Aug 8th, 2013


After having about a week to sleep on it, most people know by now whether or not they’re going to buy a Motorola Moto X. For those who are definitely “in for one,” we want to know — are you going to wait for the Moto Maker to come to your carrier (if you’re not on AT&T)? And, if you are, what color will you order your device in. Hell, even if you aren’t planning on buying the Moto X we want to know what set of colors you’d get yours in.

I, for one, would pay homage to my Halloween birthday and get the device in black with orange accents. (I’d do orange with black accents, but I don’t want people mistaking my phone for a piece of fruit). Beyond that, I wouldn’t mind white with orange accents, or black with red accents. As you can tell, I’m a very neutrally-toned person. As for the custom text on the back, I’d just get my name — Quentyn Kennemer — in nice, elegant fashion. Simple and succinct is the way to go.

Are you more colorful? Will you come up with some whacky color combos? Or do you just want the phone and are willing to order it in plain black and white? And what text will you slap on the back of it? Let us know in the comments section below, and feel free to continue the discussion in this booming thread over at the Moto X section at!

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