Aug 21st, 2013

The folks at Niantic Labs have just submitted their official Field Trip app for Google Glass in the Glassware marketplace. Field Trip is a pretty interesting app that actually already exists on Android. It’s a location-aware pipe of information about everything around you.

Whether you’re hiking a nice trail in the countryside and walking down the iconic Bourbon Street, or just walking across a raggedy old bridge, Field Trip automatically feeds you more information, facts and other cool tidbits about it all. It’s a great companion app for anyone who wants to go on a tour of their own without a tour guide.

It only makes sense that an app like this arrives on Google Glass. Instead of reaching into your pocket and taking your eyes off your surroundings every few minutes, you’ll be able to get all that good stuff fed right to your iris.

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 1.05.52 PM

What’s not to like? If you are lucky enough to own your own pair of Google Glass you can find Field Trip by logging into the Glassware app. For everyone else, be sure to download the app to your Android phone the next time you’re headed out for some sightseeing fun.

[via Google+]

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