Aug 13th, 2013

Tegra Tab 7 Benchmarks

We’ve been hearing for a while now that NVIDIA would look to bring its own tablets to market, ones which would obviously done the company’s Tegra line of chipsets. Both a 10-inch and 7-inch variant have been rumored, and it looks like one of those has already found itself the test subject of a good old benchmark. It scored a 27,643 in Antutu, which – if you didn’t know — is quite high.

We do have to note that the device is expected to come to market with 720p resolution instead of full HD, so those high marks (higher than the new Nexus 7, mind you) are helped along by that fact. The benchmark also tells us the processor inside was clocked at 1.8GHz, indicating it’s most likely a Tegra 4 chipset sitting inside. This device also appears to be running Android 4.2.2.

tegra tab

Photos of the back of the NVIDIA Tegra Tab leaked a few days ago. The photos didn’t show us much, but it’s always nice to get a look at any angle we can before the thing is made official. We’re still not sure when, exactly, to expect the Tegra Tabs, but we’d be surprised if we don’t hear more about them by the time CES rolls around.

[via TBS]

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