Google Glass could be setting up shop at your local Best Buy [RUMOR]


Google Glass Headquarters

According to well-known technology blogger Robert Scoble, Google has big plans to ensure Glass becomes a mainstream success once it’s finally ready for the general public. How will they do this? Well, aside from giving out Glass to celebrities, Google could be setting up shop inside Best Buy retail locations with a specialty Glass sales and fitting areas.

In a Google+ post, Scoble talks about a juicy rumor he heard involving Google renting upwards of 6,000 square feet of space inside Best Buy next year to help promote Google Glass (similar to Samsung Experience Shops set up in Best Buy). Given Scoble heard this from someone, who heard it from someone else, the Gossip game tells us the original story might have changed a teensy bit and from the sound of it, an extra zero may have been added during the passing of information.

In any case, this makes perfect sense to us. You may remember when Phandroid received our invites to pick up our own pair of Google Glass and Google set up these hip Glass shops inside their New York, LA, and San Francisco campuses. There, trained Google employees would take you through the entire setup process, letting you kick back with a beer, try on the various color options, then making sure you’re properly fitted and on your way.

We’ll take this rumor with a grain of salt until we hear more. In the meantime, you can watch a video of myself getting fitted for Glass at Google’s LA campus to give you a better idea of what to expect should Glass ever come to your local Best Buy. Let’s hope that $300 pricing rumor holds up.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I’m still not sure how this lovely technology would fit in my life. I’ll continue to closely monitor from the sidelines.

    1. If its $300 you’d be stupid to not get one though.

      1. Still early days though. Doesn’t hurt to wait and witness further applications for this tech.

  2. for $300 this thing will be back ordered like chromecast. probably for months.

  3. for $300 this thing will be back ordered like chromecast. probably for months.

  4. 6k square feet?! Isn’t that like a 3rd of the store? Do they really need that much space?

  5. Chris, you look pretty boss in the thumbnail

    1. I was giddy as a schoolboy >.<

  6. already have mini samsung, microsoft and apple stores within the best buy here, makes sense for google to have one

  7. there better be a setting where before every command you have to say “go go gadget”

  8. would love to support this but the best buy stores in my area (3 within the city or outskirts) all seem to hate me. i cannot get any help any time i step foot into a store except one time when i just got off work and was in a t-shirt and jeans and was followed around the store like i was gonna steal something. other times i am in business casual attire and treated like a plague. waited in line to ask a question about a chromebook and the clerk helped the 2 white businessmen in front of me but when i stepped up he just blatantly walked away. didn’t say two words to my black ass lol. no “one second” or ”be right back” … just a dirty look and a thought that was probably “big black guy with dreads… hmmm not fucking with that no thanks.” i have filed complaints and taken surveys and i just get emails from different people but with the exact same wording of apology. dont think all best buys are this way but the ones here are.

    1. Man don’t put up with that $hit!!! I know it might be hard especailly being a “techie” but you just gotta take your business somewhere else and trust me others will follow. You think Best Buy won’t feel it…oh they’ll feel it when people in your arer ALL start to take their business to HH Gregg or Fry’s. You only way you can WIN is by doing what you’re doing; complain and b!tch until you get your way…that’s the American way brother!!!!

    2. I stay in indianapolis and it isn’t really a racist city but it’s a lot of snobs. the best buy stores are in really nice locations with upper hundred dollar homes and nice cars. so minorities aren’t really seen that often but we are seen as not successful as others which is sad.

      1. Man, I wish I could buy a home in a nice neighborhood for a few hundred dollars….

        But seriously, I try to avoid BB as much as possible. The apathy and lack of knowledge from their employees is painful at best. I do get occasional big ticket items there for the delivery and return convenience, but 90% of my electronics shopping is online (Amazon, Newegg, etc.).

        1. seriously there is no reason to shop their, and it sucks because the employees are forced to be dicks, they purposely understaff, and turnover is so high they don’t both to train anyone, why do you think the manufacturers end up attempting to put their own people in? The store is awfully run and only exists because the market exists for 1 national electronics store….if only amazon had some sort of display store lol

        2. Haha I have edited my comment so now people are gonna think you’re crazy lol. But I love tiger direct and online shopping for a purchase but to research a product in real life I try to stick to frys. I like hh Gregg but the salesmen are on commission so as soon as you walk in they are on you some more than others. So doing research there can be alittle annoying. My story there… walked in looking at tvs just wanting to see what’s new before making a purchase. A clerk asked “are you looking to purchase today?” I said “no, not today” he then asked “why not?” Not jokingly he was dead serious. I turned around and said very sternly “because I’m broke!” And he instantly left me alone. Lol

  9. How do I become the rep to help everyone else out with Google Glass!?

    1. LoL!! “To help everyone else”? More like to show them how to wear the glass by demonstrating on myself.

      1. No, more like taking pictures of hot girls that I would helping out :P

  10. A bluetooth device for my phone that cost $300, pass.

    On another note, when is Apple coming out with I-ware?

    1. What?

      1. Just yanking some chains. There is no iWare, don’t start a rumor. LOL

    2. i am sure whatever copy apple comes out with will 1. be more than $300. and 2. talked of and advertised as if apple thought of the idea first.

      1. ROFL, yep so true.
        Would probably have a watermark of Jobs in the lens, spooky.

        1. These are the moments that Apple fanboys choose to ignore. Google, blackberry, Palm, and Windows does something innovative and it’s ignored. Apple creates something similar to the other company’s product and it’s “OMG IT’S SO INNOVATIVE!!” or “Google is just copying Apple.”Lol

  11. how much personal training and setup does it require? the hp and samsung reps at the bestbuy store i worked out were lucky if they had more than 5 minutes to interact with each customer. and the samsung rep didn’t know his products (literally he just did samsung tablets) at all.

  12. Google Glass team member @cadale debunks rumor of Best Buy and $299 price.:

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