Aug 26th, 2013

A blue HTC One version has been rumored since last May. The device has been getting our attention with concept images and renders, but today we have something a little more special. There is hard evidence that proves the metallic blue HTC One exists.

The first leak comes from a leak ninja who claims to work for a factory contracted by HTC to make phone parts. He displays the blue HTC One’s shell in all its glory. Aside from the shiny blue color, everything else should be the same as the good ol’ HTC One.


The second piece of evidence is from a random encounter with a working device. As we say around here, the device was found “in the wild”.


This is not completely revolutionary, but it’s nice to see manufacturers trying to step out of the usual colors more often. There’s enough rumors and leaks: odds are a blue HTC One is coming. Will you be getting one?

[mobile01, Weibo]

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