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After having about a week to sleep on it, most people know by now whether or not they’re going to buy a Motorola Moto X. For those who are definitely “in for one,” we want to know — are you going to wait for the Moto Maker to come to your carrier (if you’re not on AT&T)? And, if you are, what color will you order your device in. Hell, even if you aren’t planning on buying the Moto X we want to know what set of colors you’d get yours in.

I, for one, would pay homage to my Halloween birthday and get the device in black with orange accents. (I’d do orange with black accents, but I don’t want people mistaking my phone for a piece of fruit). Beyond that, I wouldn’t mind white with orange accents, or black with red accents. As you can tell, I’m a very neutrally-toned person. As for the custom text on the back, I’d just get my name — Quentyn Kennemer — in nice, elegant fashion. Simple and succinct is the way to go.

Are you more colorful? Will you come up with some whacky color combos? Or do you just want the phone and are willing to order it in plain black and white? And what text will you slap on the back of it? Let us know in the comments section below, and feel free to continue the discussion in this booming thread over at the Moto X section at AndroidForums.com!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. By ordering a Nexus 5 instead

    1. yes, because those are available on all carriers.

      1. well if im not mistaken only one carrier allows full customization

        1. For now…pretty sure in few month others will join in…Don’t know why Moto didn’t allow this on all carries at launch. I guess at&t must have given them a pretty penny…

          1. I was thinking that maybe Motorola wanted to see how MotoMaker would pan out under one carrier. Maybe needing to know what color would be more popular and so on.

          2. That or at&t paid them a pretty penny for the exclusivity.

          3. I heard someone say it was for field test for Moto maker

          4. I heard they’d have supply problems.

          5. I’ll get this one with red around the camera, white front silver buttons…hhmm…that is if those colors are available..

  2. I’d change the price sticker on it to be competitive with the Nexus 4, like it really should be.

    1. quite unrealistic. If any company tried to make prices competitive with the Nexus 4 with those specs and materials they would simply run out of business.

  3. Black with gold and minimal white accents. Maybe some kind of gray, blue, white thing.

  4. Write ‘Nexus’ on the back of the Verizon version and pretend

    1. Maybe you can use that as your engraving….hhhmm

  5. I’ll likely order a very expensive super mega custom case for Moto X that looks and feel identical to Note 3 and has a stylus.

    Wait a tick…scrap that, I’ll just get Note 3.

  6. Skip

  7. I would order Moto-X with customization for OFF contract price of $299. Do they have such option ?

    1. I’d love to get a brand new Audi A4 at $20,000… Off contract price of $299 is not in the realm of reality, I don’t understand how people think that that price is appropriate?

      $449 16gb and $499 32gb seems to me to be a fair price point

      1. Probably because of the mid range hardware.

        1. So by that statement alone the hardware of the Moto X deserves an off contract price of $299 some $300+ less then current phones of higher specs? While I agree the price should be lower than that of the HTC One and S4 I think $299 is being a bit greedy. We have to factor in the assembled in the USA, and that it is supposedly optimized for all day battery life. By both of your statements you would have expected the iPhone 5 to launch at what $350?

          1. You’re really asking me about the iPhone? Yes, I absolutely think the iPhone is extremely overpriced. I wouldn’t pay more than $150 to $200 for what the iPhone has to offer.

            Software optimizations don’t drive up production cost, so it’s wrong for them to charge so much and blame that. Hardware drives production cost, and the hardware is mid range, I don’t care how much the software is optimized.

          2. well the parts are still from out of the country… it couldn’t be that much more. and anyways the S4 PE is just a little more. why pay for this? and I would rather pick up a n4 at $299 as it fairly close spec-wise.

      2. Because people don’t understand that it actually costs money to make a phone. I seem to recall seeing that the X cost ~$250 in parts alone. That doesn’t include all the other sundries like development costs, labor costs, packaging, shipping, third party testing, and so on. Off contract margins on mobiles are actually pretty low per unit. They pretty much only make a profit on volume.

    2. WINNER!

  8. if Republic Wireless launches this device i’d like one with dark wood brushed aluminum trim.
    if all i can get through RW is the flat black or white model, so be it – i’ll still buy one.

    lots of folks balk at the price and/or specs, but at $19/mo for all i can eat ‘everything’ service i’ll take whatever RW makes available (and all signs seem to point toward the X). heck, i’m running a defy xt singe core @ 1ghz today just so i can keep the cheap service – the moto x is like a friggin space ship in comparison! i’ll be very happy to buy one of these.

    compared to those spending ~$100/month on their service, in less than a year i could spend $1,000 for this phone and be better off than those who pay $200 for it. ($80 less per month or service for 10 months = $800 savings, months 11 and 12 are pure gravy). i’m 100% certain it won’t be $1000 on an carrier, so i’m sure i’ll be fine with the price.

    1. Motorola MOTO X is already for sale on ebay @http://www.ebay.com/itm/261260…

      Help to make it work on other networks, no contract

  9. Hard to make up my mind whether to buy or not when I have no idea what the off contract price for T-Mobile Will be. Or when/if it will even be possible to buy a T-Mobile version.

