LG Enact is a 4-inch QWERTY slider for Verizon, said to be “days away” from launch


lg enact

Just when you thought when QWERTY sliders were dead, another one happens to creep its way back into the fold. The latest is from LG, who looks to be bringing such a device to Verizon. Dubbed the LG Enact, this device has a 4-inch WVGA display and a 5 megapixel camera. Nothing else about it is known at this time, but we can assume the rest of the specs aren’t anything to write home about.

What’s more interesting is that the leakster, @evleaks, says we should expect the device to be unveiled (and maybe on sale) in just several days’ time. This isn’t something Verizon would look to hype up with an event or a huge announcement, so it’s totally believable that we haven’t heard much about this thing until now. Let’s just hope this QWERTY slider is powerful enough to get beginner smartphone owners into the world of Android without much trouble.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Nice! 5 rows…reminds me of the G1 days.

    1. I wish someone would remake the g1! honestly slim it down a little but still keep it thicker. pack a 3500 mAh battery with a snapdragon 800 and front facing speakers, a 8 ultrapixle camera, and a 4.7 inch IPS 1080 p display and of course a 5 row backlet keyboard. NFC Bluetooth 4.0. designed of course by none other than HTC. and throw in the moto x maker style of customization. That’s my dream phone.

  2. So this is a rehash of Sprints LG Mach? Looks the same to me.

    1. “How are we going to offload this inventory of low end phones no one will buy?” “How about we move it to another carrier and and rename it?” “Give that man a promotion! He’s a savant in consumer electronics! An ad wizard!”

  3. “Days away” from launch, “weeks away” from discontinued support

    1. your comment has made my day. thank you sir.

      1. kinda.. it’s the norm so the comment is about as stale as people saying “meh”, dealbreaker or game changer these days. Stale.

        1. I’d say it’s pretty accurate. Nothing wrong with calculated clairvoyance.

  4. I want a Droid 5! SSH’ing into servers with an on-screen keyboard is quite painful.

    1. Try Juice Defender

      1. hahaha JD has NOTHING to do with what he is talking about. He’s talking about typing out command line stuff and wanting a keyboard. derpz0rz

        1. Ayup! Never mind all the typos and auto-correction issues with a on-screen keyboard. I have fixed many servers with my phone, and a HW keyboard is a *must* for me.

          I guess I could add a bluetooth slider, but thats a last resort if they stop making sliders some day.

          1. …and then all the cases with the slider bluetooth…are for Iphones. Ugh, seriously annoyed by i-accessories.

        2. Woops! I meant JuiceSSH. Been trying out too many apps!

          JuiceSSH lets you put special keys above the virtual keyboard, virtually eliminating the need for a hard keyboard like the Droid 4 has.

      2. no, just no.

    2. Sorry! I meant JuiceSSH. It lets you add special keys to the virtual keyboard.

  5. Days? try tomorrow lol.

    1. Yup.

  6. cute a phone no one wants

  7. Kudos to LG for at least making a QWERTY Slider these days, although I have to agree with @Shawheim:disqus, looks like a rehash. I love my Droid 4, with just two problems. I can’t get a fully operational CM build for it(HDMI seems to be below low priority for the devs), and the Battery life is crap(I’m hoping this is blamed on the stock ROM). I am dreading holding onto this phone ad infinitum. I’m hoping a new Droid 5 is coming before February.

  8. if only they didn’t release it with crap specs. I would love to have my keyboard back

  9. Looks like I’m not the only one who wants the return to the powerhouse QWERTY slider. Probably about the only one in Europe though…

  10. They think noone wants a QWERTY slider because the sales are S on them. The reality is the sales are S on them because they release low end junk spec phones and people need/want decent power on the phones they’re using. I’d give my left…wait…don’t have that, uhh I’d give a decent chunk of change for a high end QWERTY phone, but they haven’t released that in years. I hate giving up screen real estate for a keyboard and hate autocorrect even more. They need a QWERTY with one of the old Sidekick 3 keyboards. The keys were the perfect size, raised and separated perfectly, and it responded and worked flawlessly. I don’t need the screen to flip around like a switchblade, just slide, but it needs to work. I had a Samsung Epic that had the slide keyboard it had some crap firmware issue of softs that assumed that when I hit a key twice too quickly that it was a typo. I really was typing that fast, so then every word with a repeating letter lost the 2nd one. It was highly annoying. It also had GPS that froze up because it couldn’t lock satellites. Samsung was an Epic fail on the Epic. I didn’t have many choices back then with a job provided phone. Thank God they, and my current employer, went to the stipend model for employee cell phones.

    1. Thank you. I didn’t read it all since I’m sure you’re just rewording what your first 2 sentences are saying. LoL!!

      But that’s what I’m saying. I would love a good Qwerty phone. *patiently waiting for the HTC G3*

      On a side note, how did LG get away with using “G2” as a phone name? The HTC G2 was one of my fav. phones.

      1. ROFL, I shall give you a +1 for honesty. Just ranting about a phone that should’ve been “decent” and the physical keyboard and GPS were flawed. Sons of….

  11. *patiently waiting for the HTC G3*

    1. мy coυѕιɴ ιѕ мαĸιɴɢ $51/нoυr oɴlιɴe. υɴeмployed ғor α coυple oғ yeαrѕ αɴd prevιoυѕ yeαr ѕнe ɢoт α $1З619cнecĸ wιтн oɴlιɴe joв ғor α coυple oғ dαyѕ. ѕee мore αт…­ ­ViewMore——————————————&#46qr&#46net/kAgk

      Nice! 5 rows…reminds me of the G1. Too bad we can’t get a high end device with a nice keyboard these days.

  12. I would love to see another galaxy based slider like my old epic. Having current galaxy specs in a slider would put me in line for one. I mean they create the galaxy active that really is not so active why not a slider.

  13. It looks like it is already available. Not that anyone will order it.


  14. How about a droid 5 that is top line current gen specs?…jeez

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