Aug 13th, 2013

Google Play Store wm watermark

Over the past few days, folks have reported not being able to properly download and update some apps through the Google Play Store. A “package file invalid” message comes up in the notifications tray, and the download proceeds to fail.

Yours truly has been seeing the issue as well, with the latest Twitter update failing to download as recently as last night. Thankfully, it hasn’t taken Google long to acknowledge the issue. The company says that it is looking into providing a permanent solution (we would hope it’s permanent, Google), though a solid workaround does not exist.

Unfortunately that means we don’t get any sort of timeline as to when the issue will be fixed, but it’s one Google will obviously place near the top of its list of priorities. Any updates in regards to this issue will be updated at this post, so be sure to keep an eye on it everyday for more information.

[Thanks, Juan!]

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