  10. Nice concept but I will do like Matt Schaub wishes he could do and pass.

    1. Its hard being a Texans fan.

  11. I would get an old woman face on the back

  12. Pink! Pink! Pink!

  13. Black with red accents….or black with red back and red accents…or black accents…whichever looks cooler…damn i didnt realize how much i want this till now lol ill prob save up for outright price for a motomaker made moto x in nov with verizon

    or if the wood accents are available…i might have to grab one man those looked nice and unique

  14. Could I customize it with the G2’s internals?

  15. I see a price drop very soon

  16. I will get one if Verizon offers a 32gb one in Nov,Dec. At the same time when you can customize them on Verizon. But if they still only offer 16gb I won’t. In fact I won’t buy another phone unless it has 32gb or greater in memory. Sd cards don’t count either.

  17. All Black Everything w/ black wood

  18. Those wood accents were looking rather fresh

  19. I can’t because moto made it a damn At&T exclusive. So looks like I’m waiting for November

    1. Motorola MOTO X is already for sale on ebay @http://www.ebay.com/itm/261260…

      Help to make it work on other networks, message me your network and can see if help

  20. wont’… ATT exclusive.

    1. It’s AT&T exclusive for a short period of time.

      1. Until November, by then the specs will be outdated compared to the next hot new phone.

  21. By buying a GS4 GPe. Best customization ever.

  22. I’m good. If the phone will be in a case anyway, what’s the point? What we need, is a case maker who offers personal customization :O

    1. Thanks for the idea!

      1. Well, if you have collateral for a startup, maybe we should get together for some brainstorming.

  23. If they open up moto maker for unlocked as well (depending on when or if the give us a price) I will have it say “shake you moto maker”

  24. not possible. I don’t have at&t. thanks moto. I’m passing on this phone

    1. Motorola MOTO X is already for sale on ebay @http://www.ebay.com/itm/261260…

      Help to make it work on other networks

  25. Cant. Not on ATT

    1. Motorola MOTO X is already for sale on ebay @ http://www.ebay.com/itm/261260495741?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649

      Help to make it work on other networks

  26. Dark wood, black face and black accents.

  27. I was going to get the Moto X, I’m excited at the always-on concept, and User Experience. The engineering to design the extra processors for good battery life and always-on gesture and voice recognition. The device looks to be a real leap in phone engineering.

    However, the decision to keep Moto Maker exclusive to AT&T will be Motorola’s undoing. This was the main draw that made me overlook the 720P resolution, the ability to make the phone Mine. It made me _want_ the device, even more than I wanted the Galaxy S3. Now that I learned it’s AT&T exclusive, I’m sad.

    They had the chance to lure iPhone users, if Apple is smart they’ll release the iPhone 5S in Sept-Oct and hype up pre-orders, and lock their customers into the new phone for 2 years. Even if exclusivity is rumored to end in Nov, they’ll have their user base locked.

    I’ll probably end up getting the Galaxy S4.

    There’s a trend lately. Google can make amazing products, they’re just absolutely horrible at marketing them.

    That said, I’d Probably get Teal with Navy Blue accents, or vice versa, not sure.

    1. I could not agree more with you. What motorola was thinking?

  28. Back=olive accents=yellow front=silver or purpple

  29. Motorola is about to make a big mistake by delaying the launch of the unlocked version, other manufacturers are launching soon other products and then the moto x at its launch time will be considered outdated

    1. Motorola MOTO X is already for sale on ebay @ http://www.ebay.com/itm/261260495741?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649

      Help if need unlocked one

  30. Yea although i want the Moto X, but i just can’t justify leaving Verizon for the crappy AT&T service just for the customization option alone. the problem is i don’t know if i can wait until November (rumored) for Moto maker option to hit Verizon. There will be so many new phones during time.

    I would get the Moto X in White with a wood backing… that is just damn sexy IMO

  31. I will customize my Moto X with the scalps of my vanquished enemies!

  32. I don’t know about you all but I plan on spending hours customizing my Moto X only to slap a black Diztronic TPU case on it once it arrives.

    1. They are releasing a clear case as an official accessory.

    2. Because it takes hours to choose 3 colors?

  33. why anyone here cares bout the X PHONE when all those people call it a MID RANGE phone and complain it have 4.2.3 instead of 4.3. for me i love the new X PHONE customizable AND i would put either yellow with black. but wish they have a orange color that’s mess up. but anyway still going too buy the DEVICE in case the XPERIA HONAMI is too expensive

  34. If I could design one for T-Mobile it’d probably be white and grey, maybe wood on the back.

  35. Id rather customize a phone that is at least as powerful as my HTC ONE, this is not it. Ill wait for something actually exciting.

  36. Obvious missing options are, translucent, Frosted (Various colors) and glow-in-the-dark. Not interested until these show up.

  37. Can i customize and at&t moto x and then use it on tmobile?

  38. I will have the lime color on the back, white on the front and yellow accents all over :)

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