Tapatalk HD 4 goes on sale for $.99 this week — try it out with!


taptalk 4

If you’ve been waiting for a more reasonable price to acquire Tapatalk 4, you’ll want to head over to the Google Play Store right now. The forum perusal app has gotten a steep discount to $.99, down from the usual $4.99 it goes for. This price drop isn’t permanent, though — you’ll only have about a week to take advantage of this great deal.

If you don’t remember, Tapatalk 4 finally brought us the Holo UI we’ve all been waiting for. It’s a very slick and clean interface, and makes mobile forum browsing that much more easy. Give it a download, and don’t be afraid to try it out with your account at (You do have an account, right?)

[Google Play Download]

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  1. I’m glad they merged it with the tablet version. I got it last time it went on sale.

  2. Worth a go at 69p, I guess.

  3. I don’t think I want to buy an app that makes you buy it again every major update. That’s just not the way the app market works.

  4. what happened to tapatalk 2? I’ve been having a bug were if I check pm’s especially when I first open it, it will freeze up completely.

  5. Thanks. For $0.99 I guess it’s time I finally ditched the crappy XDA app and switched to tapatalk.

  6. Great…I think I might have paid for something I didn’t need to pay for. I was already on Tapatalk 4, but it wasn’t showing up as purchased, so I uninstalled and when going to re-install, I still needed to pay. I’m thinking that maybe I was on beta. Oh well, I don’t mind supporting the dev. Tapatalk is pretty awesome, when not at my PC and wanting to read through the forums.

  7. ah yes.. the spamming software that pops up every time you hit certain websites where the admin absentmindedly keeps the annoying spam notification set to ON. I know quite a few people who have surged against sites and tapatalk because of the annoying spam.

  8. The reviews in the Play store are ripping on this version pretty hard. Even at this price, I don’t think I want buggy software.

  9. Yeah reviews are not looking to good right. I want to try it but don’t wanna deal with the issues.

  10. Tapatalk4 will not load AndroidForums! That’s strange as, I learned about the download from this article, smh. XDA loads fine but this one says “No Topic”. Bummer


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