Aug 26th, 2013

Google Glass Explorer Edition unboxing DSC00030

Killing 2 birds with a single stone, Chris Dale, a Googler working on the Google Glass communications team, decided to set the record straight on 2 rumors buzzing around the blogosphere last week.

The first rumor (reported here), suggested that Glass could be priced at a fairly reasonable $300 once finally made available for the public, a stark contrast to current $1,500 pricing of the Explorer Edition only available by invite. The second rumor (reported here) discussed the possibility of Google renting out large retail spaces at Best Buy for Glass fittings and sales.

Throwing a wet blanket on the rumors, Dale says very plainly in a Twitter post that Google Glass will not be coming to Best Buy in 2014, and that it wont be launching at $299. We should point out that his statement doesn’t rule out the possibility of Google Glass being priced cheaper (we kid, we kid).

All that being said, we’re curious to hear the maximum price you’d be willing to pay for some Glass of your own?

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