Aug 22nd, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 GPe and stock

It’s probably one of the best things to happen to Android in quite sometime. A custom ROM that allows you to seamlessly switch between manufacturer UI’s, and a stock Android experience. The aptly named MoDaCo.SWITCH ROM hit rooted HTC One devices a few months back, and effectively let Android users have their cake, and eat it too. Now it’s time to finally bring Samsung Galaxy S4 users into the fold — well, those that backed the project on Indiegogo, that is.

For those that did, they’ll be some of the first to a stab out SWITCH on their GS4s, testing out the ROM still in its beta stages, hopping between TouchWiz and the Google Play edition ROM while the rest of us commit to a single Android experience and sulk. You can follow the development of the ROM via the link below. Keep in mind this is only for GSM versions of the S4.

[via MoDaCo]

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