Aug 23rd, 2013


The highly anticipated (and for some disappointing) Moto X is now available from AT&T. This also means exclusive access to Moto Maker is now possible. Your dreams of designing your own smartphone come true today.

One catch: if you want to purchase a custom-built Moto X, you’ll have to visit an AT&T store at one point or another. In a strange twist, customers must complete the purchase in store. Then they will be provided with a code to complete the order online at home (you can also go through the entire process without leaving the store, if preferred).

Motorola’s Moto X is priced at $199 for a 16GB phone. Upgrading to 32GB comes at a price of $249. Planning to buy? Head over to our Moto X forums today for all the latest discussion, and stick around for our full Moto X review coming later today.


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