Aug 13th, 2013

motorola droid ship by verizon

Verizon initially set a ship date of August 20th for its latest DROID phones, particularly the Ultra and Maxx. It looks like that date might have been adjusted, though, as Verizon’s site now shows a ship-by date of August 27th for both phones, a full week behind the original timeline.

Of course, we’re not sure if this date rings true for both new and existing orders. With that, folks who have already placed an order with Verizon will want to double check their order to make sure it’s still arriving on the 20th. We’ll be reaching out to Verizon to see if we can get word right from the big, red horse’s mouth.

That said, the DROID Mini still holds its original ship date of August 29th, so those who were opting for that one shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Let us know if the status of your existing order has changed in the comments section below!

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