for me, but as a tech enthusiast I’d gladly pay up to 499$ for these. Any higher and I’d have to sell a kidney.

  13. He said its not coming in 2014 for 299. Doesn’t mean its not coming this year for 299

  14. $299 is prob the max for me

  15. This doesn’t have enough features to be worth more than $300 and that’s pushing it. Looks like I’m gonna have to settle for the note three and the new smart watch and the new gaming consoles and the new 9970’s this year

    1. “Settling” for a Note3 AND a smartwatch AND a new console AND a 9970abcblahblah. #1stworldproblems

  16. Glass must be cheap to succeed… It is not the phone, does not have to many features, it is just remote display to your phone… It is worth below $200…

  17. Phandroid is obviously owned by Google in some way. It’s amazing how this is a venue for Google to advertise and also ask questions from their consumer before they come out with some ridiculous pricing structure. 299 to start and ill wait till it goes down to 100.

    1. Dang….And I thought that I was the overly-cautious one…..You must not know PD’s history, if you think they are owned by Google.

    2. I dont understand how you can draw that conclusion from this post….

    3. Ummm, you do realize this is a site dedicated to android right? It goes without saying all their stories will mention either existing or potential features and pricing etc…

    4. Not so sharp are ya there Pat…

  18. I plan to dump my addiction to Google. I need to find a company that will not whore itself to third party advertisers. Just imagine the data they can gather through Glass, and sell.

  19. $249 or less. & I’m not sure I’d do that with out a ton of new app support
    Beware of google they are getting out of hand.

  20. After reading the comments its seems there are some people that do not realize glass does nothing with out your smart phone.

  21. I’d pay 300 if they made a sick OAKLEY version for it!!

    1. psssh, oakley version = $2,000


      1. Unfortunately youre bery right my friend lol

    2. you’re on to something. i am not a fan of oakley but google needs fashion appeal. ray-ban, oakley, etc. something that makes you look fashionable an not like an extra in a sci-fi movie.

      1. Yup, ray-ban and oakley are my two fav glasses brand, and they are owned by the same company (Luxxotica)… so they could do both versions!! Buy one get one free for 300 and ill do like apple sheep and make the line at the store to get them lol

  22. Why wouldn’t it be cheaper? A smartphone starts at $299. I find it hard to believe the materials will cost more when you don’t have an expensive display that you have to purchase. Someone please tell me what google glass part is going to cost a fortune.

    1. Materials are not the only thing that goes into the price of an item.

      1. Those are fixed costs that get smaller with every pair they sell. It still doesn’t tell me what large variable cost would prohibit them from trying to get these in as many people’s hands as possible which then adds to a residual advertising stream which is really their bread and butter. Plus they’ve already gotten a huge amount to pay for development and R&D with the $1500 units. So the only factor I see in getting these devices out for cheap are mfg costs and not selling them so cheap that they lose their trendy coolness factor.

    2. R&D

  23. I would pay $699 as long as it includes a nexus 5.

  24. I would pay $35 for it.

  25. 200 for me is the most I’d pay. not everyone in today’s economy can dish out over 500 for products.

  26. $200 is a max limit for me, its more of an accessory like. A BT headset.

  27. 200-250, if its fitted with prescription glasses. else, no more than 200. for me, its a nice-to-have ACCESSORY.

  28. I would max at $500… a Techie I must have this item and the average cost of a cellphone is $500 so its reasonable

  29. If you are the kind of person who must be one of the first to buy a Sony 4k tv, you’ll get a glass

  30. Itll start around $500 for first adopters. Then drop to about $300 a year after. Thats when most people will buy it. Unfortunately by that time im sure lots and lots of idiots will call it a failure and compare it to GTV (which is nowhere close to being a failure) Hopefully Im wrong, but i know geeks.

  31. I would happily buy for $300. It is not a matter of affording, but what value I would place on something and I do not see myself paying a cent more than $500 even if it is real cool. If it is too expensive and I tend not to buy because I would not want to give a flashy image. Same reason, I do not buy a Lexus for myself (though fine for family).

  32. $199.99 @ max providing they are indeed an extension of my cell. Damn things are ugly!

  33. $300 sounds good to me, but, $500 max.

  34. 200 Max

  35. $300… Would be the max I spend and actually walk out of the house with it. I’m honestly afraid these are gonna be a popular theft item kind of like apple products. And swiping something off your face and bolting is really easy. If its anymore than $300 it’s a rich mans toy, and I am no rich man lol.

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  37. $199 is the perfect price point.

  38. It’s got to hit $200 or less to get any kind of mass appeal. That is the sweet spot. That is average joe territory. At that point, you’re talking about the typical 2-yr upgrade price of a high-end smartphone. That’s the point at which people will fork it over just to try it out. Glass is more of a smart-accessory – and while it has unique capabilities, both the development state it is in, and the actual components inside don’t warrant anything north of $200 out of my wallet. My use case for Glass is pretty much just road-warrior tasks (mostly Nav), and maybe future kid pics. Outside of that, it would be resting in it’s case most of the time.

  39. $1 would do. I will be able to buy two pairs of google glass for my feet too.

  40. As a tech addict, I’ll gladly pay anything as long as it’s less than $5,000. (Heck, I’d do anything for an invite right now)

    However, I highly doubt consumers would pay more than $200 for this…

  41. 50$ for this junk tech. Then again, people pay 800$ for a loaded iPad, and that’s junk tech too. I’ll agree with the general concensus of a 200$ upper limit.
    Plus it makes you look like a weirdo. Not enough models. What about people with eyeglasses? Is someone under the impression that computer geeks, you know, the ones that actually think Glass is cool, don’t wear Rx eyeglasses? LOL.
    200$ max, if it can support my eyeglasses (*reveal!*) , 100$ max if it can’t. 50$ bargain bin price for this junk tech.
    I suppose if it’s going to be *yawn* fashionable, like a *yawn* iPad, then we’ll be seeing them at a price of 350$ minium.
    Don’t forget the gold sputtered model. LOL.

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  43. i am definitely not going to buy them, because I know I would never wear them and walk around and do my errands and go to work with them on, so that means I would have to put them down somewhere and use them when I wanted to, so that means one day I would take them thinking I would be using them, and then I would put them down and I would lose them… It’s a losing money proposition…

  44. It’s not how much are you willing to spend on the google glasses, it’s how much are you wiling to lose and give up out of your bank…

  45. I’d pay 300… But that’s probably it. If the cost more than a phone but do less, I doubt many people would get glass.

  46. $350 then? Idk, I think I’d max out at $500 but it has to bring some sort of attachment for my sunglasses.

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